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The time to buy is NOW!

By Staff | Aug 13, 2009

First-time home buyers should check out 156 Omaikai Place (top) and Hale Royale A-201.

Should I buy now or wait until…

1) The real estate prices start to go up and inventory starts to dwindle, meaning there is less for me to choose from and sellers might not be as motivated as they are NOW!

2) The Federal First-Time Home Buyers Credit expires, meaning I would be unable to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to receive a credit on my 2009 taxes of up to $8,000 by buying a place to live. If I wait any longer, I won’t meet the current Nov. 30 timeline — it sometimes takes about 60-90 days to close a transaction. Yikes, that means I should be buying NOW!

3) Maybe I should wait until the interest rates start to climb from where they have been hovering at historic lows. A one percent interest rate hike on a $350,000 loan would mean I would have to pay an additional $224.98 per month (based on a $350,000 loan at 5.5 percent vs. 6.5 percent). Hmmmmmm… maybe I should be buying NOW!

Are you having this conversation with your coworkers, friends or family?

The time to talk to your Realtor is NOW!

Some good first-time buys, right now, are Maui Lani Terraces, one-bedroom/one-bath, $219,000; Hale Royale A-201, one-bedroom/two-bath with loft, $329,900; Napilihau Villages, two-bedroom/one-bath, $359,000; Villas at Kahana Ridge, three-bedroom/two-bath, $398,995; Napili Villas, two-bedroom/two-bath, $430,000; and 156 Omaikai Place, three-bedroom/two-bath single-family home, $529,000.

None of these are “Short Sales.” You will not wait 3-4 months for the bank to maybe look at your offer — you will receive a response from the sellers themselves. Call me later at (808) 661-8777, extension 533… just kidding! Call me NOW!!