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LETTERS for the July 15 issue

By Staff | Jul 16, 2021

Police should take action on speeding, illegal fireworks

Where is the best place in West Maui to see illegal fireworks? Right next to the Lahaina Police Department.

Desire to speed like on a racetrack? Go in front of the Lahaina Police Department.

Best place to hide a stolen car or make a homeless camp? Cut Mountain near the Olowalu dump.

What does MPD or our inefficient mayor do about any of these things? Nothing, nada, zilch — a big zero.

Living on Maui, especially here in West Maui, means we have to deal with and tolerate stolen cars, speeders and illegal fireworks.

RON TATE, Lahaina

Maui inundated with tourists

When you live in a place a long time, you don’t tend to really notice how much the place changes over time. When you are raised in a town, go off to live somewhere else and you return to that town after many years, you see how changed it is… overgrown with development and population.

I am starting my 51st year living on Maui. I realized as things were built and the population increased, it didn’t seem as bad as it REALLY is!

But when the pandemic hit and we were closed for tourism for seven-plus months, I wanted to just cry to see how it used to be back in 1970 when I first moved here. I had forgotten how perfectly wonderful it was when I first moved here! I could find parking at “My one and only” beach, Kapalua (I know it as Fleming’s Beach). The sea turtles were even coming up onto the sand. No tourists!

Maui was breathing again… it felt good. She is in a bad place now.

It is so hard now to see Maui just inundated with many, many tourists. Traffic is horrendous.

No more beach time for me; no parking.

During the closure, I met so many wonderful local families enjoying my beach (Kapalua). I met fellow locals from Kahului, Paia, Pukalani and even Hana. It was the only time in many years that they were able to come to the West Side and enjoy Kapalua Beach. That makes me sad.

What will become of my beloved island?


Was the COVID-19 virus leaked as an experiment?

It has been common knowledge for years that all major developing countries have possessed the ability to conduct germ warfare. The Wuhan crisis is no exception.

Was a virus created in the lab and deliberately leaked into the local wet markets for experimentation on the people of Wuhan? This is totally consistent with China’s poor record on civil rights and its complete lack of concern for all of the Chinese people.

The virus created in Wuhan is by no means a poor reflection on all Asians, especially Asian-Americans. It is simply a reaffirmation of the Communist Chinese Government’s disdain for human life. They are the ones to blame.

Now, we the American people are required by our government to get the vaccine without being informed about the short- and long-term side effects. This is inherently a violation of our civil rights.

The one benefactor from the spread of the virus is the environment. Consider how working from home reduces the amount of carbon emissions caused by automobiles.

JOE BIALEK, Cleveland, Ohio

Support President Biden’s initiatives

The nation’s roads, bridges, waterways, airports, power grids, broadband and transit system are all part of a crumbling infrastructure in dire need of repair.

A bipartisan Senate group recently developed a proposal to address traditional infrastructure needs, but they left out a critical piece: American families.

I want to be clear — we cannot pass an infrastructure bill without a budget resolution that delivers for American families. This must include child care and long-term care for the elderly and disabled, a crucial component that Republicans are fighting to exclude.

At Mitch McConnell’s direction, the GOP is blocking progress and Democrats’ ability to deliver for American families.

We need to follow through on President Biden’s American Families Plan and invest in our infrastructure that includes America’s families.

We need your help to ensure we have the resources to fight back against Republican obstruction.

Last week, Mitch McConnell vowed that Republicans would wage a “hell of a fight” against Democrats’ efforts to pass a reconciliation bill that would create jobs and provide necessary relief for American families.

McConnell is following through on his promise to “100 percent” focus on stopping the Biden administration, instead of focusing on helping all Americans.

The GOP is in lockstep to stop the Biden administration from accomplishing major legislation, like the infrastructure bill, so that Republicans can take back the Senate.

In order to move America forward, we need resources to take on Mitch McConnell and the GOP.

Thank you for joining me in this fight.


Zoning Code changes proposed

(The following letter was sent to the Maui Planning Commission, Michele McLean and Jordan Hart in the county Department of Planning and all Maui County Council members.)

The recent consternation and confusion over SMA permits issued for the overly large structure on the corner of Hui Drive and Lower Honoapiilani Road in Napili beach village has led Napili Bay and Beach Foundation Inc. (NBBF) to speak out regarding many community members’ concerns.

We are very pleased to see the proposed changes that Maui County Council and Department of Planning have put forth in an effort to ensure that these types of issues no longer “come out of the ground” within the Napili Bay Civic Improvement District.

We strongly recommend that Maui Planning Commission approve the proposed bill with amendments to the Maui County Council, with slight changes which will make the language more transparent and aligned with the long-existing spirit and intent of the Napili Bay CID neighborhood.

Regarding building height: “Structures must be limited to two stories and thirty feet in height, including all appurtenances such as elevator shafts, stairwells, vent pipes and antennae. Please note that a roof deck should be considered as a floor if it is accessible to normal activities by occupants.”

Regarding hotel and short-term rental home use: “The permitted uses for businesses, e.g. hotels, resorts currently in operation, shall continue consistent with chapter 19.14, but no new hotel or short-term rental homes will be permitted within the Napili Bay Civic Improvement District.”

The rest of the Planning Department’s version regarding uses allowed is clear and consistent with current practices.

Napili Bay and Beach Foundation members also support the proposed revisions to subsections 19.60.030. B, C, D, and H and minor amendments to F, G, and I as proposed by the Planning Department.