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LETTERS for the April 15 issue

By Staff | Apr 16, 2021

Dangerous pedestrian crossing in Kaanapali needs attention

(The following letter was sent to county officials, who acted immediately.)

We cross this Kaanapali intersection frequently, and have for many years; Honoapiilani Highway, Puukolii Road, and Kai Ala Drive. It is dangerous and has already had a fatal accident in 2009. The crosswalk, located on the north side of highway, has a marked crosswalk and a walk signal; however, there are several flaws that make it dangerous.

Just yesterday, we had a narrow escape with a car turning north from Kai Ala Drive as we were crossing from the mauka side. When the female driver finally stopped to let us cross, she stated that, “I had a green light.”€

She was the first car at the signal when it turned green and did not see us slowly beginning to cross the street attempting to make eye contact with the driver as we always do. Drivers exiting Kai Ala and turning north do not see the crosswalk and often just blast off. Additionally, if we are in the middle of the intersection and a vehicle is now approaching the highway from Kai Ala, they see the green light and speed up to turn left (north), and we have had serious narrow escapes with this scenario.

Another danger is cars speeding down Puukolii Road to turn right (north), they look left, and roll into the intersection without looking right. We are always looking in all directions before and during our trek across the highway.

What can you do to improve the safety of this dangerous pedestrian crosswalk? Can you add additional blinking lights that state people are in the crosswalk? Can you delay the signal turning green so pedestrians can cross without fear of being run over?

In May 2020, we contacted you regarding the broken railroad tracks crossing Puukolii Road, and you immediately fixed the problem. We look forward to hear what you have to say about this issue.

LOIS & ROGER ROSS, Kaanapali

The importance of life force

Do you enjoy pushing the envelope, thinking outside the box, being ahead of the curve? This is pretty basic stuff you probably didn’t learn in school.

What do you breathe in? The essence in air. What breathes you? Life force, chi, prana. What makes you responsive? Life force. What makes you mobile? Life force. Life force is the essence that creates everything in manifestation.

Life force grows the body; life force thinks the thoughts; life force dances us; life force causes birth and death; life force is behind seeing, hearing, touching; creativity. Love and mind come from life force. Life force is in the breath you breathe in; we direct life force.

Learning, living, wisdom, ideas, love, will — it’s all life force. Do you get it? Breathe in; who does that? Write on the computer; who does that? Heavy huh? Yet so simple.

RON LOWE, Santa Monica, California

Comments welcome for Kahana Solar Project

On behalf of Innergex Renewable Energy, we wanted to thank those that participated in the March 31, 2021 Kahana Solar Project Virtual Open House, where the team presented a design update based on archaeological and environmental results. For those that were not able to attend, please visit the project website (www.kahanasolarproject.com) to view the recording of the event and presentation slides located in the Downloads section.

We welcome your comments, questions, or advice about the project. You may share them at kahanasolar@innergex.com or contact Myriam Bernede-Martin, Senior Advisor-Community Relations, at mbmartin@innergex.com or at (808) 298-2615.

Mahalo for your engagement and support as we work together to create a more sustainable future for Maui. We look forward to continue strengthening our relationships and the next phase of the Kahana Solar Project.

JAMIE HORNER, Senior Director-Energy Storage and Innovation;

JULIA MANCINELLI, Director-Environment;

MYRIAM BERNEDE-MARTIN, Senior Advisor-Community Relations, Innergex

Is global warming a hoax?

According to proponents of Climate Change, also called Global Warming, in nine years this world will face a tremendous crisis because of the world getting hotter.

However, well-known and reputable scientist John Casey has presented facts which indicate Earth is actually getting cooler. His research has now been corroborated by 17 independent scientific individuals and organizations.”

The facts put forward prove that “Global Warming” is “a $22 Billion Scam.” That is the amount “our government spends financing global warming initiatives” each year.

Now the fear that man has caused the Earth to warm up should be considered nothing but fiction. Since 1998, the temperature has been declining, not rising.

The danger to America, and the world, is the present mindset that Global Warming does exist, and that we have to eliminate the use of fossil fuels. Doing so would create a catastrophic event that would cause millions of lives worldwide.

Little do they know that it was discovered that a mere 1 percent of scientists believe that human activity is causing change.

America, and this world, owes a lot to the invention of the internal combustion engine and to the fuels that make the 25 million highway transportation vehicles in the United States function (plus millions of farm tractors and other equipment that use fuel to function).

Any interference in the present system would cause an unimaginable interruption that would undoubtably cause precious human lives, because we are totally dependent on them.

The crazy folks who think of themselves as being progressives are in fact just the opposite. Their ideas will destroy our country — just the way they are doing it right now. MANUEL YBARRA JR., Coalgate, Oklahoma