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LETTERS for the Jan. 28 issue

By Staff | Jan 29, 2021

Test visitors the day they travel

There seems to be a quicker and easier way to test visitors coming to our county and state. There is a 15-minute test, and it can be given on the day of travel.

That way, you know that the person has COVID-19 or not just as they get on the plane.

Yes, if you want to get to Hawaii, it will cost you a little more than your ticket, but we all will be safe.

If the test could be given at the deplaning airport, that would be a great help.

I would bet that companies would like that, and they could also get other flyers (besides ones heading to Hawaii) if they wanted to be tested.

If you go to Hawaii, you should need a negative test result taken the day of your flight. No need then for second test a few days after landing.


Give Trump voters IQ tests

Now that we finally got rid of our 45th “president,” it would be interesting to conduct the following test: take 1,000 Trump voters at random and check their IQ.

The U.S. is only 29th worldwide (tied with nine other countries) at 98. Singapore has 107, and just one point is a lot. It would be interesting to see the average IQ of those who almost buried our country.

My guess? About 75. Tops.


Trump’s hold on Americans is over

Jan. 20th was a big day. It’s like Christmas and a hundred birthdays rolled into one.

Joe Biden became president. He will be a leader. He will not appoint all his unqualified children to positions in his administration or bend to the NRA and foreign dictators. Joe will not lead by fear but by hope. He will not trash or mock any journalist who asks him a question he doesn’t want to answer. He won’t insult or fire anyone who disagrees with him, or anyone he perceives as disloyal. He will not divide but unite. He will be a president for every American. Joe doesn’t need the money or the aggravation of the office — he has had more than his fair share of burdens to bear. He ran as a patriot, to serve his country and try to repair it.

President Biden has a hard row to hoe. He can thank his narcissistic, egocentric, ignorant and corrupt predecessor for that.

He must manage COVID-19 and the vaccine roll-out; re-establish diplomatic relations with our allies; attack global warming; call out Putin, Mohammed bin Salman and Kim Jon Ung; and try to correct a myriad of other self-serving actions.

To say the last four years were unprecedented is an understatement — they were un-presidential beyond anyone’s imagination.

From day one, we endured a constant barrage of insults, deals, outrageous lies, manipulation, Twitter drama, back-stepping, back-stabbing and attacks on half the people he swore to protect and serve.

He is the best example of the worst loser ever.

Forty-five called for an insurrection on his own capitol. He put the lives of his own vice president and our Congress in jeopardy, and without an ounce of contrition.

He’s not uttered a word of condemnation for the terrorists or sympathy for the lost lives.

History will not remember him well. His legacy will not be one of service to our country but to himself.

It was one of the most historic inaugurations ever. There may not have been Americans from the Capitol steps to the Washington Monument, but Joe is not a president who needs adoration or numbers to affirm his worthiness as a president or human being — he just is.


The battle for the soul of our nation

Rival gangs with red and blue color identification bring to mind the United States’ Democrats and Republicans. Election campaign slogans asserted “the battle is for the soul of the nation.” Inferring the decision is really between good and evil, with the fate of the nation at stake.

The Bible presents these opposing forces as Babylon and Jerusalem. Besides actual physical places, these cities represent choices of how you want to live and how those decisions will determine the future. Ultimately, Babylon is destroyed and Jerusalem continues forever.

Jerusalem represents doing things God’s way. Considered either politically incorrect or outdated, tolerance of anything but biblical precepts is prevalent.

With emphasis on sensual pleasures and materialism, Babylon represents sexual immorality and greedy decadent lifestyles. Freedoms to do whatever you want with your body, contrary to what God wants, has become a source of national policy-making.

Corruption and legislation, especially concerning rights of bodies related to sex and its consequences, is in alignment with Babylon.

Revelation forewarns to “Come out of that city, so that you will not share in her sins because terrible things will happen to her.”

Every opportunity is given to be saved. As “the nations rage and peoples plot in vain,” God judges righteously.

There is a battle going on for the soul of our nation — with eternal consequences.

“We the people” have the freedom to choose. Hearts and minds turned toward God is the hope of nations.

“Blessed/Happy are all who take refuge in Him!” (Psalm 2) MICHELE LINCOLN, Lahaina