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LETTERS for the Dec. 3 issue

By Staff | Dec 4, 2020

Electric car charging stations are scarce in West Maui

Imagine all the gas stations breaking down and they are sitting there inoperable. That’s what is happening with electric charging stations!

It’s a nightmare for anyone thinking it was worthwhile to help the ‘aina by investing in an electric car.

I live in West Maui, and we have zero operating electric car charging stations. They are either broken down, at Kaiser and Lahaina Aquatic Center, or the hotels shut theirs down. Since they don’t have tourists, they don’t want to show aloha to locals by keeping their charging stations open.

Even though the County of Maui was supposed to have their charging stations up and running 1-2 months ago, they are still sitting there inoperable.

I have notified the energy commissioner for the county — who is in charge of replacing the county electric charging stations — and he doesn’t answer his phone and the voice mail is full.

Hopefully they get it together and help out all these people who bought electric cars.


Biden should concede

The best possible outcome for America right now would be for Joe Biden to do the right thing and concede that he lost the 2020 election.

In his concession speech, Biden should note that since there was obvious, orchestrated, wide-scale fraud that took place in multiple swing states, he is offering his full support to President Donald Trump to shore up our electoral system. That’s far more important for the good of the country than Joe Biden spending two or three days in office before Kamala Harris moves in to replace him.

The evidence of election fraud is now a towering inferno that blots out the sky. There was so much orchestrated fraud in so many locations that no one will ever be willing to accept an election result in this country again if Joe Biden is inaugurated in January. That’s a terrifying prospect for a country, because what happens next is never non-violent. Voting is the peaceful way of settling political differences. If you take away faith in the voting system, political decisions are still going to be made — but they will increasingly be made through violent force.

For all those Republicans out there declaring, “Oh, well, Trump will just run again in 2024 and win.” Why would people bother voting in the next presidential election if this one is stolen? If you brazenly tell the people — as we are being told right now in this moment — that their vote doesn’t matter, people will believe it. They’ll act on that belief by not bothering to vote again. No Republican will ever win the presidency again unless our system is shored up.

Congress Matt Gaetz (R-FL) noted this the other day on Steve Bannon’s podcast. He said that if the Democrats get away with it this time, they’re not going to get worse at election fraud in the next four years. They’re going to get better at it.

More than half of the U.S. population believes this was a fraudulent election, according to Rasmussen Reports. Eighty-five percent of Republicans believe it was “likely” or “very likely” that massive fraud determined the outcome of the election. Thirty percent of Democrats believe it was “likely” or “very likely.”

That’s somewhere north of 51 percent of the population that believes this was not a fair, honest, valid election.

This is not due to “Russian disinformation” or Twitter trolls. It’s because we see what’s right in front of our eyes. And let’s be clear about something. No court ruling is going to overturn that unsettled feeling that we all have because of this hinky election.

If President Trump’s legal team takes their election challenges all the way to the Supreme Court, and the court rules against them, then what? Suppose the court swats down every one of the Trump legal team’s arguments and dismisses their proof? Are we all supposed to feel better and accept it?

Dominion Voting Systems, the sketchy company that had voting machines in all of these locations that delivered unbelievable vote totals for Joe Biden for several days after the election, has gone into hiding.

Votes were counted in multiple states where Republican observers were restricted from seeing the vote count. Postal workers have declared under penalty of perjury that they were ordered to back-date ballots that arrived after the election deadline. Mail-in ballot envelopes — the only way to prove whether a mail-in ballot is possibly authentic — were discarded and shredded. Election workers “cured” invalid ballots from Democrats in violation of court orders, while invalid Republican ballots were always discarded. Hundreds of thousands of Biden-only ballots poured in… in the dead of night.

If the courts rule against Donald Trump’s cases, are we supposed to forget that we saw all of those things? Are we expected to pretend it never happened? We know this was fraud because we saw it happen in real time. All of this messiness could be sorted out in an instant if Joe Biden would just do the right thing. More than half the country believes this was an invalid and fraudulent election. Joe Biden must concede immediately.


How can you help the Earth?

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos recently shared a list of recipients receiving funding from his $10 billion climate change mitigation fund. While large monetary donations are newsworthy, let’s remember that we don’t need to be billionaires to help the planet. We can make a significant impact by ditching animal-derived ingredients and spending our non-Amazonian budgets on vegan foods.

New research published in Science shows that individual food choices are pivotal in the fight to keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius. Scientists found that, even if we removed all fossil fuel emissions from our economy, emissions from food production alone would thwart our attempts to limit warning.

So, how can non-billionaires like us help the Earth? The next time we visit the store or shop online, let’s try products that are lower in emissions, kind to our waterways, and maintain forestry — vegan foods. According to University of Oxford researchers, eating vegan is the single biggest way to reduce our impact on the Earth. It also shows kindness to sentient animals, while benefiting our health. For a free vegan starter kit, visit www.PETA.org.