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LETTERS for the August 13 issue

By Staff | Aug 13, 2020

Stamp travelers’ foreheads to monitor quarantines?

I am sick of visitors and residents who are subject to the quarantine process and are not following the rules.

I came up with an idea to hinder these stupid people from breaking quarantine. When you attend a nightclub, many times you get a hand stamp which lasts for a few days. So, when a person arrives in the islands and is told to quarantine, we stamp their foreheads with an expiration date.

The ink would last at least 14 days. It would be so blatant to all that they are in violation when stepping outside their quarantined home or hotel room. Plus, they would feel embarrassed to go out and about!



Use Lahainaluna’s alma mater for inspiration

During these times, our thoughts should be positive, so I recall the message of our alma mater.

Written in 1898 by Albert Kaleikini, a student at Lahainaluna, his spirited words are forever with us, collected like dewdrops from the mountains where they were born.

Imagine the West Side back then – from Pu’u Pa’upa’u to the Roadstead.

We are blessed.


Oh, the land of shadow of the flying breadfruit

The wonder of lands

With the every spraying delightful showers

(of Halona)

Wetting the foliage of the ferns

Oh, Lahaina, Lahainaluna nani (beauty)

The leading star of the Pacific

The ever burning torch which cannot be

Extinguished by the fierce winds of Kaua’ula

With the cool waters from the mountains (the springing waters)

Dripping silently during the midnight

(so comforting)

The Birds happily bathing in its freshness

Listen to their echo in the valley.

PATRICIA NISHIYAMA, Na Kupuna O Maui, Lahaina


Can red meat be part of a healthy diet?

Can red meat be part of a healthy diet? The answer is a resounding YES! Scientists recently reviewed all meat studies and concluded that meat is NOT bad for one’s health.

Personally, I just had my bloodwork checked, here on Maui, by my medical doctor. He told me he had never seen bloodwork so good in his entire career! My zinc, B12, folate, hormones, calcium, protein, liver, cholesterol and vitamin D andwell everything were in the zone that he called “what everyone’s bloodwork should be.” He said he absolutely stands by and endorses everything I am advising and doing.

As a meat-based World Champion masters athlete, I eat local Maui Cattle Company grass fed beef seven times per week. In fact, I even eat their steak right before I race the 400-meter. Red meat, especially locally grazed cattle, contains important nutrients for our health as we age.

The amino acid leucine is particularly responsible for maintaining muscle mass as we age to combat both sarcopenia (loss of muscle) and osteoporosis. Muscle is our largest organ and performs things like regulating our hormones.

Plant-based proteins are missing this very essential amino acid. They simply cannot take the place of a high-quality red meat. It is a true treasure that we have such a healthy, nutrient-rich food raised and processed right here on our island!

I have no affiliation with the company; I have just seen the benefits of local grass fed beef on my health and my clients’ health. Not only does it help our island’s environment, but it helps a regular mom of three like me to become a world champion and have the best physical health I’ve had in my life! Thank you to this special local business that we should all support!

CYNTHIA MONTELEONE, Metabolic Practitioner to Olympic and Professional Athletes, Lahaina


Wipe the slate clean and love one another

Trillions of dollars in debt, and additional government bailouts add to that staggering number. Eventually, debts have to be paid. Governments try unsuccessfully to shoulder the responsibility.

Socialism and communism benefit the elite, but the overall population suffers. Capitalistic countries do better but end up failing if materialism is the primary objective. Religious regimes can be especially wicked. That’s why many Europeans originally came to America.

When the United States was founded, they included many biblical principles but disregarded some of the fundamental precepts of God fulfilled in Christ Jesus. If we had established the “government upon His shoulders,” it would be evident: leaders measuring up to godly standards, just courts, and people believing they are sacred and created for a purpose.

“To enjoy your work is a gift from God.” To give freely and generously, without compulsion. Capitalism succeeds when it’s others-oriented.

Be truthful, honest, kind and thankful, forgive, love God, love one another, and treat others the way you want to be treated.

Wiping the slate clean, let’s start over. In Leviticus, it’s called the Year of Jubilee. “Proclaim liberty throughout all the earth to all its inhabitants!”

We are already off to a good start. People are home and unemployed. All that needs to be done is to cancel debts and live as redeemed people. Jesus paid it all.

Accomplishing this requires wisdom from the Spirit of God. “God must be our aid, for it is His province alone to give perfect protection and prosperity.” (Hawaiian Constitution, 1840)



Fix PUA filing issues

Governor Ige… HELP!

This is your recent update on PUA from Aug. 3: “Clarification on self-employment and self-employment income: An individual is “self-employed” if the individual performs services for the individual’s own business. A recipient of rental or other passive income is not considered “self-employed” for the purpose of PUA. You will need to provide your 2019 IRS Form 1040, Schedule C, to show the net income from self-employment. Rental and other passive income reported on Form 1040, Schedule E, is not qualifying income for PUA. If you began self-employment in 2019 that was impacted by COVID, you will need to have business contracts to demonstrate that you were self-employed.”

I have tried several times to send PUA and my Schedule C and sort this out. I have had “PENDING” at my PUA account for six weeks – for many, this means the homeless camp!

The evil loop you have in the e-mail that takes you back to square one is not helpful!



Will Trump pardon himself?

Odds are Trump will pardon himself of all past AND future crimes, and this really may be legal (thehill.com/opinion/white-house/507070-press-trumps-final-presidential-pardon-himself).

A president pardoning himself? Don’t laugh. While that issue’s never been addressed by the Supreme Court, Trump’s not the first one to think about it.

He’s already said Article II “allows me to do whatever I want.”

Richard Nixon’s White House lawyers seriously considered the possibility, but Nixon decided to resign before being indicted with a crime.

In 1998, however, during the Clinton impeachment hearings, House Judiciary Committee member Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) stated: “The prevailing opinion is that the president can pardon himself.”

JOHN BOND, Honolulu