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LETTERS for the April 30 issue

By Staff | Apr 30, 2020

Put trash cans back in parks

The trash cans at Honokowai Park and most other parks have been removed. This may look like a good idea to help keep people out of the park, but with the beaches still open, I don’t think so.

People still come and bring rubbish. Fishermen still come and stay the night with rubbish. So now where does it go if they are not careful with it? In the ocean.

The police would have to be on constant watch at Honokowai in order to watch for people going through the park. With dog walking and all the kids out of school for so long, they all head to the park. Right now, 4 p.m. on a Tuesday afternoon, there are 12 people in the park plus four fishermen.

I think we need the trash receptacles back.



Take steps now to prevent wildfires

Before another summer of scorching heat and less rainfall, let’s do something to prevent fires.

West Maui Land Co., Kaanapali Land Management, Kamehameha Schools/Bishop Estate and the state should consider restoring existing ditches, wells and reservoirs, along with utilizing treated wastewater to irrigate the arid region from Kaanapali to Launiupoko.

Since the demise of Pioneer Mill over 20 years ago, the land has been neglected. Weeds and brush provide fuel for wildfires.

After Hurricane Lane’s wildfire, one woman tearfully testified that if it hadn’t been for the persistent efforts of a “Good Samaritan,” her entire family could have perished. With windows boarded up in preparation for the hurricane, they failed to smell the smoke or see the flames roaring toward their home through Kamehameha Schools/Bishop Estate property.

Their home was one of many that burned down. Imagine if Lahainaluna High School, Lahaina Intermediate School and Princess Nahienaena School had burned down, too. Lahaina’s water supply and electrical utility infrastructure is near Kamehameha Schools/Bishop Estate property also.

Impacting the entire West Side, the potential for catastrophe is great. For safety and well-being, the West Maui Community Plan Advisory Committee identified the area bordering Lahainaluna Road as an ideal location for an enormous community park.

Until tourism is restored, developing a public park on private land would create economic opportunities. Landholders could work with cultural practitioners, government officials, entrepreneurs, community members and nonprofit organizations to make this area safe while providing food security, environmental protection, and recreational opportunities.



Maui must diversify its economy

Now that we have seen Maui without tourists and traffic, isn’t it time to put a moratorium on building more hotels, timeshares, condo complexes and any others affiliated to tourism? Let’s fine tune what we have now to ensure the quality of visitors.

And let us now review and restrict the number of rental cars also. Maui has more rental cars than Oahu!

Maui has grown so fast without real planning, and now we see what happens when a situation like this occurs: gross unemployment.

Maui needs to look at more non-tourist-oriented businesses, such as agriculture and industry.



Mahalo, TMT!

Although a small fraction of people in Hawaii do not support the TMT project, it’s extremely difficult, even for the protestors, to overlook this pleasant gesture by the folks at TMT.

The $100,000 donation toward Hawaii Island Food Bank was just what our community needed during this worldwide pandemic.

I must say that it’s a heck-of-a-lot more than what our state and county leaders have offered us. Thank God for the federal government, too. Even our military has been doing an exceptional job.

For those of you with your head still stuck in the sand, are you now able to see the difference between transparency and good will vs. suspending the Sunshine Law (that clearly encroaches on our civil liberties) with clever and dishonest intent? Mahalo nui loa to TMT and to all the responders battling this pandemic war. Your selfless efforts do not go unnoticed by the many of us who greatly appreciate you!



An Easter Wish, 2020

We stay safe on a physical level, yet we love wide and far.

Refusing to blame, berate or fear. Conquering our thoughts and feelings with goodwill and inclusiveness.

Of our mind and hearts: We are One. We belong, have affinity with all the life on this planet.

From the soil and minerals to the water and sky. From the worms in our compost to the birds that fly. From shores to the mountains, from the trees to the lion, We Belong… made up of mineral, vegetable, animal, angel, we are human.

We are a component of this life we name Earth. How do we heal all these component parts of ourselves?

Forgive all the past; go forward with compassion and understanding. Let all cultural prejudices go. Take a breath and realize our color makes no difference… but how we treat each other does.

Recognize the sacredness of each stone, each drop of water. To become one with the trees as we breathe clean air.?

What is wealth? Health? Sustainability? Wild nature is this gift, and so are our foods without poison and our components free of plastics and pollution.