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LETTERS for the February 13 issue

By Staff | Feb 13, 2020

Mahalo to Rep. McKelvey for supporting DHHL project

Mahalo to West Maui State Rep. Angus McKelvey for introducing House Bill 2267 this legislative session to appropriate $24,700,000 in funding to build infrastructure for Department of Hawaiian Home Lands’ Leiali’i 1B in Lahaina, right above the Lahaina Civic Center and Honokowai DHHL project.

McKelvey personally met with DHHL Chair William Aila and staff to ask how he could help move the DHHL projects along in his district. And McKelvey followed through by introducing this legislation. Other legislators backed him up on the bill, such as Decoite and Hashimoto.

It brought tears to my eyes when he told me the news. I’ve personally known many Native Hawaiians who have died on the list, especially in Lahaina. There has not been much Hawaiian homes that have been built in Lahaina, resulting in many dying on the list.

According to the DHHL 2004 Maui Island Plan, 14 percent of applicants preferred to live in West Maui, and yet zero DHHL lots existed in West Maui at the time. Once Leiali’i 1A was built and awarded in Lahaina around 2008, that still meant only 5 percent of Maui DHHL lots were in West Maui – still short of the 14 percent who preferred to live in West Maui.

According to the projected DHHL Maui Island plan, Lahaina should have received 411 lots developed for West Maui by 2024. However, that goal will fall short.

DHHL is planning to have 75 lots developed in 2023 for Leiali’i 1B-1, 125 lots developed in 2024 in Leiali’i 1B-2, 25 lots in 2023 in Honokowai, and lastly 25 lots in 2024 in Honokowai. So by 2024, if all the funding is secured, and by adding the existing 104 lots from Leiali’i 1A, that means 354 lots will be developed by 2024 and not the 411 that was projected.



Trump deserved to be impeached

By now, the world’s population knows about the impeachment of President Trump. The U.S. House of Representatives performed its constitutional duty in light of Trump’s violation of the highest office in America.

There is no conspiracy or attempt to overthrow the presidency. The witnesses, during the impeachment hearings, were sworn to oath to tell the truth. Ask yourselves, “What would these multiple witnesses have to gain by being totally dishonest?” To be quite frank, the overwhelming dishonesty and “flip-flopping” comes directly from Trump and his entire administration.

I have seen the numbers of polling results about impeachment and removal. The slight majority of Americans, who thoroughly believe Trump’s actions are impeachable, have witnessed the U.S. Constitution interpreted correctly.

As a testament, I voted for Trump, who I believed would make America better. I, and millions, voted for a very deceptive and divisive egotist. His campaign promises have fallen terribly short. Also, I believe Trump has used “the highest office in America” to greatly increase his – and his family’s – wealth and global power.

TIMOTHY BLEDSOE, North Augusta, South Carolina


Run impacted bus service

(The following letter was sent to state and county officials.)

What a mess this morning on Hawaii Route 30 – a Hawaii state highway – for a marathon (Run for the Whales)?


We don’t do that for funerals anymore. Maui Bus from the West Side to the south LATE! Lots of traffic… poorly managed by the County of Maui AGAIN! A reflection of local and Hawaii State government again!

LATE BUSES! Much congestion in that area. Bus driver said they knew nothing about it. Why? Anyone killed yet, mayor?

No communication between Maui Police, transportation and Roberts Hawaii AGAIN!



Why I’m voting for Tulsi

I am supporting Tulsi Gabbard. Here’s why:

I met Tulsi before she became a member of Congress. The minute I met her, I thought, “this woman needs to be part of the national leadership of this country.”

I saw in Tulsi a courageous leader who could not be bought or influenced by the special interest groups that rule Congress.

In Tulsi, Americans have a candidate who doesn’t just talk about service but has lived it every step of her life: a tenacious soldier with firsthand knowledge of the cost of war. She is ready to be Commander in Chief on Day One, ready to protect our country, honor our troops and avoid these wars which threaten our long-term domestic prosperity.

I strongly endorse my friend, Tulsi Gabbard, in her candidacy for president of the United States. Our country needs Tulsi’s bold, unflinching bipartisan leadership, now more than ever. And to achieve that, we need to make sure EVERY voter in New Hampshire knows what Tulsi stands for before they head to the polls.

In administration after administration, presidents both Republican and Democrat have promised to end the unconstitutional regime change wars that have bled our country dry and caused mass suffering and chaos in the Middle East while undermining our national security and the wellbeing of the American people.

Now, we are entering a new Cold War with Russia and China, and are on the brink of a hot war with Iran, all the while our government continues to spend $4 BILLION a month in Afghanistan for what?

We refuse to continue to be led by these false promises.

Let us support Tulsi Gabbard. She is on a path of service. She has seen the cost of war. She knows that we must end it now. Please join me in standing with Tulsi for a brighter future, with peace, true equality and human dignity for all.

DENNIS KUCINICH, Member of Congress, 1997-2013