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LETTERS for the November 14 issue

By Staff | Nov 14, 2019

Establish water sources to help fight fires

So, let’s see… five fires by my count over less than two years. Homes lost, economic damage in the millions, psychological damage to residents who feared the fires.

Commerce stops when the Pali is closed for fires. Kapalua Airport closed for 3/4 of a day.

Years ago, when there was sugar cane in the ground and pineapple, there were no fires.

These crops were irrigated, kept green and no fires. Maui Land and Pineapple, Amfac, and A&B drop crops, let the lands go to brush, and we get fires.

It’s time for a fire system to be installed in the fire sector, where water is available to be dropped on a fire fast.

It’s time to create multiple holding ponds, using sewer plant-treated effluent that gets sent into the ocean and could be used here for fire control.

Let’s push our politicians to act and do something, or we will have more fires.

It’s time for action, Mayor Victorino and the Maui County Council.



Police presence needed on the “Lahaina Speedway”

Did you know that Lahaina has a speedway drag strip? It starts at the Lahaina pool area and goes all the way to Honokowai.

The grandstand is in the middle, where the Lahaina Police headquarters is located.

Our fine Lahaina Police do actually zero about speeders that often exceed 60-70 MPH in areas that are posted 35-40 MPH.

Then we have extra wide illegal tires on trucks and illegal dark tinted windows that our wonderful Lahaina Police do nothing about.

We must not forget the radical drivers that bypass the Kaanapali entrance red light, speeding around this like daredevil drivers.

Thanks, Lahaina Police, for having your eyes closed.

No wonder why Maui has more fatalities this year than ever before.



Video shows how TMT project could proceed

If you want to see how to move forward peacefully with the TMT project, then please check this video out: www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EgMz2IM0so.

The protectors will need to learn more about their Hawaiian history before they are able to do any sensible negotiations.

Until the Hawaiian Kingdom is federally recognized, we are all U.S. citizens that must abide by the U.S. laws – period!

The land issue was settled long ago. The kanaka need to re-read the Queen Liliuokalani Deed of Trust dated Dec 2, 1909, which was later amended in 1911 to include destitute children.

The Queen’s Trust was dedicated to the welfare of orphaned and destitute children… “preference given to Hawaiian children of pure or part aboriginal blood.” It says nothing about ALL Hawaiian children only!

Also, according to the trust, under the BUT IN TRUST NEVERTHELESS clause, “The Trustees shall at all times have the most ample power and authority, in their discretion from time to time, to sell, lease, exchange, partition, mortgage, pledge and/or otherwise deal with and dispose of any of the lands and/or other property and interests of the trust estate. And to purchase any lands or other property and/or take leases thereof, for the benefit of the trust estate, etc…”

So the DHHL (Department of Hawaiian Homelands) Land Management Branch and Income Properties Branch has authority to not only manage the Hawaiian Homelands, but it also has the authority to manage lands not under homestead lease, and they are able to develop non-homestead land for income purposes.

I have been following Ryan Thompson of Disruptarian Radio for quite some time, and he brings up some very interesting facts surrounding the TMT, overthrow and annexation along with supporting documents – not just facts based on rumors.

Nevertheless, it’s worth checking him out!



Trump isn’t above the law

President Trump’s lawyers want the courts to declare that the president is above the law.

Trump asked a court to block New York prosecutors from requiring an accounting firm to turn over his personal and corporate tax returns.

Trump’s lawsuit claims the president is constitutionally protected – “not just from indictment but also from investigation.”

Since when?

That’s “squarely at odds” with the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling in U.S. v. Nixon, which rejected President Nixon’s claim that he was protected by “absolute privilege” and ordered him to comply with a subpoena in the Watergate probe.

Trump wants us to believe that when the president does something, “that means that it is not illegal.”

The next thing Trump will be saying, and want us to believe, is that “I am not a criminal,” just like Richard Nixon said.

RON LOWE, Santa Monica, CA