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LETTERS for the September 26 issue

By Staff | Sep 26, 2019

Aila clarifies comments voiced in West Maui

To set the record straight, the Maui Legislative contingent is very influential and has been supportive and successful in appropriating funds for the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands.

This includes a $1.4 million appropriation toward the Environmental Assessment, design of utility relocations and roadway realignment as the department prepares to build the first phase of Leali’i 1B, a planned 75 new lots and part of a total of 250.

DHHL has also been fortunate to receive $10 million from the Hawaii Housing Finance & Development Corporation for a new water well to serve Honokowai and Leali’i 1B.

My comments in August emphasized the need for beneficiaries to continue to engage their respective legislators on projects relating to DHHL.

It is important to continue an open dialog to move all projects forward, and we are grateful to the West Maui legislators for their past and continued support.

WILLIAM J. AILA JR., Hawaiian Homes Commission Chair


Legal team provides update on Front Street Apartments

This will update you on the status of the federal court case against the State of Hawaii, Front Street Affordable Housing Partners and others that seeks to make sure that Front Street Apartments stays affordable until 2051.

There had been a hearing scheduled for April 12, 2019 on motions that likely would have resolved most or all of the case. However, before the hearing, the parties agreed to postpone the hearing to allow the state legislature to pass a bill to allow the state to acquire the property and keep it affordable.

As part of the agreement, FSAHP agreed to maintain rent restrictions for non-market rate units until the state owns the property or until four months after the court makes a final ruling in the case. The defendants also agreed that any unit that becomes vacant after April 8, 2019 would remain affordable, while units that became vacant prior to that date could be rented at market rates.

The legislature did pass the bill, and Governor Ige signed it. The state and the current property owner are apparently in negotiations about selling the property to the state, so the state can keep the property affordable.

We are currently trying to get more information about defendants’ plans for the property and the case.

Our clients remain committed to keeping the property affordable until 2051, either through the legislation, through a satisfactory settlement or through a ruling by the court.



Embrace what’s special about Maui

When you plan on moving to an island, especially in Hawaii, it would be to your benefit to research what the island is all about. The reason to move to Maui or any other island should be because you love what the island is – not what it could be. Love the wonderful local people, their lifestyles, the existing industry and their practices.

Do not move to an island to change any of what is already in place. Do not move to make big bucks by building unwanted structures. Move because it is what it is.

I moved to Maui 49 years ago as a student at Mauna Olu College in Makawao. I fell in love with the island (all aspects). I did not try to change something that was already in place.

I have strived to help keep Maui the Maui I first fell in love with. It has changed drastically due to people moving here and wanting to change things.

I am not saying “go back home, Haole.” I am saying to come and be part of the ‘aina embrace it.

I am a Haole, but I respect the ‘aina for what is now and before. It just makes me sad to see the unwanted changes to my island the island I fell in love with.



You think you have it rough?

So you’re having a bad morning? I’m sorry about that!

What about the tens of thousands of immigrants sweltering in the heat on the southern border because of the Trump-Republican anti-immigration agenda?

What about Donald Trump blaming gun violence and mass shootings on mental illness? Hey Donald, it’s the guns (stupid) that are killing people.

What about one million Americans who have lost health insurance since 2016? Most of those losing health coverage were people losing Medicaid coverage in Republican-governed states.

What about women’s health? Abortion is at an all-time low, and yet Republican anti-abortionists continue to attack women’s rights.

What about Republican politicians who keep blocking any sensible gun control legislation while mass shootings and killing continue unabated?

You can thank Donald Trump and Republican politicians.

RON LOWE, Santa Monica, CA


Kavanaugh should be impeached

Here’s the truth: Brett Kavanaugh should have never been confirmed to the Supreme Court. It’s disgraceful he serves a lifetime appointment on the highest court in the land.

I was in those hearings, and it was clear to me – and to the American people – that the FBI “investigation” into the serious allegations of sexual assault by Kavanaugh was a sham.

In light of the new evidence that points to Kavanaugh perjuring himself, I am calling on the House Judiciary Committee to begin an impeachment inquiry to determine whether Justice Kavanaugh lied to Congress and why the FBI’s investigation was rushed and frankly left incomplete.

Sign my urgent petition if you agree that Congress should open an impeachment inquiry against Brett Kavanaugh. All of us need to make our voices heard to get the truth and correct this injustice.