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LETTERS for the June 13 issue

By Staff | Jun 13, 2019

Think about the military and veterans on July 4th

On Independence Day, it is fitting we celebrate our nation and brave Revolutionary War patriots who dreamed of a country where men and women could live freely.

I hope, as you celebrate with your ohana, you take a few minutes to reflect on the quiet strength and dedication of our active military and veterans.

Their service and love of country ensures that our nation remains home of the free because of the brave.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve our vibrant community as we work together anchored in the spirit of aloha.

Happy Independence Day!



BOOMVANGERS appreciate support for scholarships

The Lahaina Yacht Club Foundation and LYC BOOMVANGERS would like to thank our friends and neighbors for their help in supporting our local community.

Through donations and participation in fundraising events like our seasonal Whale Watch and Lahaina Yacht Club logo merchandise, the BOOMVANGERS were able to award $8,000 in scholarships to help local youth attend college next year.

Fundraising is ongoing through the sales of glasses, mugs, Tervis tumblers and license plate frames.

Any donation is greatly appreciated and can be made via check payable to “LYC Foundation” or online at www.lyc-foundation.org (click “Support BOOMVANGER Scholarships”).

The LYC Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation (Fed ID 45-2544812), so all donations are tax-deductible.

LAURA LODATO, Lahaina Yacht Club


Are we ready for fire and hurricane season?

Here we GO! Fire season-disaster season is upon us. Are we prepared? What are the state, county and landowners going to do in West and Central Maui?

A recent deadly accident closed Honoapiilani Highway for three hours. Last year’s major fire in Lahaina lasted 2-3 days.

In recent years, Pali fires have closed the highway from hours to a day.

I have not heard or seen any plans – besides Ukumehame gun range and Olowalu recycling center; why are they clearing those two small areas? – to clean or clear brush next to the highway.

Look at ALL the dry brush when you drive on Honoapiilani Highway. What about hurricanes, tropical storms and super high tides? South swells are now inundating the Ukumehame area, Lone Pine, Olowalu.

There has been no mention by the state Department of Transportation what the plans are if we get cut off.

Right now, I dread when I drive to the other side. Will I make it home?

Before, it was a 50- to 55-minute drive. Now, it’s a one-and-a-half- to two-hour drive depending on how fast or slow traffic is.

Now I bring a cooler, bottled water AND a lot of patience! I also bring along a change of clothes/toiletry in case they close the highway for whatever reason.

Again, we HAVE NOT HEARD ANYTHING from the county, state or landowners.

WHAT’S GOING ON? What’s the plan? Any planning after the fact is TOO LATE!



Fight Trump’s attacks on the environment

President Trump’s Department of Energy has taken additional, utterly ridiculous steps to erase climate science and “rebrand” their messaging around fossil fuels.

Last week, in a news release, the DOE referred to natural gas as “freedom gas” and “molecules of freedom to be exported to the world.”

Is this for real?

While it sounds like a joke, this rebranding is another dangerous and purposeful action by Trump to roll back the progress we’ve made for our energy and environment.

I will continue to fight against his continued push to deny climate science and behave as if fossil fuels are not harmful to the environment.

This pro-fossil-fuel propaganda comes at a time when the Trump administration is aggressively erasing climate science, eliminating 84 environmental regulations like clean air and water protections, and promoting Big Oil and Gas while attacking the Green New Deal.

They’ve even launched a new attack on science by refusing to use climate models that project future effects of climate change past 2040, when negative impacts will be most extreme.

If you’re as troubled by all this as I am, help me keep fighting Trump’s attacks on our environment, health and climate.

Trump and his administration can call fossil fuels whatever they want, but as long as he continues his attacks on science and refuses to act on climate change, we’re not buying it.