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LETTERS for the March 21 issue

By Staff | Mar 21, 2019

New people could mean new ideas at the county

The County Council-approved, mayor’s-appointed director of Housing and Human Concerns must have a heart for couch surfers, people living in cars and bushes, folks on fixed incomes and others in abusive situations needing a safe place to live.

Facilitate solutions like a former hotel, Lahaina’s Anchor Square, converted into affordable studio apartments.

The director of Public Works should be a qualified individual with a heart for cultural and historical preservation.

Restored stream flows make watershed management a crucial component for Public Works. Some alternatives to manage land-based pollutants from entering the ocean align with Hawaiian cultural practices.

The USACE West Maui Watershed Study noted: “Traditional Hawaiian Practices: Construct or restore loi terraces; use historically proven methods and structures for sediment management;” and “Re-purposed Flood Plain: Utilize available floodplain space to hold storm-water and sediment.” These are effective solutions.

Kahoma and Kanaha stream flow standards have been set with allotment of water for agriculture and loi terraces, which makes now a good time to restore Kahoma’s historical ‘Alamihi fishpond.

Restoring the ingenious inland fishpond in the Kahoma Flood Control Channel requires action from the Department of Public Works collaborating with the Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).

Kahoma’s 1979 cultural report conducted for the USACE suggested the ‘Alamihi fishpond, David Malo’s homestead and famous battleground be nominated for the National Register of Historic Places.

Protecting and preserving this important area, adjacent property development could include a historical community park on David Malo’s parcel (LCA3702).

New positions afford opportunity for innovative solutions and exciting possibilities.



Sen. Hirono should focus on Hawaii’s real problems

Hey Mazie, I suppose the out-of-hand homeless problem, huge meth problem, worst public schools in America, traffic gridlock, corrupt rail project, big welfare state and high taxes are fake state emergencies. You have done nothing for this state and less for our country. Impeach, impeach, impeach… is this all you got?

You signed on to the “New Green Deal” – ban cars, ban airplanes. So what – bring tourists to Hawaii on solar boats? Ha ha!!

People are seeing what you and your kind really are. You are a joke.



Address fire threats now

I was watching the news last night on the fires at Maile, Oahu, thinking of all the rain, showers and wind lately. Good news now – keeps the place green and cool for a change.

But what will the coming months (summer) bring after last year’s fires? What is the plan? Is anybody doing anything NOW?!

Knowing how things work around here, it could take months, years… if anything.

Landowners, Kamehameha Schools, Bishop Estate, Makila Land Co., Maui Electric, Maui Fire Department… are landowners being fined? Or are they TOO BIG?

To me, people are NOT being responsible, and no respect for the aina (land).

They put peoples’ lives and property in jeopardy.

Look at the last fires at the Olowalu recycling/trash center. The fire burned power poles and under power lines, close to the highway. The Ukumehame gun range is close to the highway also.

Are they/we prepared to be cutoff again?

No workers at hotels/businesses, no commuting, visitors trapped, no food, no power for days AGAIN?




What’s going on at FEMA?

I recently had the opportunity to talk with a friend who is a lineman from Texas currently working for a private contractor in Saipan. He told me he is pulling in $15,000 per week – that’s $60,000/month – plus lodging and a food stipend. He shared photos of his deposited checks.

While he is very good at his job, and like the people of Puerto Rico (many of whom are still waiting), those in Saipan need power, too, but my first thought was that American taxpayers are being duped by FEMA.

Who is running the show at FEMA? He would have gladly accepted $5,000 per week! I’m happy that he has a job and is making good money but come on!

It’s not like he is a pro jock, or a movie star, or politician. Multiply his income by a few hundred, and FEMA could buy homes for those with none and still restore power and clean water to millions.

As a taxpayer, I hope some of you will write your senator or congressman to complain you can bet I will!

For others, think of this as a great reason to become a lineman – especially in the age of climate change when hurricanes don’t have a season and can hit anytime, anywhere.

Reconsider going into AI or IT really, everyone is doing it. Go into the trades or go to work for the NRA if you want to make the big bucks.