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LETTERS for the August 23 issue

By Staff | Aug 23, 2018

Global warming bites back

With scorching heat and raging wildfires in the West, and torrential downpours and massive flooding in the East, global warming is not just about a gentle sea rise anymore.

These tragic consequences of dumping greenhouse gases into our atmosphere call for drastic remedies. For starters, we should re-join the Paris Climate Accords and actually become a world leader in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

One of the most effective ways is by changing our diet. Yes, that. Last fall, Oxford University’s prestigious Food Climate Research Network concluded that solving the global warming catastrophe requires massive shift to a plant-based diet.

A 2010 United Nations report blamed animal agriculture for 19 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, 70 percent of freshwater use and 38 percent of land use.

Carbon dioxide is emitted by burning forests to create animal pastures and by transporting animals. The more damaging methane and nitrous oxide are released from digestive tracts of cattle and from animal waste cesspools, respectively.

In an environmentally sustainable world, we must replace meat and dairy products in our diet by vegetables, fruits and grains, just as we replace fossil fuels by wind, solar and other pollution-free energy sources. Let’s start with our next supermarket visit.



Cochran has my vote

Recently, I read a letter in the Lahaina News regarding Elle Cochran. The writer stated she had been watching her for years, then hinted that Elle wasn’t educated enough.

I, too, have been watching her over the years. I appreciate her honesty and down to earth personality. But most of all, I love her common sense.

Most of my life, I lived in Menlo Park, California, close to Stanford University in the heart of Silicon Valley. While living there, our area was voted the most sophisticated and most educated region in the world.

More doctors (PhDs) than anywhere; the average person has a master’s degree. During that time, while selling real estate, I met people from all walks of life.

The point is, I met many people with advanced degrees; you can have all the facts and not be wise. Elle is wise. I would prefer her wisdom to an advanced degree any day.

I’m reminded of a conversation I had with Jerry Rice of the 49ers. He was upset that a rookie basketball player signed a multi-million dollar contract. He said, “He is being paid more than me; it’s not fair. I am proven; he’s not.”

I understand what he meant by being proven. Elle’s proven. She has my confidence and my vote.



Case thanks supporters

Last night’s win, after a whirlwind campaign, filled me with the deepest gratitude.

Gratitude to the voters of Hawaii’s great First Congressional District for advancing me to the general election. You carefully considered my candidacy, weighed your choice among strong candidates and made your call.

Gratitude to our spectacular Case for Congress campaign team, who came from everywhere to contribute, signwave, canvass, post and run a true grassroots effort start to finish. Your enthusiasm, belief and support fueled our efforts and truly made the difference.

Gratitude to my family, especially my incredible wife, Audrey, for standing with me yet again. You gave me the solid base from which to run an intense campaign and the comfort and counsel to keep us going all the way through.

And gratitude to my former opponents for offering voters this choice. You are all committed public servants with so much still to offer, and I want you to know that I listened to you throughout our campaign and hope to do justice to your views as I move on to the general and hopefully back to Congress.

Some reports today have me all but elected to return to Congress, but I take nothing for granted, and our only focus now is on the Nov. 6th general election. Between now and then, we will go back out to the voters with our same offer of strong, effective leadership for our country and Hawaii in Congress and of my experience and commitment to fixing our national government and contributing to a strong team for Hawaii on Capitol Hill.

If you voted for me, I’m especially grateful for your trust and hope to earn it all over again. If you voted for one of my opponents, I ask for your renewed consideration and will do everything I can to earn your trust and vote come Nov. 6.

Audrey and I will be taking a quick break from the campaign trail to catch up on our home and work and steal a short vacation. Then we’ll be back at it with our team to power through to November.

As always, we need and welcome your support in whatever way you can, and I personally welcome your questions and advice.

Again, I am so grateful for your consideration and support and send to you and yours our deepest aloha.

ED CASE. Honolulu


America is morally corrupt

The Mayflower pilgrims in Heaven would be astonished at Americans’ present day attitude towards God, the Word of God and Jesus.

Their strong beliefs in God and Christianity were expressed in the Mayflower Compact. In that compact, they said they did it “for the glory of God and advancement of the Christian Faith,” and signed “in the presence of God.”

Over half of those pilgrims who landed on the western side of Cape Cod Bay in mid-December 1620 died that winter because of poor nutrition and harsh living conditions. Because of their faith in God and Jesus, they went to Heaven.

Almost daily, we see elected officials and other well-known individuals show their defiance towards God when they proudly defend the indefensible. They seem to have no idea that there is a righteous God who created them, and that He set rules and laws by which they are to live by.

Mankind will be judged by those laws and by the Word of God.

America erred greatly when it started its separation from God. His commandment to teach the children diligently all about him, including to keep his commandments, statutes and judgments, was forgotten by the Supreme Court and the other branches of government.

We took God out of America, so we should not be surprised when there seems to be more hate than love in America.

Foolish America has said there is no God and has become morally corrupt.