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LETTERS for March 8 issue

By Staff | Mar 8, 2018

Wise up on the NRA

The NRA did not grant Americans the Second Amendment, nor can they protect it should it be changed to reflect the times.

The right to bear arms is NOT a God-given right, as their president, Mr. La Pierre, says. The second is a Constitutional right and refers to muskets!

There has never been a bill to repeal the amendment – not by Obama, not by Hillary, not by anyone – and people for stronger gun control laws have never proposed repealing it.

The NRA is not America’s gun club – it is a FOR-PROFIT corporation that dupes its members out of dues by claiming they will protect the Second Amendment, and they will go to any length to protect their massive profits, including sacrificing the lives of students under the guise of keeping them safer.

Simply put, it’s a marketing scam like no other. Join if you are patriotic – if you want us to protect the Second Amendment… if you are gullible enough to send us your dues!

President Reagan gave an eloquent speech in FAVOR of gun control, yet the NRA shows photos of him and his hunting rifle when they find themselves under the gun (pun intended).

What would happen if you stopped giving the NRA your money? Absolutely nothing… unless you’re a politician in need of their dollars ($85 million donated through a Russian lawyer and passed on to Trump and other Republicans).

The NRA is a flag-waving, Conservative, “Christian” ruse on America and America’s gun owners. WISE UP!



More roads not the answer to Lahaina traffic

In 1955, the new Pali road and tunnel were completed. This quickly led to the planned destination resort, Kaanapali, and the unplanned mess at Honokowai and Kahana.

The orginal highway was Front Street, along to Mala, along the walking trail through Hanako’o out to the lower road.

Obviously, this Front Street route would be overwhelmed. So the present Honoapiilani bypass was carved right through town, eventually leading to a corridor of development and more people, cars and hotels.

So now you want ANOTHER bypass? Where does it end? This strategy has failed in the past, and it will lead to more commercial development and more cars.

Stop. Time out. Enough already. Look at Honolulu; three freeways, three tunnels… and what? Gridlock. Solve the problem… and more roads is the wrong answer.



Respect precious human life

America was again shocked, as it should be, by the latest tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

What has become of respect of God and respect for precious human life and suffering?

One contributing factor is that God was thrown out of our schools and all public places by some Supreme Court judges. Judges who found “posting of God’s Ten Commandments in schools, and even county government public places, unconstitutional.” Judges who also ruled prayer and teaching God’s Word in public schools unconstitutional.

Judges are prohibited from interfering in religious matters by the First Constitutional Amendment! That amendment, which ensures freedom of religion, speech and the press, and the right to peaceably assemble, was intended to keep the federal government off these matters.

But now the federal government’s tentacles reach way down to the toilet places, better known as “restrooms.”

The overreach of the Supreme Court has gone uncontested by our legally elected government public officials. It is their duty to hold the judges accountable when they violate the Constitution and laws.

It was not just and humane when they ruled in Roe v. Wade and approved the killing of innocent human beings. The seven judges who voted for it, on that tragic decision, should have been impeached.

Our Constitution assigns the making of the laws of the land to our legislators, not to the non-elected judges.

The Laws of God, which our forefathers held so dearly, have been replaced by Man’s Law. Now some Americans want us to celebrate what God calls abomination.

The loudest outcry about the latest school shooting of innocent children will come from political hypocrites who support the daily mass killing of thousands of innocent unborn human babies.




Show mercy to all animals

Scholars have written expansively on why we are called to reflect, repent and abstain during Lent, but a Melkite Catholic who worships at a monastery in Lebanon recently cut to the chase.

“Lent is a time to draw closer to God,” she said, “to leave the things that can pull us away from Him.”

Christians around the world are drawing closer – and heeding God’s call to be merciful – by leaving meat (including fish), dairy and eggs off their plates. Animals raised on factory farms are crowded into fetid, windowless sheds or onto barren feedlots, mutilated and painfully killed in slaughterhouses. By going vegan, we honor them, our own bodies and the world that was entrusted to us.

But what happens after March 29, the final day of Lent? Matthew 25:40 says, “Whatever you do unto the least among my brothers and sisters, you do as unto me ” Making kind choices is a year-round calling.

Visit www.PETALambs.com to learn more about how we can show mercy to all of God’s creation, during Lent and every day.