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LETTERS for February 8 issue

By Staff | Feb 8, 2018

Keep solar farms off hillsides

I am a strong supporter of alternative energy to lessen our dependence on fossil fuels. However, I am extremely dismayed by the placement of the solar farm on the slopes of the West Maui Mountains. This array of panels is a visual blight for the entire Lahaina community and in direct conflict with Hawaii Revised Statutes 226-12, which states: “Planning for the State’s physical environment shall be directed towards achievement of the objective of enhancement of Hawaii’s scenic assets, natural beauty, and multi-cultural/historical resources.”

Every postcard, every scenic photo of Lahaina’s mountains, will now show a huge industrial smear below the iconic Pu’u Pa’upa’u (Mount Ball).

While solar is an approved use on agricultural land, the appropriate placement in context of surroundings and view planes is absolutely essential. Solar farms on Maui belong on flat land, not on hillsides.

I urge our county planning and permit departments to carefully consider the context of future solar farms and to ensure our Maui community that there will never be another visual disaster like the one on Lahaina’s hillside.



Keep the shoreline highway open

It seems to me that the powers that be in Oahu are rushing to decision once again, much the same as they did with their rail system that has proven to be a money-sucking boondoggle.

Our beautiful shoreline is part of Maui’s identity. I have been driving that same area around Olowalu into Lahaina for 30 years and it hasn’t changed all that much, despite what the doomsayers say. The rush to close it off leads me to believe that there are those that wish to look at the land for other uses that could possibly have a negative impact on our infrastructure.

This is Maui; it belongs to us, and we wish to keep it the way it is without interference from outside decision-makers who do not have our best interest at heart.

To close off that portion of our ocean drive approaching the entrance to Lahaina would increase traffic flow on the bypass, causing it to disrupt the normal flow of traffic when it emptied into Lahaina and interfere with business and pedestrian usage.

Outside decision-makers should not have the say in creating impossible situations that will end up having a negative impact on the future of our beautiful Maui and the historic Whaling Village of Lahaina.



Resetting Congress would be a good thing

An official government shutdown and starting anew is appealing. A compelling alternative is a “government upon His [Jesus] shoulders” (Isaiah). Real change occurs when hearts and minds are transformed.

Congress sanctioned the actions of businessmen, church leaders and military personnel that came to Hawaii, robbing the residents of livelihoods, land, language and culture. Disregarding Hawaiian liberties, statehood protocol allowed non-natives to vote. Unethical practices and aliens determined a nation’s fate.

Repercussions are evident. Americans suffer the consequences of lies, corruption, division, hatred, injustice and other evils. Evil has an expiration date; thieves and liars exposed and destroyed.

Patient for all to turn from evil, God affords time and opportunities for reconciliation and restoration.

Despite cultural beliefs and geographical extremes, Christ-like policy is universally appropriate. Love and treat others justly; be compassionate, don’t take advantage of one another, do what is right personally and in the courts. Keep lives simple and honest. Recognize that God cares and is involved.

In this imperfect world, Biblical concepts are the best choice of governance.

Land practices mandate affordable housing in perpetuity. Dual-citizenship and resident aliens assimilate in a thriving community. Food sustainability realized, when land and water are considered for the community’s well-being rather than a commodity to exploit.

The love of money is evident in the ills of society. Prosperity apart from God is worthless. Laws attempt to control behavior rather than effect real change. Military might is not a sure defense.

Safe and secure in Jesus Christ, “receive an unshakable Kingdom.” (Hebrews)



Support President Trump

Dear Mazie (Hirono), why do you want to stop our president’s agenda? I no longer live in Maui, and I know things are different there, but you have to realize that the influx of people coming to America (not Hawaii) are 79 percent illiterate, unwilling to learn Engish, and overall trying to convert this to a Mexican barrio.

The Mexican president is sending the drug cartel members to us – much as Castro did with his undesirables. I know this is sort of a blanket statement – and there are lots of exceptions – but granting amnesty sends a message that we will overlook our own laws!

I do believe there should be some system for “Dreamers,” but NOT totally sweeping them in. What about those who took the civil tests, paid money and did it by the rules? What a double standard!

You should really be grateful for a president that wants to rebuild the military (in case the next missile alarm is real) – one that announces the capitol of Israel is Jerusalem and uses the Holy Bible as his guide! Obama did absolutely NONE of that.

Being right with Israel is being right with God Almighty! Knock the dust off your Bible and read Genesis, please.

President Trump came along just in time. Another four years of Democrats would have buried us. This is from a former Democrat who voted Bill Clinton into office twice while a Maui resident.

You don’t have to like Mr. Trump and his bold remarks, but you need to support and pray for our leaders, as the Bible also instructs. I despised Obama, but I asked God to protect him and guide him for as long as he was at the helm. It is the duty of any American.

Maybe it is time for Hawaii to secede and be an independent nation. I know there are many who desire this. I would be grieved to lose you, but it is a unique and different world. I was a 40-year resident, so I feel I can make that observation.

This is not meant to offend but try to look for the good! Going against what now is the status quo only encourages Muslim terrorists to try even more to destroy us. How many new immigrants from the Middle East, or Muslims, are now living in Hawaii, hoping the immigrant situation will be swept under the rug? I would love an answer to that.