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LETTERS for June 22 issue

By Staff | Jun 22, 2017

Council needs to wake up on housing issues

AMEN Richard Brown, Chris Weininger, and name withheld. I received yet another STVR letter today – when will it end? I walk from one end of Front Street to the other every day, and every other house is a vacation rental for tourists (permitted and not).

I asked the council years ago to wake the hell up! But they continue to give away what little long-term housing we have to vacation rental owners and visitors.

Airbnb has added to the problem, and not just here but everywhere; however, the responsibility is primarily on the shoulders of the county. They saw this coming many years ago and have done zero to stop it. In fact, they have thrown fuel on the flames by continuing to allow development.

It’s not bad enough that residential properties are converting to vacation rentals at an alarming rate, but hey – let’s build a few thousand more timeshare units, too!

And don’t forget all those homes going in on David Malo’s old homestead land. Never mind that our infrastructure is 40 years behind, or that we will be an island of tourists soon.

Last weekend, I got a look at the parking garage going up north of Kaanapali. Just imagine the number of cars added to our ONE highway!

When Mayor Arakawa was stuck on this side last winter, he went on the morning news to complain. He was adamant that we have to have an alternate route to the other side – something we West Siders have been saying forever – but he seems to have forgotten. Instead, he is planning to run for higher office… seriously?

Of course we need to share our island. Tourism is important, but there is a limit. Michele Lincoln talked about the overthrow – it might be slow and insidious, but now we are in the midst of another and it has been going on for too long. Hawaii is being stolen from Hawaiians and given to visitors. Like Butch said about Trump – come on, County of Maui. Pull your head out.



Lahainaluna Band seeks donations for Holiday Bowl trip

The Lahainaluna High School Band would like to recognize the Aloha Class of 2017. They are: Vanessa Aguilar Miranda, Jeraldine Agustin, Jamille Andres, Jalen Baraoidan, Analiza Galuardo, Valerie Therese Garde, Iliana Luna, Jarred Lunes, Angelique Macagay, Austin Matias, Macon Matias, Sergio Munoz, Mark Kevin Regino, Donavel Rivera, Edrian Sarian, April Serrano, Kahea Uwekoolani, Raphael Varquez, and Kristel Janela Yagyagan. Congratulations on your graduation.

The next meeting of the Friends of Lahainaluna Music will be on Thursday, July 13, at 5:30 p.m. at the Lahaina Cannery Mall. Parents, students and the community are invited to attend.

The Marching Band will be participating in the Holiday Bowl in San Diego this December. Donations are being sought to alleviate the cost. If anyone would like to donate, please e-mail friendsoflhsmusic@gmail.com.

Recently Mick Fleetwood and the Fleetwood restaurant made a donation of $2,000 toward the purchase of new instruments. Mahalo for your generosity.



Thanks for the column on John Severson

Just a big mahalo to the Green Room and Andrew O’Riordan for a great article about John Severson. A great man and family! Well-deserved! Aloha from all of Lahaina and Maui.



The Declaration of Peace

These are self-evident truths:

That all humans are a single family living on a fragile and endangered planet whose life support systems must remain intact if we are to survive;

That the well-being of the planet and the well-being of humanity are one and the same;

That the well-being of each requires the well-being of all – security is common;

That all humans have a natural right to peace and a healthy planet;

That all war is a crime against humanity and nature;

That any war anywhere degrades the quality of life for all of us everywhere;

That we live at the decisive moment in history when we will choose between breakdown or breakthrough on a planetary scale;

That we here now dedicate our intellectual, spiritual and material resources to the establishment of permanent peace and the conservation of nature, and;

That we are fully endowed by our Creator with the wisdom and the ability to achieve these ends.



Government can make changes to improve the world

Only the government has power to change this world. So, these messages are only for world government heads or their departments.

If we take care of the following things, all living things (including mankind) will last thousands of years.

One woman, one child policy (excluding twins/triplets): we have to follow this policy for the next 100 years or up to a certain period where the break-even point will be decreased. Condoms and pregnancy precautions are required free-of-cost in this world.

We have to delete all porn websites from servers/clouds/satellites. These are no use to our society. It develops wrong attitude, crimes and promotes HIV/AIDS.

We have to ban all games and related software in this world (online or offline).

Banking and financing sectors are promoting wrong things in this world by financing personal vehicle loans and by providing credit cards to customers. Credit cards generally promote wrong attitudes in society.

Our climate changes due to our habits and luxury lifestyles. Big infrastructure means big pollution.

Tobacco is of no use in this world. Millions of people are suffering cancer because of it. We do not have to provide licenses to manufacture tobacco products.

Car manufacturing industries are making big problems in our world. Because of low prices, people are purchasing them for fashion and causing big traffic jams and pollution. Now it’s time to promote train lines and buses.

Some plastic industries are making big problems in our world. We have to ban toys, soft drink bottles and small packages. This will reduce 20 to 30 percent of pollution in this world.

There should be restrictions in manufacturing of speakers and amplifiers, so we will reduce the sound pollution of the world.

All fertilizer industries should be banned in this world. This way, we save our soil and also reduce chemical factories. Natural foods, fruits and vegetables are helping us to keep healthy and hygienic.



Project Graduation Committee appreciates support

The Lahainaluna High School Project Graduation Committee would like to thank everyone involved in making this year’s party a huge success! With over 60 volunteers, we were able to entertain the kids from 8:30 p.m. until 5 a.m. with live music, entertainment, fun activities and world-class catering.

A special thanks goes to Joel Navarro of Central Pacific Bank, who chaired our ninth annual Legacy Cup golf tournament. The golf tournament is our primary fundraiser, and we are truly grateful to have this partnership with Joel.

We are also grateful to Eric Waddell and Shannon Owsley of Fleetwood’s on Front St., who agreed to host this year’s party. Not only did they provide incredible food, drink and entertainment, they donated back $2,000 to the Lahainaluna Band!

Our graduates enjoyed partying through the early morning hours at Slappy Cakes, where they danced, won prizes and took pictures with friends.

Project Graduation is a labor of love. Our committee was made up of parents, alumni and community members who are passionate in their mission to provide a safe, drug-free and alcohol-free environment for our high school graduates in celebration of their accomplishments.

If you would like to join the Project Graduation Committee for 2018, contact Joanna Stockham at (808) 280-6049.