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LETTERS for June 8 issue

By Staff | Jun 8, 2017

Maui needs permanent affordable housing

Affordable housing is such a hot topic, and county officials are getting a lot of pressure to get projects approved. But let’s stop a second and talk about these projects.

How many residents on Maui need affordable housing? There are 164,000 of us. Let’s pick a real conservative number and say 8,200 need affordable housing. That’s just 5 percent of the residents. The county is so desperate for projects that they are willing to approve anything just to keep their voters happy. Yet did you know that when a resident buys one of these affordable houses, they can turn around and sell it for market value ten years later? I gotta ask: how does that help keep the prices down? What houses are my kids going to be able to afford in the years to come?

County officials are actually adding to the problem. We need housing that will STAY affordable. Did we not learn anything from the Front Street Apartments fiasco?

And now there’s a Launiupoko affordable housing project… but it has a catch to it. It also brings with it 25 multi-million dollar homes. Talk about driving the housing prices up. And the developer doesn’t even live on Maui. He lives on the Big Island, because he says it’s too crowded here. So, he just wants to exploit West Maui. County officials… we need permanent solutions for our working class, not these short-lived affordable projects that just make a developer rich.



Concerned about plans for Kaanapali

I am writing to express my concern about the proposed project to “revitalize” the Kaanapali Golf Course.

It seems obvious that West Maui cannot accommodate any further development that adds more traffic to our already clogged highway.

Obviously, this project would increase traffic. In fact, the only developments that might not add to our self-inflicted traffic nightmares are affordable rental units (in perpetuity, please!), since they actually might allow workers to live close to their jobs rather than commute over the Pali. No other development should be allowed until we find a solution to the traffic, which has gotten so bad that it does not even take an accident or a fire to back up through Lahaina Town and back to Maalaea. Commuting is a nightmare, and Maui will never be voted “Best Island in the World” again if our visitors spend a good part of their valuable time on Maui stuck in traffic.

I realize that some county employees might be in favor of the golf course project, since their retirement fund is so heavily invested in this project, but it cannot be that the pensions of state employees are financed with no regard to what it will do to our beautiful island.



Trump should shut up!

ARE WE GETTING IT YET? That Trump is the biggest faker on the planet. He is no more qualified to be the leader of the free world than Howdy Doody.

He has repeatedly implied that it is the Republicans against the Democrats but claims that he wants to unify the country. He is still campaigning and trying to convince everyone that Hillary is the bad one. He shows a level of self-adulation that surpasses that of Hitler or Putin.

Every time he opens his mouth “off-script,” he illustrates what a faker and fool he is. Andrew Jackson was really upset about the Civil War? Australia has a great healthcare plan? Obama left with him a mess?

If he was as smart as he thinks he is (an affliction of the arrogant), he would just shut up! Stop tweeting! And stop faking it! Beyond me how he can keep putting his foot in his mouth when his head is up his…



Place a moratorium on building until the infrastructure is fixed

(The following letter was sent to the governor and other state officials.)

For Honoapiilani Highway, you guys say, “No plans; no money”… but you spend $12 million on the seawall at Ukumehame. The waves still crash over; summer is coming, south swells coming. Same thing at Lone Pine (tree).

You say you are releasing funds for the bypass? Big deal! The Pali is still two lanes – still bottleneck both ways. The bypass deal was started back in the early 1970s. In my case, 1971, my high school days, and still the bypass is NOT finished (46 years)!

Back in the day, there was talk of going through Iao Valley and coming out somewhere at Olowalu Valley. Technology is here now; they built the “chunnel” from the U.K. to France and other places in the world. You guys on Oahu built H3! You guys (DOT) spent $12 million on the Daniel K. Inouye sign at the Honolulu Airport. Well-deserved, well-respected; Dan did a lot for Hawaii, but $12 million for a sign?!

Trying to improve Honoapiilani, to me, is NOT the whole solution. You are putting everything in one basket. We have floods, waterfalls off the Pali, fires or accidents NOW! Oh boy – trouble! What about when we have hurricane or tsunami warnings? One way in; one way out. We have no H1, H2, H3 – no other alternative ways.

You guys close off Kahakoloa way, although your idea was mentioned. Then you guys say “no money,” but you spend millions to concrete Kuihelani Highway (380) between Kihei Junction to Kahului (ONE side?). Then there are millions spent on Kahului Airport (expanding the airport and rental car areas). More rental cars on Maui roads!

I say moratorium on the West Side until you fix the infrastructure. I want to know: how long have you been at the DOT? Are you appointed? What are your qualifications? I think it’s time for a change. Get fresh ideas! Get private planners, not government bureaucracy!


End blood quantum limits

If Kamehameha’s reign and Hawaiians’ blood quantum is the basis for Hawaii’s sovereignty, then it’s “game over!”

Kamehameha established “he with the best weapons and most power rules.” The United States threatened Hawaii with physical force, continuing that protocol of “might makes right.”

Blood quantum limits are arbitrary and capricious, causing dissention, disunity and uncertain futures.

Passionate about Hawaii’s independence, David Malo influenced the Constitution: “God must be our aid, for it is His province alone to give perfect protection and prosperity.” This recognizes that mankind needs divine guidance, intervention and restoration.

God restores! His way includes food, fun and thankful hearts. One Bible example is when King Josiah expunged the nation of what’s not “in consistency with the general spirit of God’s law” (Hawaiian Constitution) and then established what is. An annual celebration acknowledging God’s deliverance ensued like never before.

God’s Might makes right! “Wait patiently for Him to act… For the Lord loves justice, and he’ll never abandon the godly… Put your hope in the Lord.” (Psalm 37)

Betrayed Queen Liliuokalani responded to the unjust overthrow by trusting God’s righteous reputation. Appealing to the “Highest’s” court (without statutes of limitations), she wrote, “To the Almighty Ruler of the universe, I commit my cause.”

Jesus is the Captain of Angel-Armies. “He judges fairly and wages a righteous war… the King of kings.” (Revelation).

“On the night He was betrayed,” Jesus established “the new covenant between God and his people – an agreement confirmed with blood.” Jesus’ blood quantum is the game changer!



EPA trying to change the Clean Water Rule

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has formally begun the process to withdraw the Clean Water Rule, as prescribed by executive order. Meetings among the EPA, governors and other state and local environmental regulators have begun.

The issuance of a draft rule of repeal is only the first phase to withdraw and replace the 2015 Clean Water Rule. Before the rule can be rescinded, there must be a review of the rule, a public comment period and justification for repeal as demonstrated through law and scientific evidence.

Additional time will be required to draft and review any new definitions and rules brought forth by the EPA.

As written, the Clean Water Rule, also referred to as the Waters of the United States (WOTUS) Rule, seeks to protect streams and wetlands that provide water for drinking, farming, industry and recreation.

The rule defines protected bodies of water and retains existing exemptions from groundwater regulation and for normal farming and ranching practices like planting, harvesting and moving livestock.

Ultimately, the Trump Administration seeks to only protect waterways that are “relatively permanent,” a narrower definition than guides the existing rule.

Due to a stay of the rule in the district court system, the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers have continued to operate under 1986 regulation and subsequent guidance documents to provide definition.

Much of the opposition to the Clean Water Rule stems from a concern of government over-regulation that was promulgated through the farm and ranch communities during the original rules process.

JORDAN RASMUSSEN, Center for Rural Affairs


Help me fight Trumpcare

Earlier this week, the Congressional Budget Office verified what we already knew: Trumpcare is a dangerous attack on the most vulnerable members of our society. Unless we fight back hard against it, 23 million people will lose their health insurance. People with preexisting conditions, our kupuna and working families on Medicaid will be hit the hardest.

Health care is a fundamental right, not a privilege only for those who can afford it. As the fight against Trumpcare moves to the Senate, I’m going to do whatever it takes to stop it from becoming law. But I need your help.

Losing your health care coverage because you have a preexisting condition is something no person should have the live through.

When I was diagnosed with kidney cancer, I had peace of mind knowing that I had health coverage. No person fighting a disease like cancer should have to worry about whether they can afford the lifesaving care they need.

To stop Trumpcare, we all need to come together. I will fight with everything I have to protect the hundreds of thousands of people in Hawaii, and millions more across the country, who will suffer under this law. Are you with me?