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LETTERS for December 22 issue

By Staff | Dec 22, 2016

Too late to stop project at Kahoma

The site work has begun, as most of you know, on the 20-plus acres just south of the cannery. I and many other residents of West Maui strongly feel that a park should occupy that land, but as we short- and longtime aficionados of West Maui have discovered, the councilmembers and mayors we vote into office could care less about our feelings once the election is pau.

I was considering waging a multifaceted war to stop the project but decided that since the people that live in that neighborhood don’t seem to want to get involved, why should I? But in all fairness, working two or more jobs while hopefully enjoying the treasures nature provides, who has the energy to fight greed and callousness? It is one thing to care and yet another to become involved.

Practically speaking, it is too late to stop it now. Once the site work began, the legal, spiritual and moral issues are of no consequence. I called Stanford Carr at his office in Oahu and spoke briefly about the project. He tried to convince me that because he is from Maui and has many generations of ohana in the ground, he can and will do what he wants.

Happy holidays! Not that I could alter the course of your residential nightmare, but I would have been a constant and vigilant foe against your fantasy. Remember that once the dust fence is up, you still need the silt fence properly installed along the outside of the dust fence. You are also required to install wattles on the inside of the larger fence. Compacted base rock is not a proper track out entrance and exit. You will need to install Rumble Racks or Grizzlies with three- to six-inch rock beneath, all the signage should be properly located, meters must be installed on hydrants or other sources of water, and you must employ proper best management practices, Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan requirements, etc.

This project is a disservice to Maui. Residential projects such as this (affordable housing) are a sham, but even shams need to be built correctly!



Save what makes Maui special

When will our Planning Commission and our politicians start realizing that we need to maintain the essence of Maui? This new plan for Kaanapali is ridiculous. The new North Beach developments are horrendous. We keep on spoiling the uniqueness and charm of our beautiful island by building more crap. Maui has a great history of attracting return visitors because of what we have to offer. And what they don’t want is more large buildings and more traffic.

What this island needs is better infrastructure and homes for the working class. With all these new projects being built, I don’t see how the average working class family can even afford the “affordable” homes. That is a bunch of garbage.

Pretty soon, only rich people will be able to live here. And if that happens, who will be cleaning those hotel rooms, carrying the luggage, waiting tables, cooking food, cashiering and wiping okoles of the rich?

Let’s keep the balance correct and stop ruining our Maui!!!



Why is tender traffic tied up at Lahaina Harbor?

I am one of the approximately 2,500 passengers on the Star Princess cruise ship now anchored off Lahaina (12/13/16). For some unexplained-to-us reason, the Lahaina Port Authority is only permitting one tender vessel at a time to arrive and depart from the port, thus delaying 2,500 tourists to have a timely visit to the town.

This certainly will have an economic impact on how much money will be spent in Lahaina today, as some passengers have been waiting an hour or more to get to shore.

Is there a good reason for the port authority’s limit of only one tender vessel at a time?

DONN PEARLMAN, Las Vegas, Nevada


Trump has made ‘Saturday Night Live’ funny again

Let’s give the man credit. Let’s all get on the thank you train. Donald Trump has made “Saturday Night Live” great again!

And look for the World Wrestling Federation to benefit also. If only Chris Farley were alive as The Donald in the ring facing down an endless stream of opponents!



Keep affordable housing at the Front Street Apartments

An article in The Maui News (12/1/16) showed state workers removing homeless shelters from the Kahului Harbor breakwater area.

Maui County government is aware of the homeless situation, even as most are transplants from the Mainland. The social services strain is enormous, as stated by the mayor in an Akaku-aired discussion.

The mayor signed off on acquiring the leasehold land beneath the Front Street Apartments AFFORDABLE HOUSING complex in Lahaina, allowing a private investor to be involved. Maui County and state funds are available to meet the purchase price of this leasehold land, putting this complex in perpetuity for Maui residents.

More than 300 working families, singles, retirees and some disabled residents face possible houselessness unless the Front Street Apartments is restored to affordable housing by the purchase of the leasehold land. This is

critical, and the mayor needs to do the right thing for the voting, taxpaying citizens.



Four-lane highway needed from Central to West Maui

The latest announced, large-scale development for West Maui is the massive changes to the Kaanapali Resort area (a hotel, condos, clubs, retail area, restaurants, special event area, etc.). It will bring more employees and visitors to the area. The development presentation mentions infrastructure but doesn’t go into detail. The major infrastructure piece not discussed is a four-lane, all-weather highway between Maalaea and Lahaina. Multiple rock slides and vehicle wrecks over the last few days, and the daily slog for thousands of commuters and visitors to and from the West Side, demonstrate daily that we are at the mercy of 13 miles of two-lane highway. Until there is either a four-lane highway extended from Maalaea or a tunnel punched through from Wailuku to Lahaina, no development, other than workforce or affordable housing, should be approved. Central Maui has four-lane highways. Upcountry has a four-lane highway. South Maui has a four-lane highway. Why doesn’t the West Side, with the biggest economic engine on Maui, have one?

MIKE SOWERS, Kaanapali


Slowing down to shop small

This holiday season, I’m challenging myself to make local purchases and encourage everyone else to do the same. I say challenge because I get it – it’s often faster and less expensive to go online. But that route wastes our power to use our purchases to make a difference in our communities. Moreover, shopping online is not always the best deal. Often, the price that drives you to click “add to cart” isn’t so great after you checkout and pay shipping. After waiting for the item to arrive, you may not even like what you bought. When you shop at a local retailer, you know what you’re buying and who you’re buying from. The local small business owner you support is creating jobs, paying local taxes, and will often be one of the first to throw down sponsorship bucks for community events. This shopping season, I’ll be getting on my feet and into small businesses when I’m searching for gifts for my friends and family. I know I’ll find something unique. When small businesses thrive because of your support, everyone wins!

NANCY FLOCK, Center for Rural Affairs