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LETTERS for December 10 issue

By Staff | Dec 10, 2015

NATO must help troubled countries

Planet Earth is finally opening up. It’s time for NATO to come to the rescue of our countries. They have the power to go, come, stay. They have done very little to coordinate allies to troubled countries.

Dictator-controlled countries like Syria should be assisted with manpower from neighboring people around them. Force these terrorists out and teach these people to fight and protect their oil abundant lands.

These terrorists are the thieves and immoral bullies. Millions of coalitions are spread out to trick us to believe there are only a few. What a joke! Every country will be affected personally in their time.

Nations should put aside their differences and join in to fight this cancer trying to overtake and rule the world. Keep the people from running from these robbers, find a safe place for them on their homeland and teach them to fight for it.

Enough force can make room for them and push the terrorists out. They are going to another country anyway you look at it, so start one country at a time.

Believe me – there are millions of them waiting their turn to conquer and take over. We need all nations to fight these devils, and NATO knows it. They are suspect in my book.

Do your job! We support NATO with billions of dollars to govern and protect us. Who is really running the United Nations?

Strong nations like the USA, England and France are setting a good example of not running away. If you love your country and people, stay and fight for it. I can’t stress this enough.

Showing love doesn’t always mean to move over and show compassion; it also means teach the ones needing help how to help themselves and not show fear to their enemies. We don’t and never will! God bless our nations.



Syrians pursuing freedom

Forty-six volunteers went on a medical mission to Jordan to help the disadvantaged Syrian refugees and to restore their faith in humanity.

The mission drew together an amazing group of people who validate the existence of those who are suffering – through medical care, psychosocial support, food, clothing and most importantly, human empathy.

Many of us spent days in the Syrian American Medical Society clinic in Zatari camp, the second largest refugee camp in the world. There were always many beautiful and playful children outside our clinic. These children have suffered and witnessed a tremendous amount in their short lives.

Their happy childhoods have been stolen from them and replaced with a bleak present and future. Many of them came with a single parent, and some were even born in Zatari.

In 2011, a group of Syrians started a nonviolent, democratic uprising against the injustice and lack of political liberty imposed upon them by the Assad regime. They were met with brutal, violent force. Unfortunately, some started carrying weapons to defend themselves.

Many neighboring countries, with blessing from major world powers, added fuel to fire by allowing foreign fighters to enter Syria unchecked. ISIL was, therefore, formed.

It is crucial to know that, to the majority of Syrians, both the Assad regime and ISIL are the enemy. Many see them as two sides of the same token.

Since then, more than 10 million Syrians are internally or externally displaced, and more than 50 percent of them are children. They are fleeing the violence inflicted upon them by the regime and ISIL.

Since the beginning of the uprising, more than 250,000 people were killed, mostly by the Syrian regime. Every day, civilians are victims of both indiscriminate and targeted aerial attacks. In addition, hundreds of thousands of civilians live in areas that have been besieged by the Syrian government since 2012.

Syrian people did not choose to be refugees. They are not trying to take away anyone’s job nor live on welfare. They are not coming to steal our freedom. They are pursuing freedom and safety themselves. They do not seek to impose Islam or sharia law on anyone. They are simply looking for a pursuit of happiness, and an opportunity to earn a living and have their kids go to decent schools without discrimination, away from bombs, arrests and siege.

If you ask many of them, they would rather the world help them end the war so that they can go back to their towns and homes.

These people have suffered enough for almost five years in the worst humanitarian disaster since WWII.

American people who were generous enough to accept about 760,000 Vietnamese refugees and many Bosnian refugees are surely able to extend a welcoming hand to less than 0.01 percent of the displaced Syrians.

MAJD ISREB, PeaceVoice


Checks and balances gone

Recent remarks by several presidential candidates from both major political parties show clearly that America no longer understands what our Constitution and the Bill of Rights stand for.

Hearing them say, “it’s the law,” or “it’s the law of the land,” makes some of us almost sick to our stomach.

The fact is that the Judicial Branch of our government has shredded those two great documents and substituted some so-called rights that are definitely not anywhere to be found in those precious documents.

Now when politicians say, “We are supposed to defend the Constitution,” they don’t mean the original documents – they mean whatever the Federal Justices have ruled on, regardless of how ungodly those decisions were.

So where are the “checks and balances,” America? How did we not insist that our representatives and senators in the Legislative Branch take action and impeach the ungodly judges who decided to throw God out of our schools and all government places under their new invention of “separation of church and state?”

Or when they voted to give women the right to kill their unborn baby, although God says, “Thou shall not kill?”

Or the latest decision from the Supreme Court giving same-sex couples the right to marry?

America has abandoned God!