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LETTERS for November 13 issue

By Staff | Nov 13, 2014

Keiki can learn to surf

We just started a new program for our kama’aina keiki. It’s called the Maui Learn to Surf Program. It’s a free learn to surf program for any and all local kids. We partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of Lahaina to offer all of their kids free surf lessons once a week. Kids will be provided with equipment and instructors – all they need to do is show up with a good attitude and a willingness to learn.

We are so excited to offer a free program for our youth. There are many kids who don’t have anyone to take them out to surf; perhaps they can’t afford the equipment, or mom and dad are just too busy with work. We try to remove all of the barriers that stand in the way of our kids that prevent them from getting in the water, so we came up with “Maui Learn to Surf – Free Surf for our Kama’aina Keiki.”

Our goal is to start another Maui Learn to Surf Program on the other side. But for now, we are concentrating on the success of this one. Please spread the word of this program. They can contact me at (808) 283-4100 or the Boys and Girls Club of Lahaina for more information.



Advocate for farming

Why we are… where we are… for such a time as this? We are making today’s decisions that will impact forever the Hawaiian Islands. Agriculture is the catalyst to determine our future. (Or is that capitalist?)

Either is correct. Let’s talk about capitalism related to agriculture and as an economic system. The most successful economic revolutions went into effect immediately, so let’s get planting.

I am not asking to impose restrictions on free trade. I am asking all to cooperate and advocate for farming and ranching to protect, preserve and prosper what has been entrusted to us.

Once we have had the chance to establish agriculture, we can be competitive with the world markets. We must be given a chance for growth – and with that comes growing pains, but in the end, we will give birth to prosperity.

Money is what we use to pay for goods or services. It was formerly backed by gold or silver; today I refer to it as the “Kinko” dollar… let’s print more. Can we agree that what really gives our money value is faith in the dollar?

In the Great Depression, they were known for having a bread line. It wouldn’t matter if the money they had was backed by the gold standard or the current policy of let’s print more; the fact remains they were in a bread line. The guy with the “bread” wins. He always eats.

Agriculture revolutions have been influential in many periods of history and affect the economics as well as social structure. Food is the gold mine of today. We may be concerned with the health and environmental issues related to the GMO (genetically modified organism) companies, but they also can represent a monopoly on the control of food. If you want to rebel against GMO, then grow your own food or support non-GMO farmers.

Food is necessary for life. He who has the food has the power and control. By supporting diversified farming, we will keep the monopoly control at bay and allow for more freedoms.

The economic realization from agriculture is immense, as it affects many markets and can create many job opportunities. Besides providing food and replacing what is currently imported, we have the capability of producing enough to export fresh and processed products.

Processed products require processing plants, which requires development; thus more jobs and need for more housing. The possibilities are endless and are only limited by our imaginations.

There is a phenomenon of “foodies” that photograph and journal about food and drinks. Hawaii has fruits and vegetables not found in many parts of the world. The boom of eco-tours and “green-themed” adventures opens up all kinds of opportunities.

Agriculture creates jobs, food security, and a beautiful garden paradise for all to enjoy. If you want to see more green landscapes and have more green backs in your pocket or purse, advocate for farming and ranching, as it is the catalyst for a better future.



Create the change we want to see

Who knows the societal reference 99 percent to the 1 percent? Five percent of the world’s population owns 50 percent of the world’s wealth.

I strive for society to come together and create the change we all wish to see. WE hold limitless potential that we need to discover and unleash onto the world. If we all came together, not only would we be able to develop, but we could also overcome any obstacles.

We feel powerless, because that is the goal of the one percent. These biotech companies bend and shape the rules of life to keep them empowered and us in poverty. They make us feel weak and incompetent, in hopes to keep us disconnected from one another. They regulate the news, our food, our health and our lives. We allow them to control our ONE life to live, while they show absolutely NO interest in the quality of our lives.

We, the 99 percent, are more powerful and vast than the one percent can ever imagine. They fear us – of our capabilities of ever becoming united as one! That’s why they use their money to manipulate and fabricate laws and regulations to keep us segregated from one another. They drive their power through money. Their power controls us as if we’re predictable children and/or programmable robots. BUT they lack the strength in which we possess and the will to overcome and carry on through hardship.

Brothers and sisters, I urge you to possess the power to create a change in the world; the power to create a movement. It is time for a revolution.

Alone we are fragile, but together we are powerful. It’s always darkest before dawn! Let us allow the sun to rise for the better of the 99 percent. The one percent shall see their day. They shall feel the pain we all endure and swallow daily. They will begin to understand what our lives are filled with every day to capacity. Let’s be the ones who bring the fight to their doorsteps. We, the people, shall become one; and, we shall overcome all obstacles. The day we come together is the day the world changes. It’s the day this island and America becomes ours!



Candidates must clean up after themselves

Here’s a new initiative: make all the county and state politicians hand over $10,000 each from their war chests, and use that money to relieve their constituents’ trash pick-up fees.

The junk mail has got to stop. Maybe if they have to pay for it twice, they might actually take the time talking about how they have an agenda (other than what the mailers say).

Since we know their full of it, give the people a chance to hear it in person.