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LETTERS for October 30 issue

By Staff | Oct 30, 2014

Timeless comments on election season

It’s election time again. Here are some of Maui Blackie Gadarian’s letters that appeared in the news in the past. They are timeless.

“It happens every election. The politicians kiss our okoles to get our vote. After the politicians get elected, we the people have to kiss their okoles to get them to do what they promised us.” (August 1998)

“It’s election time again. Political candidates make speeches that sound wonderful. They go on and on. However, these speeches are like a Chinese dinner. It’s great at the time, but it doesn’t stick with you.” (March 2000)

“Here we are again in an election year. Candidates will be talking about many problems they would solve if elected. They will speak of millions of citizens going to bed hungry every night. I am one of those citizens. I am on a diet.” (February 2004)

It’s election time again. Politicians are making promises that they know are outright lies. We, the public, know they are lies. But we vote for the politician who tells us the most appealing lie. We deserve what we get for being gullible again.” (October 2008)



Learn candidates’ views before voting

Whether you are for GMOs (genetically modified organisms) or against GMOs, be grateful that you have an opportunity to vote on this issue.

That option was never available regarding same-sex marriage. In this regard, we the people have been disenfranchised, with our decision-making power being usurped by legislators and judges.

Rather than having this issue decided by voters, Gov. Neil Abercrombie convened a special session of the legislature in November 2013 – at significant taxpayer expense. We should remember how our legislators voted.

Having the courage of their convictions, Mele Carroll and Justin Woodson voted against same-sex marriage, defying the wishes of Governor Abercrombie. The following legislators either sincerely believe in same-sex marriage or did not have the backbone to withstand the intense pressure from the extreme left wing of their party: David Ige, Roz Baker, Kalani English, Gilbert Keith-Agaran, Kaniela Ing, Angus McKelvey, Joe Souki and Kyle Yamashita.

In this election, some of these politicians are facing opponents who may not share their views. Please do your due diligence and vote accordingly.

BEN K. AZMAN, Lahaina


PAC targeting Cochran with vicious mailers

Two days ago, my wife and I each received that card that viciously attacks Elle Cochran sent out by Forward Progress, which is one of those PACs supporting her opponent in this election.

This morning, I bumped into her at church and asked her if anything was true. In answer, she glared at me and said, “Anyone who knows me would know that none of it was true.”

I put my tail between my legs and hurried off, saying, “See you later.”



Councilwoman a victim of dirty politics

What a shame to see dirty politics here on our island. When I receive these expensive fliers slamming Elle Cochran, I am more apt to vote for her. Shame on those big money groups using their money to support Ka’ala Buenconsejo. He supports more unwanted development on Maui. He also has a timeshare group from the Mainland supporting him.

Take your dirty money and go back where you came from! Maui doesn’t want you or need you!



Wake up and vote ‘yes’ on GMO question

On Nov. 4, Maui will vote on the GMO moratorium, which puts the burden on Big Ag to prove their claims that their poisons they are spraying in our air, on our soil, and inevitably into our water supply are safe.

No wonder they are worried, spending millions of dollars on prime time Maui TV ads and mailers to convince us – the guinea pigs – that these poisons and GMO crops are safe, and that if we challenge them, we will all be out of work, and no food will be grown on Maui. How stupid do they think we are? They can’t prove that GMO crops are safe because they are not safe, and Big Ag knows they are not safe.

Pesticides and herbicides simply are not safe. We are being poisoned along with our ‘aina. The agencies that are supposed to regulate this are in the pockets of Big Ag. Maui is ground zero for the open air testing and growing of GMO seeds.

GMO is all about billion dollar profits on increased sales of seeds and deadly poisons to be used on genetically engineered seeds that can tolerate more and more poison.

It’s because “modern farming” has used so much pesticides and herbicides that weeds and insects have mutated to accommodate them (similar to what has happened to us with the overuse of antibiotics).

Things aren’t looking so good for Monsanto these days. A fourth quarter loss of $156 million. A $90 million pay-out to a West Virginia town poisoned by a Monsanto factory. New reports coming out every day citing the health hazards of Monsanto’s Roundup, and blowing holes in the company’s lies about how it “helps” farmers, “protects” the environment and will feed the world.

Wake up Maui and vote “Yes” on the GMO initiative. We can work out the details of concerns – from those like the papaya farmers – when the bill is finally written. This is not a “farming ban” like they have twisted it with their slick advertisements; it is a genuine concern by informed Mauians to protect our health and ‘aina.

Please prove Big Ag wrong. We are NOT idiots.

Vote “Yes.”



GMO initiative not based on sound science

I would like to voice my support and let others know about the Vote “NO” recommendation in The Maui News editorial of Oct. 19. The flawed Maui County initiative is exactly as the editorial described it. The initiative is not based on sound science; the penalties that would be imposed on farmers are draconian, making them subject to enforcement by what The Maui News referred to as the “GMO police.”

It is not a “moratorium.” Section 6 of the initiative lays out a convoluted and complicated process for lifting any moratorium imposed. That process is so difficult that it is, in effect, a de facto ban. Once a ban is imposed, Section 6 ensures no person or entity will ever get out from underneath it. As disturbing as the criminal penalties in the initiative are, equally disturbing is Section 5 that makes clear the initiative applies to “any person.” Not to one or two companies as some would have you think, but to “any person” in Maui County. That would be the law if this deceptive initiative passed. Grow a Rainbow Papaya in your backyard, or as a farmer growing GMO sweet corn or squash, and you are violating the initiative. For these reasons, I urge a “NO” vote on the Maui County initiative.

I will vote “NO” on the GMO Farming Ban. Here’s why:

The definition of “Genetically Engineered” is so broad that it would ban In Vitro fertilization of humans. Read the initiative.

New batteries are being developed that use genetically modified bacteria to produce electrical current. GM bacteria are also used to

produce new biofuels and other forms of alternative energy. Banning GMOs would effectively ban new green technologies from Maui.

I want to provide as much nutrition for my family as possible. With GM technologies, I can put more vegetables on my children’s plates for less money.

The anti-GMO groups say they care about the community, but they vandalize and spread graffiti all over Maui. It’s hard to trust them.

GM foods have been grown and consumed for decades and are safe.

I don’t like one group telling me what I can or cannot eat. Nor do I like someone telling me what I cannot grow in my own garden and feed to my family.

Monsanto’s business practices are a definite concern. So create a new bill and ban them from Maui. Don’t ban GMO technology. That would be throwing the baby out with the bath water.

MARK WEST, Lahaina