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LETTERS for May 8 issue

By Staff | May 8, 2014

‘Partisan Civil Liberties Disorder’ impacts logic

Millions of Americans suffer from a condition known as “Partisan Civil Liberties Disorder,” or PCLD. PCLD affects the logic centers of the brain, causing patients to lose their ability to reason or think rationally. Common symptoms include a complete and total inability to be logically consistent in their support or criticisms of various political issues and persons.

One victim, a Democrat, claimed to be vehemently against war and the Patriot Act for eight years under the Bush administration, but has since lost her ability to perceive the continuation and expansion of these same wars and spying programs under the current president.

Another patient – this one a Republican – did the exact opposite. He was a Bush apologist for eight years, but now, all of a sudden, he is afraid of the executive powers and government authority wielded by “NObama.”

One report out of California observed that a man exclaimed, “Cliven Bundy is breaking federal laws; he should be arrested and thrown in federal prison!” He then proceeded to a medical marijuana dispensary to pick up his prescription, totally oblivious to the contradiction in logic, given that marijuana is illegal under federal law.

Another incident occurred in South Carolina, where a man expressed a desire to repeal Obamacare at the state level. “I support state’s rights, and the federal government has no right to tell states and people that they must comply with federal mandates.” When asked if he supported President Obama’s decision not to intervene in Colorado and Washington due to their recent legalization measures, he replied, “The President must enforce the law! He can’t pick and choose which laws to enforce – he is the president of the United States of America for Pete’s sake!”

If you or anyone you know is suffering from PCLD, please seek help immediately. Doctors are standing by with the Libertarian Party of Maui to help you regain your ability to reason, use logic and think rationally. If you are unable to seek professional help, experts recommend a thorough reading of the Constitution several times per day and a basic introductory course in Logic 101 at your local community college. Please, do it for the children!



Waste reduction proposal shifty

Saw your promotional advertisement for Rep. McKelvey and Anaergia in the April 30 edition. A $150,000,000 giveaway to a company that, as stated in the plan for reducing the waste stream at Puunene by the county, was to fund the project themselves. And, the project has morphed several times since Anaergia proposed their first pitch. Here we go, folks.

I’m sure most residents will agree this state needs to address our out-of-control waste stream and recycling challenges. That is what the mayor originally set out to do. Now we have changes to the original proposals with little time for community input. This is shifty. There is testimony against this proposal, but that is easily circumvented by the kick-backs. This bond is being rammed through the halls of the state and county, making very quick headway.

I’m sure you know how this works. The politicians create a bond to finance this endeavor. Then the people are stuck, no matter how dirty the product or lack of market for the waste pellets that will be produced.

Then there is this “energy farm” being laid out on the West Side. “Reviving fallow ag lands and maintaining open space and using mostly recycled water.” Sure, sounds awesome, but I’m suspicious.

Did we have a meeting in Lahaina detailing this “farm?” Was the blueprint available at the library so we could check it out? What is this energy crop? How about a food crop? Too good to be true. You’ve heard that expression, I’m sure.

The best part is with all this new biomass, waste stream reduction/conversion and energy farm production, your monthly electric bill will continue to increase.

Ask questions…



No more backsliding

We have had several thought-provoking conversations recently about a new and surprising description of women’s status in America. According to the latest Shriver Report, American women are at risk of “backsliding” from their achievements in rights and opportunities over the past half-century.

The reason, the report says, is that policy-makers have ignored a “seismic shift” in American family life: three-quarters of all moms are in the U.S. labor force, which is now half women, and half of them are their families’ primary breadwinners. This is especially true for women of color. Yet, like women around the world, U.S. women still aren’t equal in the workplace.

Women earn less than men doing the same work, and mothers earn much less. Mothers face so much wage and hiring discrimination that many hide their children’s photos, while proud new dads often get raises. It’s no accident that fewer than 5 percent of the Fortune 500 CEOs are women.

The study features a bipartisan poll showing that a majority of Americans, especially African-American and Latina women, support new steps by employers and governments to adapt to this new family and workplace reality. They want government to address our society as it is now, rather than trying to return to an outdated model of stay-at-home moms in two-parent households. The good news is that we already know just what tools will do the job.

These tools are spelled out in the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), a landmark international agreement that affirms principles of fundamental human rights and equality for women around the world. It outlines a comprehensive framework that can guide governments toward eliminating discrimination and bring any country closer to achieving gender equality.

American women enjoy opportunities and status not available to most of the world’s women, but few would dispute that more progress is needed, as the report points out. Closing the pay gap and ending domestic violence and workplace discrimination should be priorities. We could start by providing paid family and sick leave. That alone would go a long way to stop the “backsliding” that American women are experiencing now.