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LETTERS for February 20 issue

By Staff | Feb 20, 2014

Too much garbage at ‘Guardrails’

We all know by now that there is a huge problem with rubbish being scattered along our beaches and simply everywhere on the island. A lot of people and organizations pitch in to help clean up.

An area that needs help is “Guardrails,” the surf spot just past Puamana Park as you are leaving Lahaina. Many surf schools teach lessons there, and at times, some locals hang out. The beach area from the new bridge down towards Launiopoko has a lot of rubbish. I believe most of it is created by the tourist traffic from the surf schools.

Often you see random tubbies, towels, snack food and drink items left around. The popular parking area (the dirt pull-off on the makai side) is filled with rubbish from televisions to cigarette butts.

Tourists, homeless and locals all contribute to the obscene amount of waste. I propose that the surf schools not only educate tourists about not littering, but also supply garbage bags. The employees should also volunteer once a month to clean up. We really need to work together to make this happen. Mahalo nui loa!



Police are hired to ‘protect and serve’

Regarding the letter “Police should enforce speed limits,” I 100 percent agree! Being a police officer is a dedication and a devotion – not a choice based on high salary and bestowed power.

I was a police sergeant, and I quit, exactly for reasons police officers are police officers; namely, the wrong reasons.

Any and every “suspect” or “arrestee” was handcuffed – how humiliating! But the police policy was of self-protection (no, execution of authority and power).

Police officers keep forgetting the true meaning of their slogan “to protect and serve.”

So, protect me by citing speeders and red-light-runners, and prevent as a way to protect!

And, serve me and all citizens – be there where and when needed!

It’s your job, your calling, your devotion…



Car crash witnesses sought

I need your help finding witnesses to an accident caused by a former Mauian. On Oct. 31, 2013 in Lahaina, a red sports car suddenly stopped waiting in the left-hand turn lane for the light to change, and instead bolted into traffic, crossing the white line and hitting my car! He is claiming to his insurance company it was my fault, so they’re not paying for damages to my car. There were plenty of witnesses that saw the accident!

I would like to find a person or persons that witnessed the accident on Halloween 2013, so that they can validate my side of the story and help. E-mail me at variousmedia@creativity.net.



Stability needed at Planning Department

I can relate to recent letter writers’ frustrations with the updating, implementation and enforcement of community plans here in Maui County, as well as the role of the Land Use Committee. I have been waiting for the West Maui Community Plan update for quite awhile, and I believe South Maui and the other districts will have a longer wait than West Maui.

While we wait, more and more developments are being approved, which is not necessarily bad, but I thought the purpose of these plans was to be the principal tool we use when evaluating projects and their impacts.

I believe having 5-6 different planning directors in the past 20 years is a contributing factor to all of these issues. Perhaps we should look into a County Charter amendment allowing for a professional managing director to be hired that doesn’t change with each administration (instead of appointed) – similar to how the personnel director is chosen. That way, there can be some measure of continuity and accountability as we transition from administration to administration.

As far as the Land Use Committee facilitating development, we really need to see and possibly implement (depending on how accurate they are) the results of traffic and development impact fees ASAP, so new development can pay their fair share for infrastructure needed to support the addition of these new projects on our existing communities.

I would like to know what the 200-250 items on the Planning Department’s laundry list are. I would also like to see more effective processes and transparency for community collaboration in regard to the General Plan/community plan updates and implementation.



School appreciates support

This year, Princess Nahi’ena’ena has hosted two parent involvement nights to encourage family participation with their child’s education, to help support all the wonderful things that are going on at our school.

Our first evening, held back in September, focused on reading comprehension, fluency and various reading strategies. Those who participated took home a free book to extend their reading collection at home. Most recently, we had our second parent night, which focused on math skills that students are practicing on a daily basis at school. Families took home free math manipulatives and numerous games to reinforce these skills outside of school.

At both of these events, we were so thankful that Duke’s Beach House in Kaanapali was generous and gracious enough to donate various foods for our families to enjoy as they learned about the rigorous common core standards being implemented school-wide.

We would also like to thank our local Lahaina Safeway and our school Parent Teacher Association (PTA) for providing additional refreshments for both of these events. These evenings would not have been successful without the support and continuous dedication from our community. We would like to extend our gratitude and send a big MAHALO to all those involved on behalf of the Princess Nahi’ena’ena Ohana.