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LETTERS for January 30 issue

By Staff | Jan 30, 2014

New roadway cost $13 million per mile?

Seriously, $13,000,000 per mile on the Lahaina Bypass? Plus the Kahoma Bridge way over budget on cost.

A pure waste of taxpayers’ money. That money should have been dedicated to more buses – a major success here on Maui.

How much more money will be spent when many locals cannot afford the gas, car payments and insurance?

Money spent on quality buses is better for all, instead of bobbing around a pure waste of money on pavement.



God bless Master Tabura

Regarding the commentary “Ted Tabura’s dying wish will be granted”… and so shall, hopefully, mine as well!

Although I am, against my wishes, in Taiwan, and being 61 now, I would wish – whenever God has set my time – to be rested in peace on Hawaiian soil.

Master Tabura was the promoter of the Festival of Kings, and I participated in several of his events – oftentimes as judge, but also as a contestant.

His last trophy he bestowed me with was second place in the Master’s Division in 2001.

That trophy, amidst my roughly 100, has become the most precious one now.

God bless your soul, Master Tabura!



Support Cochran’s bill on pesticides

County Councilwoman Elle Cochran has introduced a bill requiring that large operations spraying pesticides disclose what pesticides they are spraying and warn neighboring homeowners when they plan to spray.

The bill also creates buffer zones around schools, etc., and requires disclosure of GMO (genetically modified organism) fields.

You can read the bill here: www.mauicounty.gov/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/18581.

Please sign the petition here: petitions.moveon.org/sign/hear-mauis-pesticide, which states: “Please schedule Elle Cochran’s Pesticide Disclosure Bill for a committee hearing and subsequent full Council hearing. This bill, similar to the one Kaua’i just passed, will allow us to know what is being sprayed near (on) our neighborhoods and to get notification, so that we can take steps to protect ourselves from over-spray. Additionally, corporations are experimenting with new pesticides and we need buffer zones. Residents of Maui County deserve disclosure of the pesticides being sprayed. Our aquifers are already contaminated by agricultural chemicals, and experimental new chemicals are being used without notification to neighboring homes, schools and residents.”



Thanks for contributing to WMTA meeting

The West Maui Taxpayers Association’s Annual Meeting on Jan. 9, 2014, once again brought together government officials, the community, developers and nonprofit groups to educate and inform the West Maui community of programs, services and projects in the West Maui area.

Thank you to the following for their informative remarks: Rep. Angus McKelvey, Mayor Alan Arakawa and County Councilwoman Elle Cochran (West Maui).

Mahalo to the following community groups that roll up their sleeves to protect West Maui. They gave a short introduction into their mission and programs, as well as stayed throughout the meeting to answer questions and provide information displays and handouts.

These individuals and groups are:

Liz Foote, Hawaii field manager for the Coral Reef Alliance and coordinator of the Kaanapali Makai Watch program;

Sandra McGuinness, Maui Coalition coordinator for the Hawaii Nutrition and Physical Activity Coalition (NPAC);

Ekolu Lindsey, director of Polanui Hiu Community Managed Makai Area;

And Tova Callender, coordinator of the West Maui Watershed Project, West Maui Ridge to Reef and West Maui Kumuwai programs.

Special presentations were provided by a number of organizations. We thank them for providing an update to the community on their respective projects.

Bob Pure, WMTA vice president, provided an update on transportation issues in West Maui, including the recently completed second phase of the Lahaina Bypass.

Michelle Berner, corporate counsel for Newport Hospital Corporation, provided the latest status for the West Maui Hospital.

Stanford Carr, president of Stanford Carr Development LLC, provided information on the Kahoma Village Project.

And Wesley Lo, regional chief executive officer of the Maui Region, provided information on Maui healthcare in the past, present and the future.

Rory Frampton, planning consultant for West Maui Land Company, provided an update on their Kahoma Residential Project.

Special guests in attendance included County Councilmen Mike Victorino and Don Guzman, County of Maui Transportation Director JoAnn Johnson-Winer, and Sgt. Melvin Johnson Jr. of Maui Police Department, who is the community liaison for West Maui.

We also thank our sponsors for helping to defray the costs of hosting the Annual Meeting:

Paradise Grill/David Mello and Art Ortiz for once again donating all the food for the complimentary dinner service;

Zeke Kalua for his services and for audio/visual services;

West Maui Improvement Foundation for donating the water and miscellaneous supplies;

Java Jazz for a special discount for coffee service;

And Akaku: Maui Community Television for a special discount for video service.

Please visit www.WestMaui.org to find out when rebroadcasts of this event will air on Akaku.

Thank you to all those WMTA members and community members who came to be informed of WMTA and happenings in West Maui.

One of the attendees at the event appreciated the time we took at the meeting to explain the difference between WMTA, WMIF and WMHMCF (also posted on our website). They had been confused that WMTA was too tied up with the West Maui Hospital efforts and fundraising.

Now, they understand the difference and say that we should be promoting all the accomplishments of WMTA.

The attendee also agreed with us that WMTA NEEDS MORE MEMBERS, declaring, “If you are a taxpayer in West Maui, you can’t afford to not join us. Help us make a difference!”

Together with members and the community, we look forward to 2014 being the best year ever for West Maui Taxpayers Association and the West Maui community.

Please stay informed, and VOTE.