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LETTERS for October 31 issue

By Staff | Oct 31, 2013

Police should target speeding, illegal trucks

Honoapiilani Highway has a speed light sign near the Lahaina pool warning drivers when they go over 35 mph. The construction areas are posted 30 mph. The black and white speed signs are posted 40 mph. I drive this area every day averaging 40 mph, and I am passed by cars and illegal trucks doing 60 to 70 mph.

By illegal trucks, I mean extra wide tires, darkened windows and excessive lifted bodies. Our police are paid to uphold the law; since Lahaina is relatively safe, our police just choose to ignore this illegal problem.

Luckily, we do not have a donut shop in Lahaina. Please, Lahaina Police, do your job that you gave an oath to.



Hawaii’s finances in good shape

As I’m sure you’re already aware, Congress finally reached a settlement to the impasse that led to a 16-day partial shutdown of the federal government.

Strong fiscal management has been a cornerstone of my administration. Since taking office, I have made tough choices to improve the state’s financial condition, strategically cutting spending in some areas while investing in others.

I am pleased to report that we had a roughly $833 million positive balance in the state budget for the 2013 fiscal year. This strong liquidity, our prudent fiscal management and the overall health of Hawaii’s economy enabled the state to weather the federal shutdown.

Unfortunately, challenges remain, and the current agreement on the federal budget and debt ceiling is only a stopgap measure. We must continue to manage the state’s finances wisely, foster our economy and work together across all levels of government if we are to withstand another fiscal crisis.



Country mixed up in its statements

Regarding the letter “Government wrong on same-sex unions” (Oct. 17 issue), we, the people of the U.S.A., are quite contradictive in our statements, beliefs and opinion.

We print on our currency “In God We Trust,” but we violate his ruling. We allow gays to marry (condemned in the Old Testament), but we disallow polygamy, a common practice during the era of the Old Testament.

We really have to get our thinking straight!

One cannot violate the Bible’s laws!!



Whose will will prevail?

In a 1998 vote, the majority will of the people of Hawaii was unambiguous: 67 percent in favor of traditional marriage. One man, one woman and the children only they can produce – a family unit.

On Oct. 28, 2013, a mere handful of Hawaii residents will begin debate on what is a de facto predetermined outcome to make same-sex marriage the law of the land in Hawaii, essentially trampling the clearly expressed will of the people they claim to represent. It is in effect, a tyranny of the minority.

This minority of people, some true believers, and some who are experiencing serious pressure brought to bear through threats to their funding or denial of support in elections, were granted a privilege to carry the title of senator or representative. Yet they are determined to hijack the will of, and dishonor, the very people who elected them. It is a disgrace.

While the legislature is not required by law to allow a vote, there is the precedent from 1998, and it should be repeated. Let the people vote!

This is far too important to the people of our state to permit a small handful of individuals to dictate what is a fundamental cultural change without hearing from those very communities, people and families it will affect.



Price for medical visits outrageous

Some time ago, I wrote about this system we have here on Maui that was quite puzzling. I got a reply from HMSA to straighten things out. Now, I’m again looking at the system for what I consider to be overcharging.

My regular doctor referred me to a specialist for something that wasn’t right with me, but nothing that I could be aware of for myself. So I got an appointment and went to see this specialist. I spent perhaps ten minutes there and was given another appointment in three months with this to do in the meantime.

Now I learn that I was charged $429 for that first appointment. Think I’m going back? Not on my life. I’ll cancel. No wonder we’re going broke. Talk about atrocious.



GOP tizzy fit hurt the economy

Boehner and his little band of egotistical hoodlums have terrorized America again. First they snuck House Resolution 368 through – which was an atrocity and a slap in the face of every American who believes in the democratic process (see YouTube videos) – to promote their own selfish agendas. And affordable health care is still a done deal, as it has been for some time.

Our allies are wondering if they can count on us. Federal workers lost millions, and the resulting uncertainty slowed a steadily healing economy. Their little tizzy fit took $24 billion out of the economy, yet they claim to be worried about our deficit.

I have no doubt that – being the bunch of megalomaniacs they are – they will pitch another fit and put us through it again, unless other Republicans step up to say “enough!”

Our deficit is going down faster than it has in 50 years. Our problems are now long-term, and the president refuses to ravage Social Security, Medicare or VA benefits, as the Tea party minority suggests, to pay for it. There are better ways.

Remember, this was not a recession created by Obama’s administration, but he has done a hell of a job in reversing it.

True, the Boehner gang did get some concessions. Mitch McConnell got $2 million for a dam (which he would have gotten anyway), and the late Sen. Lautenberg’s widow (worth $59 million) got an additional $1 million from the American taxpayers. Thank God she won’t go hungry!



You lost, Tea Party

The idea of linking ObamaCare to the shutdown was what started the whole mess, and in 2009, that was the brain-bastard-child of the party of “Stupidi-TEA,” “Insani-TEA,” “Infantili-TEA,” “Duplici-TEA” and “Voraci-TEA.”

Not even the NRA has stooped so low! I hope everyone who voted for Cruz, Boehner, Paul and all the rest take a good, hard, long look in the mirror and swear never to vote Republican again. It has never been more clear that only Democrats do America any good.

To the Tea Party, in language you understand: we won. You lost. Deal with it. And get used to it!



Waters at Canoe Beach should be commercial-free

(The following letter was sent to William Aila Jr. of the state Department of Land & Natural Resources regarding the proposed Amendments to Commercial & Recreational Boating Rules.)

With regard to the changes to the commercial and recreational boating rules in State of Hawaii waters, Na Kupuna O Maui proposes a critical amendment that will have a positive impact on our community for generations.

The elders of Maui respectfully request that the Department of Land and Natural Resources declare the near offshore waters off Hanakao’o Beach Park (Canoe Beach) commercial-free.

With most of the ocean waters on the West Side currently designated for commercial activities, Na Kupuna does not think that designating the waters off Canoe Beach commercial-free an impediment to the commercial operators. There is plenty of room for us all.

Designating Canoe Beach commercial-free will benefit us all. With commercial activities assigned to other areas where there is ample space, the safety of our children, residents and visitors will be guaranteed.

Na Kupuna believes that this is the most equitable manner to address this dangerous situation, resolve future conflicts of usage and avoid unnecessary accidents, including maiming and death.

We think it is imperative that our community be given the freedom to exercise our Native Hawaiian cultural practices in a commercial-free zone safely.

We thank you for keeping our ocean safe.