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LETTERS for October 24 issue

By Staff | Oct 24, 2013

Treat all diners with respect

Recently, I became a widow after 45 years of a loving and awesome marriage to my best friend and love of my life, who made his final journey after battling pancreatic cancer.

Every now and then, I go to breakfast, lunch or dinner by myself if not with friends. Why is it that when one walks into a restaurant, and when asked how many, I say “one,” I get this look as if I have some type of disease?

The response is, “We only have a table in the corner.” Now why do I want to sit in a corner? The couple before me was offered outside or inside, but I was only given this one option? This is discrimination and very demeaning.

I did not choose to become a widow at my young age of 65. Managers, hosts and hostesses, be mindful of how you treat single persons who just want to be out in public among others. It is very hard to be without a loving spouse at meals; we always had so much fun together.

This is rude. If I wasn’t so tired from my grieving, I would have challenged this young person, but I just smiled and said, “Thank you.”

Moral of this letter: treat everyone equal regardless of party of one or two or three, etc. You do not know their circumstances.

I also had to hold back my tears – as seeing others with their spouses is so hard to grasp – but going out and doing this is part of my grievance therapy and to help myself.

Or I could just sit at home with Motoki, my chocolate lab, and feel sorry for myself. Nope – not me!

I have to give kudos to Oceans Restaurant at Kaanapali Ocean Resort. I have always been treated very well there and always sat at a table in the middle of others – NOT in the corner. The service attendants are so sweet and kind, not even knowing of my recent situation. Other restaurants take note.



Opposition creates confusion about flying insect pesticides

Let’s talk GMOs and pesticides. First, the “anti’s” cannot prove or find any proven scientific harm from GMO plants – a fact. So, they jump on the seed companies’ pesticide use, conveniently forgetting that all farmers and homeowners use pesticides.

The “anti’s” intentionally inflate the usage numbers over many years to make it appear large. To illustrate, did you know that since 1956, there have been 300,176 pounds of flying insect pesticide spray used in homes? Many of the occupants of these homes have been found to have cancer. We must ban all flying insect pesticide sprays now.

The “anti’s” then introduce legislation to ban all flying insect pesticides. They convince legislators, using lies, partial facts, fear tactics and street demonstrations, to overshadow the scientific evidence and sell the idea of banning flying insect pesticides.

The legislators, having little to no scientific understanding of the facts, and fear of not being reelected, vote to ban flying insect pesticides. Businesses involved in the sale of flying insect pesticides go out of business, and their employees go on unemployment. Welcome to the islands of Kauai and Hawaii.



Will Maui help power Oahu’s rail system?

The Neighbor Islands will find that they are going to pay for rail’s electricity bill.

Perhaps the need for so much power for the choo choo scam is the reason behind Gov. Abercrombie’s push for a cable between Maui and Oahu.

In other words, HART, Mayor Caldwell, Wolf Electric Industries and Gov. Abercrombie want MAUI to provide the power for their choo choo scam.

The Public Utilities Commission has a docket, 2013-0169, with the title “Instituting a proceeding to investigate whether an Oahu-Maui inter-island transmission system may be in the public interest.”

What do Maui residents have to say about the possibility of risking their present and future power needs, aesthetic beauty, ocean damage and more, all to be unwilling partners in this scam?

Public comments can be made to the PUC regarding 2013-0169, stating that the inter-island cable is not in the public interest, but only in the interest of big money people who want more money at all costs to people and planet.

Pope Francis came out and said that the idolatry of money is the root cause of the world’s problems. Hawaii has plenty of idolators.

Residents can send comments via hawaii.puc@hawaii.gov; include “Public Comment For Docket 2013-0169, Cable Not in Public Interest.”



Motorcycle groups must obey the rules

In reply to a recent article written by the head of a motorcycle group, I would like to add a comment.

The writer says they ride as a group and want to cross an intersection together that way, even though the light changes and they have the red light in the middle of their crossing. He goes on to say that the general public is only inconvenienced for a minute or two.

Who does he think they are to change the rules on their own? Rules are made for everyone. The writer thinks it is okay for them to make up their rules for everyone? He’d better think again.

I’d like to hear about this from the Maui Police Department.



Will politicians reimburse the public for losses?

My letter is about our political system. Last night at the very beginning of the 10 p.m. news, they showed President Obama. He said he wanted to thank the House and Senate for working things out and reopening the U.S. government. That had to be the biggest bunch of garbage anyone has ever heard.

The news continued and said that the American taxpayers were left with a $24 billion loss.

I want to know two things. Are the House and Senate going to pay the $24 billion that they cost the taxpayers? The second is, why didn’t all the House and Senate members get fired for screwing the public and for not doing their jobs?