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LETTERS for August 9 issue

By Staff | Aug 9, 2012

Development is killing what used to be Hawaii

I have a copy of Maui Land & Pineapple’s letter regarding Lipoa Point, Honolua, that says they want the County Council to remove the zoning designation of “Preservation” so they can build at Lipoa Point. Why not bring the Japanese back and build a golf course and Golf Estates in Hana? Then you will lose a significant cultural and historical setting. We will lose a natural treasure enjoyed by locals and tourists.

That is also what will happen if you do not keep Lipoa Point zoned “Preservation.”

I also have documents that show the developer’s plans for Olowalu. The plans will greatly alter the community that exists there. Cultural and environmental degradation will occur. Large amounts of money are being spent to preserve the reef at Olowalu. Runoff from development will destroy the reef, and another scenic and recreational resource will be lost.

Why not just tear down Happy Valley and Market Street and build new fancy homes and condos? Then there will be no old Hawaii, no historic preservation of architecture and loss of cultural heritage. That is what will happen if you develop Olowalu. Lush vegetation, broad expanses of agricultural lands giving wide open vistas, and small communities where people know each other will be lost.

Why not cross Hawaii off the map and rename it “New California?” That is what all this development is doing: killing what used to be Hawaii.

EVE CLUTE, West Maui


Lahaina lost a legend in Bob Longhi

“He is blessed over all mortals who loses no moment of the passing life.” Henry David Thoreau

Iconic restaurateur Bob Longhi lived life with zest, embracing the moments while touching so many of us along the way.

Bob truly was “one-of-a-kind,” and his kind heart beneath the bluster sparkled with that special twinkle in his eye. It is hard to imagine Lahaina Town without Bob Longhi. He changed Lahaina Town with the opening of Longhi’s restaurant in the 1970s.

A true original whose passion for food was imbued with a unique blend of shrewd intellect, curiosity, humor and humanity.

Lahaina Town has lost a pioneering legend. I have lost a dear friend.



Hirono the best choice

Aug. 11 is Primary Day, when the Democratic candidate who will enter the race for retiring Sen. Daniel Akaka’s seat will be chosen. Mazie Hirono is by far the best choice for Hawaii. She is the only one who has consistently opposed the Iraq War, the Bush tax cuts and decreasing Social Security benefits. Her record as our District 2 member of the House has always been ranked as outstanding by many polls, and she has repeatedly shown good judgment and high moral values that are consistent with being “pono.”

Mazie is backed by an incredibly broad coalition, including the Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood, The Hawaii Carpenters’ Union and even Republican Congressman Don Young, because she knows how to form strong alliances and get things done. She has one of the best records of proposing legislation that gets passed into law in Congress. Plus, she has the experience, stature and support to beat the Republican challenger.

It is to our benefit to have Mazie working for Hawaii, so, get out and vote in the Primary Election on Saturday, Aug. 11!


Esther Kia’aina helping


Hannemann’s campaign

Esther Kia’aina is clearly working hand-in-hand with Mufi Hannemann to help him get elected. She joined with Mufi after she realized that she can’t win. The strategy of Mufi/Esther is for Esther to draw progressive votes away from Tulsi Gabbard, so then Mufi gets elected. Their strategy first became apparent during the Hawaii News Now debate.

Esther is playing the role of Mufi’s attack dog. This allows Mufi to do the same kind of character assassination he did against Neil – but while keeping his hands clean.

First, they praised each other and asked softball questions of one another during every debate and candidate forum.

Further evidence can be seen throughout comments throughout the Internet and most recently by the letter by Nadine Newlight, where she wrote, “If progressive and liberal votes are split between Esther and Tulsi, and Mufi gets elected, at least we are certain he will remain a Democrat for the remainder of his term.”

This endorsement of Mufi reveals just how uncommitted to progressive values Esther and her supporters are. A vote for Esther is a vote for Mufi. Remember that.



Lingle didn’t keep her promises

This letter is in regard to a political ad that I just saw on the television. The ad was about voting for Linda Lingle and how she has helped on the infrastructure on all Hawaiian Islands during her past political ventures.

Here is why I refuse to vote for her: because she doesn’t keep her promises. She promised the people of West Maui that NO NEW CONDOS OR HOTELS would be built in Kaanapali until the Lahaina Bypass was built.

Since she made that promise, four huge hotel/time share buildings have been completed. We still have no bypass. Maybe I am wrong, but that tells me that she did not keep her promise.

Why should the voters continue to believe her if she doesn’t keep her promises? Mahalo for your time.



Maui has great theater

I like theater. But not just any theater. For many years, I lived in Daytona Beach, Florida, and I gave a try to our local theater. I felt like crying almost every time I went. That’s how bad it was! I had to drive to Orlando to see anything worthwhile.

Sometimes, I have tourists ask me if Maui is not too small of a cultural place… I mean, “What do you do to satisfy your thirst for art?”

To which I respond, “Well, Maui has an excellent theater, and they put on great shows.” And it is sad that most people who live on this island are not even aware of it. Over the past few years, I have taken some friends to Iao Theater, and they were always happily surprised by the quality of the shows and the comedians. And I’m excited to see that Iao Theater keeps getting better and better all the time.

On July 7, I was lucky enough to go and watch the famous Broadway musical “The Producers” by Mel Brooks at the Iao Theater on Market Street in Wailuku. It was a very daring thing to do… taking on such a show. Well, Iao Theater has done it again. They put together a very talented cast along with great musicians, and the result was fantastic. Steven Dascoulias’ singing shook bodies and souls!

If you have ever complained of not being entertained enough on Maui, this was your chance to see a really funny show. You might even get addicted to theater.

Congratulations to a wonderful cast and to the director of the theater for presenting such quality work.