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LETTERS for July 26 issue

By Staff | Jul 26, 2012

Kia’aina is the best candidate

At the risk of nagging, I’d like to impress upon everyone in the Second District the enormous importance of voting in the upcoming primary on Saturday, Aug. 11. We are about to choose the successor to Mazie Hirono in Congress, and yes, that is Patsy Mink’s former seat.

I am dismayed that many of you expressed so much fear that Mufi Hannemann would be elected that you have been swayed into supporting Tulsi Gabbard, even though Esther Kia’aina is the far more experienced and progressive choice. Read about her more than 20 years of experience in D.C. and Hawaii here: kiaaina.com/about-esther-2/.

I’ve done my homework on Tulsi, and what I learned is even scarier than what I imagined. I invite you to check out her record here: www.dailykos.com/story/2012/01/20/1056467/-Tulsi-Gabbard-The-Curiously-Conservative-and-Nepotistic-Network-of-a-Democratic-Candidate; and here: www.dailykos.com/story/2012/ 02/13/1063158/-What-s-the-matter-with-Kailua-Still-More-on-Tulsi-Gabbard-s-Fundraising.

I was taught to vote for the best candidate, no matter what else is happening. That way, you can at least know in your heart that your vote was not “wasted.” Voting for Tulsi “because she’s the only one who has a chance of beating Mufi” is the coward’s way out. Anyone can beat Mufi if more voters act!

If progressive and liberal votes are split between Esther and Tulsi, and Mufi does get elected, at least we are certain he will remain a Democrat for the remainder of his term. Do you really feel as sure of Tulsi? Vote for Esther!



Candidate seeks support

My name is Lisa Gapero. I live in Waiehu Kou II in Wailuku. I am running for the Maui County Council’s Wailuku seat.

I have a question for you: Are you better off today than you were two years ago?

The last few years, we have seen prices on everything go up. Each and every one of us is struggling to make ends meet. We cannot afford any more tax or rate increases.

I ran for County Council two years ago with some of the same struggles, but now these struggles have increased.

I support small businesses on Maui and encourage job creation by getting the over-regulation out of the way. We need to nurture our homegrown businesses and enable Maui to get to work, while at the same time explore renewable energy options.

We need new human energy in the County Council!

I want to be your voice. Together we will lead, inspire, discover, influence, formulate, tear down and build up.

I am a fiscally responsible businessperson. Our county has a spending problem – that’s our problem. I recommend reining in spending.

I want you to join me in this undertaking. The current climate requires a new type of representation: a councilwoman with vision who can develop strategies, drive tactical implementation and produce results.

What is needed are skills and perspective to make sense of the fast-changing world, plan under uncertainty, recognize market-business opportunities for job growth and view expenditures through the lens of the stakeholder: YOU, Maui. Let’s shape sound governance policies and ensure continued effective representation.

I understand this leadership role and propose innovative change without the intimidation of the past. I would very much appreciate your support in this election.



Baidarka owner appreciates help

I am writing to express my sincere thanks to the people of Lahaina for their help and hospitality that I received when my 44-foot ketch Baidarka was blown onto the reef on the night of June 17. Despite valiant efforts by all, we were unsuccessful in saving the boat.

Nevertheless, I feel fortunate to have received the assistance and good wishes of so many. In particular, I would like to thank Brad and Jan of the Queen’s Treasure; Lars and all the staff of the Lahaina Yacht Club; Iwa, Keao, Jamie and Tommy; and the Trilogy maintenance team, Matt, Gabe, John and Aiden. Similarly I pass on my thanks to P.O. Bateman of the U.S. Coast Guard, Nick and Steve of the state Department of Land & Natural Resources, and Miles and staff of the Lahaina Harbor. Tonight, I fly back to Canada and home, but I will definitely return.



Build mega malls somewhere else

So many letters favoring the mega malls in Kihei these days, all written by people from somewhere else. If they existed there, why did you come here? We no like um!

We are an island (or didn’t you know that?) with very limited resources that will be stressed out by this type of development. So many detriments… I no can count um all.

Go someplace else with this idiotic idea.



Lahaina USPS is broke

Well, surprise, surprise! Just an example from Lahaina. You write a letter from Lahaina to Lahaina. UNLESS you put it in a specially marked slot at the post office at the Civic Center, that letter is flown to Honolulu, sorted, then flown back to Maui and sent to Lahaina, where it is delivered some three or four days after you mailed it. A letter from L.A. will get to you faster.

Now apply that system and logic to the entire U.S. Postal Service, and you really don’t have to wonder why that agency is broke. Another example is the “forever” stamps. A new design, a new award for the designer, new plates, year after year. Why not use the original stamp? I bet 99.99 percent of the people could not care less WHAT is on the “forever” stamp. Just run the Liberty Bell forever until the plates are worn out.

New and unnecessary expenses each year. Remind me again why we have a postmaster general and that position is actually paid? USPS is broke? I, for one, am NOT surprised. They use the common sense like most government agencies. THAT is the answer.



Trash crews make too much noise

Every Monday morning, including holidays, at approximately 5 a.m., Maui County trash collection begins in Kaanapali Hillside. These workers are OBNOXIOUSLY LOUD. I hear the truck, then the backup beeps, and then the workers yell back and forth to each other at the top of their lungs. It sounds like an NFL quarterback calling out signals. HUT-HUT-HUT in front of 80,000 screaming fans! They YELL at every stop.

Every Monday morning, the Maui County trash collectors are allowed to “terrorize” an entire neighborhood without any fear of recourse. If this was a barking dog, a screaming child or just people in the street causing a ruckus at 5 a.m., I am sure the police would respond to the disturbance.

Phone calls to the county Solid Waste Division fall on deaf ears. They hide behind the union contract. They say the workers “have to communicate” to each other. Are you telling me that the driver does not know when to stop at a driveway to pick up the trash? If they need to “communicate,” how about providing them with a two-way communication device one that does not have to disturb an entire neighborhood?

This has been going on for quite awhile. Perhaps a written letter to the Lahaina News will “wake up” the authorities, as we all here (hear) in the Kaanapali Hillside “wake up” every Monday morning to the OBNOXIOUSLY LOUD Maui County trash collectors.



Kaanapali Beach Hotel a terrific host

On behalf of the Lahainaluna Wrestling Team, I want to say the Kaanapali Beach Hotel is awesome.

Recently, when a Nebraska All-Star wrestling team came to Hawaii for a three-island cultural exchange tour, we were stuck where to host them for a match, because the Lahaina Civic Center and Lahainaluna gyms were booked for a basketball tournament. KBH came to the rescue. Our West Maui boys wrestled the Nebraska team on the grounds of KBH.

It was an incredible experience for our kids to wrestle outdoors underneath the signature trees with the Pacific Ocean footsteps away.

The head Nebraska coach – who has coached wrestling for over 40 years and taken teams all over the world – said the KBH venue was the best-ever.

Special thanks goes to the KBH staff, including Mike White, Susan Reinhardt and Thomas Fairbanks, as well our athletic trainer, John Conrad, who donated his time to provide care for all of the athletes; our head Maui Interscholastic League referee, Les Riggle, who volunteered to officiate; and Gary Lincoln of Lincoln Construction, who fed the Nebraska boys.



Keep Lahaina tract as open space

(The following letter was sent to State Land Use Commission Chairman Normand Lezy regarding West Maui Land’s proposed Kahoma Subdivision.)

I am writing to you in regard to Docket No. A12-795, Tax Map Key (2) 4-5-010:005.

This parcel in Lahaina is zoned agriculture and is requesting a zoning change. This was zoned according by the state for open space in the West Maui Community Plan. It is the last open space in Lahaina.

Why do we go to such extent to make these community plans if changes can be made whenever property owners want to change the zoning?

It is a slap in the face to all those individuals that gave their time and energy to help with these community plans.

It is imperative that meetings be held in West Maui at a time that is appropriate for the working class to attend.

It is always a huge problem when meetings are held in Kahului or Wailuku during the day when we, the workers, are busy supporting our families and cannot attend these important meetings.

The West Maui community deserves to be heard in West Maui.

Please deny West Maui Land Company their petition to rezone.



Come see the changes at the Boo Boo Zoo

The good news is, as of July 14, 2012, we now have a permit to exhibit, and visitors are welcome by appointment from noon to 3 p.m. daily. Please call Sylvan at 572-8308 to come by and see the animals and all of the major changes.

The bad news is, the extensive remodeling that was required of us in order to gain this permit has left us in the worst financial position we have ever been in.

Though we are asking you to vote for 9th Life Cat Sanctuary daily on the Shelter Challenge, since we cannot win two terms in a row, we desperately need any financial support you can send our way.

We hope to see you the next time you are in our area and graciously thank you for your ongoing support. Please spread the word – send friends to us and help in any way you can.

To help us continue, you can donate at booboozoo.org/donate.html. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

SYLVAN J. SCHWAB, East Maui Animal Refuge, Haiku