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LETTERS for June 7 issue

By Staff | Jun 7, 2012

Tourism: Maui’s lifeline

Certain residents seem to forget that 75 percent of all jobs on Maui are directly or indirectly related to the visitor industry.

They either believe we have too many tourists or “everybody already knows about Maui,” so we don’t have to spend any money to promote tourism to our island.

Reality check: no tourists, no jobs! Plain and simple! If we experience a drop in visitors, businesses will fire people. Reduced revenue equals reduced staff.

The Maui Visitors Bureau has come under fire recently for allegedly receiving too much taxpayer money and not being “transparent” enough.

MVB is doing a great job increasing visitors to our island. These are taxpayer funds well spent. Tourists are paying everyone’s salary.

As for the complaint that MVB shouldn’t be spending so much to promote Maui, that same logic says that Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Toyota and Apple should reduce their advertising because everybody already knows who they are.

It doesn’t work that way. Vacationers need constant Maui reminders.

We also need to reach new travelers, folks in their 20s, who will be making their first vacation choices that could very well bring them back to Maui every year for the rest of their lives.

We need to support the efforts of the MVB and not vilify them. All of our jobs and the health of our island, like it not, are totally dependent on our visitor industry.

If we get smug and complacent and reduce our promotional footprint, vacationers will, assuredly, go elsewhere.

BOB PURE, Lahaina


Why is Lingle backing Obama?

I believe the time has come for the Republican Committee to ask Linda Lingle to remove herself from the party.

In her recent TV ads, she has made a strong commitment in the support of Barrack Obama.

Linda was a socialistic mayor, a socialistic governor, and now she is backing a socialistic president running against the Republican candidate, Mitt Romney.

There is no question; Linda is a “Donkey” in “Elephant” clothing!



Wrecked car should be removed

There has been an abandoned car behind the 100 block of Hiki Place in Wahikuli, Lahaina, for five-plus years.

The Sugar Cane Train provides sightseeing rides for locals and tourists.

I’m sure that the last thing that customers would like to see is an abandoned, broken down, stripped car on their adventure.

The car was reported, but the tow truck driver said that he could not get it out.

Somebody put it there, so somebody can get it out!

It’s a very ugly sight for such a beautiful island!

Can we please get it removed?!



Information sought on car from Lahaina

You might be surprised to receive a letter from Stuttgart, Germany.

Last year, I bought a white 1984 Porsche 911 Targa originally from Lahaina, where it lived for 12 years.

It had the number plate “MAUID,” and its owner was named Debra.

I’m trying to research the history of this rare car.

Can anybody help me? Please let me know.

WINFRIED SCHEUER, Stuttgart, Germany


Soil is the basis of life

Where are the mentors to teach the people who “Mow and Blow” – blowing of excessive noise, dust and gas pollution – on soft scapes, including topsoil?

Where are the mentors to teach the simple science of a plant, where it comes from and its needs, when and how to prune?

Soil is the basis of all life. Treat it well, and we will eat well, and the plants can grow in harmony with a happy visual experience in return.

Where are the guardians of the ‘aina – the world? The Plant Whisperers…



Roosters weren’t there when you bought your home?

So many letters lately about crowing roosters in the neighborhoods.

The first question that comes to mind is: who did you buy your house from? I guess they didn’t tell you about the roosters.

The second question has to be: are there roosters where you came from?

Honolulu has been named one of the worst cities in the world for traffic congestion.

We’ve all seen that mess on the six-lane highways on the TV morning news.

It has to be because of the uncontrolled development on Oahu, one of our smaller islands, over the years.

The question that comes to mind is, can it be prevented from happening on Maui?

The “M” word has come up several times over the years, but no one has dared to pick up on it.

We already have too many cars for the roads we have now.

“Bottleneck on the Pali?” Where are all the cars coming from?

Straighten the Pali road? You get $800 million to donate for it? Us guys no like pay? Mo betta we bring up the “M” word some more? Or maybe raise more roosters!!!



The mirror doesn’t lie

The only real privacy you have is when you look in the bathroom mirror the first thing in the morning.

You are able to talk to yourself without interruption. It can’t be you in that mirror. You looked better yesterday. Maybe it’s the light.

No, that’s you. How about that new wrinkle on your left cheek? That’s new. You can’t have that if you’re running for council. People notice wrinkles, and that’s bad.

And how about that upper lip? It looks a little weak. Perhaps a mustache will help.

You need to cover that balding spot. Not good… the voters will notice. You have to cut those nose hairs.

You notice that your mouth has a funny tilt to it when you smile. You have to do something about that.

Are your ears too large? Well, you can’t do anything about that.

Now you hear someone outside the door. Your self-appraisal is over.

“Yes, dear, I’ll be out in a minute.”