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LETTERS for March 29 issue

By Staff | Mar 29, 2012

Start a website to regulate noisy roosters

In your March 15-21 edition, you published a letter from Penny and Keith Weigel regarding signing a petition in support of restricting roosters in residential areas.

There was no reference to a particular website.

I would like to add my name to a petition supporting the courageous Weigel and asking Maui’s mayor to stop this outrageous practice of allowing one group to menace their neighbors.

I have been disturbed by a noisy rooster at all hours of the night. This is an outrage.

Stop the roosters

I would like you to publish a website where irate citizens of Lahaina could go to join us. Stop the roosters now.



County won’t act on rooster noise

I tried for three years to get some action on this subject from all levels of county government. I wrote or called all County Council members and got nowhere. I sent a petition with over 250 signatures to my West Side council person, which was conveniently “misplaced.” I called the Zoning, Planning, Animal Control and Police Departments. I wrote letters to the newspapers, as did several visiting tourists. There obviously has been no action taken.

Reasons for inaction varied from “it’s an ethnic or cultural matter” to “roosters are considered pets!” I can “file a complaint if they go on for three to four hours”… etc.

I finally gave up. Instead of being able to enjoy a quiet night’s sleep, I’m forced to close all my windows and turn on a “noise” machine!

I can understand individual rights, but where are mine? I wish you luck and would help if I thought it would go anywhere; but, quite frankly, county government does not give all of us equal opportunity for peace and quiet!

The old adage that “If you don’t like it, move” just doesn’t work!



Amend the rooster petition

This is in response to the March 15 letter about a petition to regulate roosters. I have two more petitions to add: Petition to Regulate Goat Slaying in Residential Areas; and Petition to Regulate 24/7 Unlicensed Day Cares (with constantly screaming children). Thank you for your support and diligence.



Maui has many wild chickens, too

This is my reply to “Start a petition to regulate roosters” in the March 15 Lahaina News.

Question: will this petition include all the many wild chickens roaming Maui today?

We have ’em around my home and neighborhood crowing all hours… running through my yard.

We learn to adjust and accept the wild chickens’ crowing, like accepting the noise of cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, etc. driving up and down the highway near our home all hours.

I like eat the chickens, but it’s against the law to shoot them without a hunting license.



Contact Hokama on roosters

To the letter writers in the past two issues of Lahaina News concerned with noisy roosters, you can contact G. Riki Hokama, council member and policy chair, at the Kalana O Maui Building, 200 South High St., Seventh Floor, Wailuku, HI 96793.?



Why change my ways now?

As I became 90 years old, I was told by my doctors to stop living like I’ve been living or I will die prematurely.

During my lifetime, I’ve been a heavy smoker, a drinker, eating red meat and avoiding chicken and fish.?I even drink tap water.

Somehow I have survived, but now health advisors tell me to drink health drinks, eat organically grown food and tofu, and exercise.?Of course, I must join a health club and even do yoga.

All of these changes are made to prolong my life. Why?

I don’t mind doing all these things, but yoga and tofu? Hell no!

It’s too much for a 90-year-old dinosaur.



County should provide trash cans

As a winter resident of Maui for the past 11 years, it is very disheartening to keep finding some of the most beautiful parts of the island, especially various beaches and their surroundings, littered with the discarded remnants of the weekend and holiday beach-goers.

Sugar Beach in North Kihei is one of the most prevalent sites. On the weekdays that work takes me to the south side, I like to swim, take a walk and eat lunch on this beach. I often park alongside the lightly wooded area about a half-mile from Piilani Highway headed toward Lahaina.

Every day that I go there, the walk through the copse leading to the beach is covered in trash and often continues to spill onto the beach. How sad that people are unable and/or unwilling to be responsible for taking their “stuff” home with them. They took the trouble to load up their vehicles with all the food and drinks, etc., to come to the beach in the first place, and yet seem to feel they can just leave all the packaging and trash behind.

Could the county perhaps provide some metal trash cans with lids at the problem sites? Could “Do Not Litter” signs with indicating fines be erected? Could local police patrol problem areas? Could there be an educational program incorporated into schools, so that children can pass on appropriate action to their parents?

This planet deserves to be treated with care and respect for all. Wildlife and nature are bombarded with toxic waste; we need to pay greater attention to our actions.



Plan bike paths

Please consider the open spaces and?bike paths that need to be built on Maui now. I personally feel that community awareness of bikes needs to increase.

Maybe a “Bike Day Maui” with the mayor and council people down Kaahumanu Avenue or a speech at Friday Town Parties would help.

Please help bikers, so we can all be safe.

DOT BUCK, Pukalani


Say no to pat-downs and body scanners!

It is unfortunate to see that Kahului Airport is starting to get full body scanners. Government continues to dismiss the medical, scientific and airline personnel communities’ concerns.

Humans should not be x-rayed unless there is a medical benefit. TSA agents are being misled about the safety of these scanners and are subjecting themselves on a daily basis to dangerous levels of radiation.

They are also subjecting US to this, and if you refuse, then you will be given a groping pat-down by security agents.

Refuse to be radiated when you go the airport. The sign says you still have a choice! Use that choice to say NO! We, the people, are not the terrorists! The real terror lies in our own federal government, which has been sold to the highest corporate bidder. The terror acts it commits on its own people are ongoing.

Do not be sheep. Just say no to airport body scanners and security pat-downs! Do not allow the takeover of our rights as American citizens. Let your voice be heard and say no!