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LETTERS for November 17 issue

By Staff | Nov 17, 2011


(Sometime between Oct. 27 and 30, someone took Princess Nahi’ena’ena Elementary School’s recycling bin and all of the bottles and cans inside. One teacher’s second grade class has been recycling for ten years, using the money to purchase kick balls, dodge balls, footballs, frisbees and jump ropes for the entire school.)

I am very sad at the people who stole our full recycling bin by the cafeteria at Princess Nahi’ena’ena Elementary School.

Please give it back. We need it for buying our balls, jump ropes and stuff to play with at recess.

I hope you will give it back.

KAPUU, Second-Grader, Princess Nahi’ena’ena School


I am very sad because some people stole plastic bottles and a big recycling bin full of cans that we need for Princess Nahi’ena’ena Elementary School. We need it to buy balls, jump ropes, footballs and basketballs for recess.

I hope they bring it back, so we can buy stuff for the children who go to Princess Nahi’ena’ena Elementary School.

MIRANDA, Second-grader, Princess Nahi’ena’ena School


November is Caregiver Recognition Month. Caregivers should be given more recognition, not only by the government but by everyone.

If you have a friend who is a caregiver, please give him or her a smile or even a kind word, as this helps us out.

I am a caregiver to my awesome and loving husband of 43 years as of November 2010, and it carries lots of stress and commitment. If you have any contact with a caregiver, please be understanding of us, as some days are more stressful than others.

It is a constant, 24/7 dedication, but we love what we do for our loved one. My husband has pancreatic cancer and Multiple Sclerosis along with other health issues that arose due to complications from his chemotherapy as of August of this year, so I am constantly alert to any changes that may require medical attention.

We also take on chores around the house that we didn’t do before but still need to be done.

November is designated as Caregiver Recognition Month. Be there for your friend and/or neighbor to extend a smile or kind word. We keep a smile on our face no matter what, but we are also human.

Having a dog is great. Our chocolate lab, Motoki, really makes our days brighter with his love, puppy energy and being there to lick away the tears and make me laugh!



I am writing this letter in regards to the political system in Hawaii and the whole country in general.

In Hawaii, we have Mufi Hannemann, who got elected as mayor of Honolulu who quit to run for governor did not make it as governor took a job in the tourism industry. Now he is running for political office, again quitting his current job.

My question is, if he quit twice before, why should anyone vote for him now? He seems not able to finish any job he has.

In regards to the president of the United States, why do we stand by and watch him run for office in the last year-and-a-half of his presidency, when he should be doing his job as president?



You are sitting at your table in a restaurant. Your meal comes. There it is…

At the corner of the plate is a ball of mashed potatoes. There are peas implanted here and there. Very pretty.

Next to that is a group of radishes and carrots interspersed like a deck of cards. On one end is a green pepper cut lengthwise and filled with a shrimp and dressing dollop. Three trees of parsley stick out of this like a forest.

The center is a medallion of a piece of meat surrounded by 12 olives with pimientos – all of them pierced by different colored toothpicks.

Looking at all this, the question arises: How many different hands and fingers arranged all this on the plate?



Why doesn’t the County of Maui spend our tax dollars on more safe bike lanes, trails and safe walking trails? We wouldn’t need SO MANY buses.

We have great weather all year round. Even the tourists would love it.

Maybe we could get some of those buses off the road and out of our neighborhoods, where they don’t belong!



Thanksgiving is much more than a big meal with family and friends. It’s a time to reflect on, and be thankful for, all of the good things you have. Even with all of the uncertainty and turmoil in the world, you have so much to be thankful for. It’s important to be grateful, not just on Thanksgiving, but each and every day. Rather than lamenting what you feel is lacking in your life, begin each new day by developing an attitude of gratitude. Take inventory of your blessings, and you will be surprised at just how much you have to be thankful for.

If you have enough to eat, a place to live, a way to get around, people who care about you, or people you care about, then you are wealthy. If you lack any of these elements, you must still be grateful for what you do have while striving to obtain whatever is absent.

Focus on all positive aspects of your life. Take nothing for granted. Every morning, recharge your appreciation. Be happy for everything there is – not upset over what you feel is missing.

Dreams of the future shouldn’t diminish appreciation for the present. If all you do is concentrate on what you want, you won’t enjoy today. Don’t be jealous of others; what they do or have has no bearing on you.

You can feel bitter or resentful for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you feel something is missing from your life, things aren’t going your way or you have been treated unfairly. You may wonder, “Why do these things always happen to me?”

Life’s problems tend to dominate your thoughts, turning your focus to what you feel is wrong. You may start to resent those who appear to be better off. You’re apt to dwell on things you think would make your life better if you had them. If only you had more money, more time, a bigger house, a different car, a different job, a different boss, had picked a different career, etc.

Once your attitude becomes one of deficiency instead of abundance and appreciation, you can become overwhelmed by feelings of frustration and feel like a victim. As this happens, a consuming vicious cycle starts.

Being bitter or resentful blows situations out of proportion. People who are bitter frequently find that their situations deteriorate and their mental and physical health decays.

It’s difficult, if not impossible, to achieve your goals while you are bitter or resentful. Regardless of what challenges might befall you, bitterness makes finding solutions much more elusive.

There is no point to feeling bitter, since it accomplishes nothing, harms you and makes things worse. Filling yourself with gratitude on a daily basis makes you feel good while driving out negative feelings.

Begin your practice of gratitude each morning as soon as you wake. Every day is a great day. If you have any doubts, try missing one. Take inventory of everything, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, that is good in your life.

If it helps, make a written list of all things you are grateful for. Read your list every day. As you do this, you will build and reinforce your attitude of gratitude. Don’t waste any time with what you feel you don’t have.

Keep things in perspective. Consider all the people who have overcome difficulties far worse than yours. Don’t be consumed by your problems – there is always a solution. Maintaining an attitude of gratitude allows your mind to devise a resolution for your circumstances.

Make every day a day of Thanksgiving, and you will be amazed how much better your life will become.



This note is in response to the recent anonymous letter to the editor titled “Hotel should consider XTERRA spectators” that inaccurately criticizes the Ritz-Carlton for being “oblivious to the needs of spectators.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua was world-class in its facilities, services and customer service for athletes and spectators, and XTERRA is deeply grateful for their support and hard work in making the 2011 World Championship an overwhelming success.

Discounted food and beverages were available for both breakfast and lunch at the Beach Restaurant, where the swim was located, and the Makai Lawn, where the finish was located.

In addition to the hotel’s permanent restroom facilities located at the beach, pool and hotel lobby and terrace levels, additional port-a-potties were arranged for both the beach (start and transition area) and Napili Lawn (finish and expo area).

There was an XTERRA Gear tent next to the finish line where you could purchase shirts and other souvenirs, right next to the Kona Brewing Company, where you could grab a cold beverage, sit in the shade and watch finishers come in.

The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua hosted thousands of fans and athletes from 29 countries and 44 U.S. states and territories in magnificent fashion, and put on one of the greatest shows in event history.

We could not be more proud of our association with the dedicated and talented management and staff at the Ritz.

TREY GARMAN, Vice President, TEAM Unlimited/XTERRA


The Peter Lik Gallery in Lahaina would like to commend the Lanai Ferry employee who found one of our clients’ lost wallet.

There was a few thousand dollars cash, credit cards and all identification in the wallet. In a time of economic distress, this was a great act of honesty and ALOHA SPIRIT.

Many mahalos and good on ya, Lanai Ferry crew.

ROSS BUFFOMANTE, Gallery Director