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LETTERS for October 20 issue

By Staff | Oct 20, 2011


Interesting about the White House. Holder is either grossly incompetent or just plain corrupt regarding this “Fast & Furious” idiotic program. The day he receives a subpoena, he releases the information about Iran trying to bomb a couple of embassies in the U.S. This is old news. It happened in like June… FIVE MONTHS AGO.

The White House is using this issue to deflect the attention from Holder’s complicity in the F&F fiasco. Obama is also up to his ears in this as well. However, he is a bright man and will insulate himself from this, just as he is trying to do with the lousy economy.

This Wall Street “demonstration” has been on the drawing board for a year, hatched by Obama and the Democrats to, again, divert the attention from Obama’s failed policies and blame the rich. The rich have been linked to the Republican Party; ergo, the economy is not poor Obama and the Democrats’ fault. It is those nasty rich and Republicans.

In my life, I have never seen such a well-oiled machine as the current regime. This is almost reminiscent of 1932 Germany stuff and darn frightening. The Democrats have introduced class warfare. Now, the crack heads, losers and trust fund babies defecating in the gutters of Wall Street and elsewhere are demanding financial “equality” rather than working for it. So if these losers get what they want, a new social order, whatever that may be to them, they do not realize they will still be losers – EVEN IN THE NEW SOCIETY they envision.

Nasty Pelosi and her cronies praise these parasites for exercising the American way, to be able to demonstrate; however, they blasted the Tea Party for being racist and lying about spitting on members of Congress. (It never happened, but for in Pelosi’s twisted mind.)

There have been hundreds of arrests of these Democrat- and union-backed protesters who have left filth in their wake. Not ONE arrest was made of the half-million Tea Party protesters, who cleaned up ALL their trash before returning home.



Our school year began with our children eager to learn and our teachers ready to feed their minds with interesting subjects. We are hoping to have another successful school year for our children.

The PTA organization supports teachers, students and staff of Princess Nahienaena Elementary School. With over 600 students, we are committed to support their education and school experience.

We are currently seeking donations for our annual school Fun Walk on Oct. 28 from our local community. This is one of our largest fundraisers for the year and will provide our teachers and students supplies they need for learning, bus fares for their field trips, family gathering nights and equipment our school may need. Any donation you could contribute will be greatly appreciated.

Prizes will be given to each student that participates in this event. We would like to collect gift certificates, iPod Touches, Xbox Game Systems, bikes, skateboards and surfboards for prizes to give to our top collectors. To learn more about our group or our event, please e-mail pn.pta@hotmail.com

Thank you for your consideration of our request, and we look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

You may also mail your donations to: Princess Nahienaena School, Attention: PTA, 816 Niheu St., Lahaina, HI 96761.



This is in response to a letter from John Caputo, a gentleman from the Mainland who seems to be just 16 to 17 years old complaining that our speed limits are too low. Three things my young friend:

1) Speed limits are fine but broken all the time. On Highway 30/Lahainaluna, 30/Keawe, 30/Kapunakea and 30/Kaanapali Parkway, you have cars going through RED lights at about 60 miles per hour at least at every other change of the lights. The police do NOTHING.

2) A few years ago, a student “borrowed” his mom’s SUV, loaded a few girls into the car to show off, was on the cell – then it was still allowed; I hope you don’t drive around being on the phone without a “hands-free” setup – and rolled through a stop sign without looking, hitting me and throwing me onto Lahainaluna Road. Fortunately, I reacted fast and had my hands behind my back on impact, so I broke only my wrist (six months cast, then three months physical therapy) instead cracking my head open.

3) You might want to get a few years of driving experience before you sound off like a Formula One driver. In my humble opinion, the law should be such that anyone under 18 should not be even allowed to drive over 40 mph within city limits. And you are not here long enough to know the dangers of the Pali and the bend at Olowalu – now wider – where still the majority of accidents happen between Lahaina and Kahului/Wailuku.

If that student had cracked my head open instead of just breaking my wrist, he would be in prison for involuntary manslaughter – no college, no nothing. Think about that. When you are 16 or 17, you think you know it all – I was the same way. But that’s not the way it is, let me assure you. I respect your right to your opinion, but maybe you should get some experience before doing something you regret but can’t undo…

I have driven all over Europe (Vienna, London, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Frankfurt, Berlin, etc.), Miami, New York, Los Angeles, San Fran, from Morocco to Egypt and several islands in the Caribbean, where they drive on the left side and there were no automatic cars there.

I have more than 700,000 miles under my belt, and I am still seeing things in traffic I never saw before. Pride (and ignorance) go(es) before the fall. Drive safely…



One of the core values of the Friends of Moku’ula is

Pono: “What we do must be right for the community and the ‘aina now and in the future.” Friends of Moku’ula strives to be inclusive of all people who live on Maui, and in Hawaii, and who come to visit our special town of Lahaina.

Our founder, the late Akoni Akana, was a proponent of keeping Lahaina economically and culturally vital, and he was an enthusiastic participant of Halloween in Lahaina festivities.

Through the ages, Halloween has been celebrated by many cultures in many ways; history has shown that its origins are rooted in fall harvest rites, celebrating the end of harvesting and beginning of a time of rest and relaxation – not dissimilar to the time of makahiki in old Hawaii.

Friends of Moku’ula supports Mayor Arakawa and the County of Maui’s decision to honor the wishes of the majority of our community by closing Front Street to vehicle traffic on Halloween night, which will create a safer experience for all.



Oh paaaallleeeease! Has Alan Arakawa ever been to Halloween in Lahaina? And I don’t mean just to smile and wave and put in an appearance for a few minutes. Has he ever been one of the thousand-plus street walkers?

Alan, it was NEVER a “safe, fun, family friendly Halloween event!” Are you kidding? I wouldn’t let my kids near it.

I cannot believe that after all the arguing and complaining and work to get it squashed, you are bringing it back! And because the merchants asked for it – of course they did! They stand to make big bucks while the rest of us put up with the drinking and nudity and drugs and litter and noise and DISRESPECT for the ‘aina it brings. It is a bunch of juvenile, horny showoffs parading themselves up and down the street saying “look at me!”

Shame on you, Alan. I love everything else about you and your mayoral decisions, but you totally blew it on this one.