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LETTERS for June 16 issue

By Staff | Jun 16, 2011


This is a comment regarding all the requests and letters sent over saving Honolua Bay:

The greed of companies and investors must be stopped! A sanctuary and sacred place, as Honolua Bay is, cannot become “developed” with houses and hotels. Even though Maui does need economy, there must be a line drawn over this insanity!

I keep receiving bulk mail from our new governor, but would you think he ever replied to my requests? Lingle left; another same one came.

We cannot, and I mean the PEOPLE, allow letting that go by and happen! I am 8,000 miles away from home, but I still participate in the affairs of my home — may it be just through letters sent.



Aina Nalu homeowners’ fundraiser, “Dollars for Scholars” on May 27, benefitted the Lahaina Complex After School Enrichment Tutor Project.

We would like to extend our appreciation to the following for their donations to the silent auction to support this worthy cause.

GOLD: Andre Adoloffo, Ironwood Associates’ donation of a Hotel Wailea stay, Jim Lynch, Royal Lahaina Resort, Westin, Expedia, Denise Dalton and Bob and Diane Pure;

SILVER: Maui Jim, Barbara Kerbox, Boss Frog’s, LaCosta Realty Hawaii LLC, Pacific Whale Foundation, Lori Powers, Napili Surf, Marilyn Maulin, Lynn Shue/Village Gallery, Hale Zen, Lahaina Cruise Company, Trilogy, Luana Kama, Mama’s Fish House, Old Lahaina Luau, Mayor Alan Arakawa and Sen. Roz Baker;

BRONZE: Siu Whitehead, Cool Cat Cafe, Kai ulu, Diamond Resorts, UFO Parasail, Merriman’s, Whaler’s Locker, Expeditions, Jamba Juice, Warren & Annabelle’s, Mala Ocean Tavern, Tommy Bahama of Whalers Village, Maui Silver Jewelry, HIM, First Impression Interiors, Wharf Cinema Center, Roundtable Pizza, Penne Pasta, Melting Pot, Lahaina Pizza Company, Lahaina Grill, Lahaina Galleries, Kobe Japanese Steak House, Akimbo Studios, Mr. and Mrs. James Andrews, Hortonworks Inc., Soleil Luna Salon, Lahaina Massage Therapy, Special Touch Florist, Kaanapali Beach Hotel, Hard Rock Cafe, Randy Braun Gallery, Mona Lisa Designs, Lori Imdieke, Van Quantham Chiropractic, Rachael Ray AuHoon, Hollywood Theatres Wharf Cinema, Whole Foods, West Maui Engraving Co., Waterfront Restaurant, Pioneer Inn, Pacific’O, Outback, Maui Staging Group, I’o, CJ’s Deli and Diner, Buzz’s Wharf, Bank of Hawaii, Maui Grown Coffee Co. Store, Amigo’s, Mark & Nancy Johnson, Old Lahaina Book Emporium, Bad Ass Coffee, Peter Lik Gallery, Hair Salon Unlimited, Peggy Robertson, Smiles Nail Salon, Gim Lim, Kahului Ale House, Safeway, Costco, Ono Gelato, Moose McGillycuddy’s, Jay’s Place and Island FroYo.

Thank you very much in helping to make this a very successful event!

Mahalo from the 2011 Aina Nalu Fundraiser Committee: Debbie Arakaki, Maria Crichton, Pat and Richard Endsley, Sheila Gerbig-Hussey, Cheryl and Jim Henderson, Michelle Langeveld, Barbara Potts, Victor Terra and Karen Voycik.



In a June 9 letter to the editor, a writer assertively schools us all with a one-size-fits-all interpretation of a certain portion of Hawaii traffic law. The writer further claims his interpretation of the example given at the Hoohui Road and Honoapiilani Highway intersection is absolute and not up for debate. Perhaps the writer should have delved into the Hawaii driver’s handbook a bit deeper before making such a regrettable claim.

May I suggest that the next time the writer is approaching Honoapiilani from Hoohui to turn right toward Lahaina, instead of focusing solely on securing his perceived rightful space in the flow of traffic, perhaps a quick glance to the right is in order. What the writer would clearly see at this intersection and most others like it is a yield sign. This yield sign is unconditional, and its presence trumps the rules of the

road stated by the writer.

It doesn’t direct drivers to yield only to certain vehicles, pedestrians or bicycles, or to yield only under certain conditions of the traffic signal — it simply directs drivers entering the highway in that direction to yield to anything coming their way, including vehicles coming down Hoohui Road from Kahana Ridge turning left toward Lahaina.

While I am not one of the Kahana Ridge residents the writer seems to have developed a dislike for, I share the concern for safety on our roads. However, this will only be achieved when every driver on the road takes their personal responsibility to learn and fully understand traffic laws seriously, and we all follow the same set of rules.



(The following letter was sent to Mayor Alan Arakawa and the County Council.)

A few years ago, a bus terminal was initiated on Luakini Street in Lahaina. That was done without a public hearing.

Luakini Street is a narrow one-way street that is surrounded with residential properties. There are no sidewalks. It is no more than an alley.

We have found that the bus terminal was placed at the Wharf Cinema Center due to a large lobbying effort by the Wharf managers for obvious reasons.

First it was one bus, then two, and now three busses. These three buses discharge people into the street. That was illegal at the onset.

Now, to keep the terminal at the Wharf, the County Transportation Department head and the Public Works Department have proposed to change the direction of Luakini street for one block only, so that people will get on and off into the Wharf Center.

Reversing the direction does not solve other problems generated by the bus terminal: The busses will eject exhaust directly into the homes across the alley.

The noise and vibration of the heavy buses will continue to disturb the neighborhood.

Pedestrians will still be exposed to traffic hazards.

Passengers will still loiter and litter in the neighborhood.

The county officials are making a desperate effort to keep a bus terminal at the Wharf. They would disrupt everything to do this.

We pointed out that a bus terminal should not be located in an alley in front of residential homes, but to no avail.

We have shown them three other places to put the terminal, but they are adamant in keeping the terminal at the Wharf Center. Why?

When we pointed to the Lahaina Harbor lot, where buses go all day long, we were told to go to the state for permission. Isn’t that the function of Transportation and Public Works?

They have not tried to move the terminal. Instead, their entire effort has been to keep the terminal where it is. They have no concern for the residents.

Not one of you would like to live next to a bus terminal. We need action. Move the terminal from Luakini.