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LETTERS for May 26 issue

By Staff | May 26, 2011


The Lahainaluna High School Boarding Department celebrated its 175th anniversary on the weekend of April 15-17, 2011. For 175 years, the Boarding Department has successfully undertaken the responsibility of matriculating our young, carefree youth into responsible, upstanding and exemplary adults. A tremendous task, and the quality of the boarders who graduated from the program attest to its tremendous and impressive success. I am a boarder who graduated with the Class of 1944, and I am proud to be a boarder.

In addition to expressing my thanks and gratitude to Lahainaluna, I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to the people of Lahaina. Thank you for accepting the boarders as an integral part of your warm and compassionate community. You have extended your gracious hospitality, kindness, respect and thoughtfulness to all of us boarders. Your support, sincerity and accommodation are deeply appreciated. Thank you very, very much.

My best wishes to you “Lahainans.” May your hearts be lightened with the thought that you have been such wonderful people, and that you are deeply appreciated. You, too, have contributed greatly to the eminence of the Lahainaluna Boarding Department.

T. BRUCE HONDA, Honolulu


I had the pleasure of a recent visit to your wonderful part of the world while on holiday from the Sunshine Coast (Australia). It goes without saying that I was very impressed with the ambiance of Lahaina and, not the least, the friendliness of its people. 

As a retired teacher, I also had the opportunity to spend a few hours interacting with a class of fifth-graders at King Kamehameha Elementary III School. I found these students to be a credit to themselves, their school and not the least their families, and understandably all students there would be getting great support from the local community.

I will have no hesitation about recommending a holiday there to fellow Aussies. I will tell them about the many things you have to offer, but will obviously caution that you people do drive on the wrong side of the road.



Maui Police Department, thank you for being so diligent about expired safety stickers and seat belt violations.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you put as much effort into citing people who litter? It’s amazing how people use the beach as their trash can. We see people throwing litter out the car window, and nothing seems to happen to them.

While walking on the beach, one can’t help but notice the cigarette butts, condoms, diapers and other trash. Is this any way to treat the ‘aina? It’s harmful to our marine life and to our lives as well.

DEE BURKE, Lahaina


Maui Electric Company, Rotary Club of Lahaina Sunrise, Lahaina Cannery Mall and the county Department of Parks and Recreation extend a warm and sincere thank you to all who came to participate in West Maui’s popular and fun third annual Safety Fair. Job well done to all volunteers and 2011 sponsors.  

Special thank you for those who made gift and in-kind donations to make this event a big success: Maui Electric Co., Big Daddy Surf, Maui Clothing Company, CVS, Pacific’o, Red Cross, Longs Drugs, Gilbert & Associates, Dairy Queen, Safeway, Maui Toy Works and GC Pacific.

And mahalo to our participants: American Heart Association, American Medical Response, Civil Defense Agency, CERT-Certified Emergency Response Team, Maui County Office on Aging, county Department of Water Supply, Maui County Hotel & Resort Security Association, county Health Department, Maui Police Department Drug Awareness Officer, Maui Police Department Child Car Seat Program, Maui County Ocean Safety Department, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, Women Helping Women and county Parks and Recreation Department.

KAREN KONDO, Rotary Club of Lahaina Sunrise


I would like to call attention to a scam that appears to be increasing in West Maui, in which visitors attempt to get discounts or free nights by complaining about cleaning services.

I have been cleaning condo units for more than ten years. I am known to my best customers as reliable and thorough.

In a single week recently, I was verbally attacked by two different sets of visitors who claimed that when they moved into their vacation units, bathrooms were filthy and stained with urine. One even said a dirty diaper had been found. Another complained I stole costume jewelry from a unit when, in fact, I wear two genuine diamond rings and have no interest in costume jewelry.

I take a great deal of pride in my work. After I finish, every one of the units I service goes through a full inspection to be sure that everything is perfect. I was insulted so badly I went home and cried.

My suggestion to condo owners is to think twice when visitors complain. Although most guests are wonderful people, I can only conclude that some make up stories just to take advantage of unsuspecting owners or their agents. There should be no room for this kind of meanness on this beautiful island.