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LETTERS for May 27 issue

By Staff | May 27, 2010


People are completely missing the point when they feel hands-free car phones are safe. When on the phone, you have to use your mind to interpret the incoming information and use your mind to construct an answer — and do it repeatedly.

During these interactions, you are NOT concentrating on your driving. You are still distracted. No use of in-car electronics is acceptable.

Why is Maui the last county to prohibit this dangerous practice? Tests show that under these conditions, you are driving as poorly as a drunk driver! I know we all see this (w)reckless behavior every day!

Even more pathetic, most of those calls are of no serious importance.



Has anyone else noticed and/or investigated the strong, pungent smell (of rotting pineapples or remants) that permeated the air in the Honokowai/Kahana area of West Maui? Never before in 27 years in the area have I noticed this before. Could it be a health hazard?

JOE JARES, Honokowai


I find it alarming that the mayor and her numerous executive assistants refuse to consider any Lahaina residents’ applications for the Planning Commission. The West District is one of the fastest growing areas on the island, and there are sure to be more controversial projects, as well as projects that would require a resident’s perspective in future discussions. 

The West District is already at a disadvantage in that West Maui residents have a much farther drive in order to testify at Planning Commission hearings than those from Central Maui. So the question remains, why won’t this administration take that into consideration? 

I know that there have been applicants from West Maui that have never even received an interview, nor were they given any reason as to why their application is not acceptable. The mayor and her many staffers are wasting time leaving a seat vacant and appointing persons who have turned down the honor. This is unacceptable! 

I know that West Maui resident Gordon Cockett has applied more than once. He is a civic-minded person with no conflicts of interest. Just give the guy a chance. There has not been a West Maui representative on the commission for quite some time and we are long overdue!



Do you think you own your own home?

You have paid off the mortgage, and you are under the mistaken delusion that no one can take away your property.

Your property tax bill comes once a year. If you don’t pay the property tax bill, the government can take your home.

You don’t own your home; you are really renting your property from the government.

Just don’t let your dog get too comfortable.



Barbara Walters has surgery — Doctors say they are expecting a full recovery, and that Barbara Walters’ surgery to replace a faulty heart valve was a complete success. All I can say is, it’s been a tough year. First the economic collapse, then the oil spill and now this.



A great response and grand time was had by all for the second annual Henry Kaleialoha Allen Hawaiian Steel Guitar Festival. Never has there been such a lineup of all steel players in one place to play for three days! The event was made possible only by the support of our community and sponsors such as the Hawaii Tourism Authority, County of Maui, Maui Visitor’s Bureau, Office of Economic Development and Creative Industries, along with the private donations of citizens and supporters of this unique and only true Hawaiian stringed instrument!

To the Arts Education for Children Group (AECG) and Bryant Neal goes the attention for being a true “visionary” for the future in all of our planning of this venue.

This event has opened the doors for our guests from Japan and the Mainland to come, learn and be a part of the culture of Hawaii. The Kaanapali Beach Hotel, known as the "Most Hawaiian Hotel," has come through again in the preservation and perpetuation of the true culture of Hawaii in being our host hotel. They bent over backwards to "make it happen!"

Mahalo to our lieutenant governor, who came and opened up the festival on Friday night; our fine senators, Roz Baker and Brickwood Galuteria, who hosted Henry’s concert; Danny Akaka Jr. from Mauna Lani Hotel for his “Pule,” and Aloha Kekoolani for both nights with her “Pule” and Hawaiian Touch; Councilwoman Jo Anne Johnson, a strong supporter of all of Henry’s venues and of the hotel; former Mayor Alan Arakawa and his lovely wife, Ann, for coming and sharing your hospitality with our dear guests from Japan; to all our guest performers and my staff ("priceless”); and Michael White, Tom Fairbanks and Kalani Nakoa, Keepers of the Culture. This is the true epitome of Hawaii — the music of our Kings and Queens — and to honor to all the great Hawaiian steel guitar master who went before.

Mahalo to the Lahaina News and Editor Mark Vieth, who never misses a chance to keep all the cultural activities and events foremost in our community, and make it public knowledge through his fine paper that this festival brings a lot to our community for all in the educational and learning events that have been made free of charge to all. Mahalo, Mark, for your fine and comprehensive service of publicity!

Until next April, 2011, malama pono and a hui ho!

SHERRON NOHEA ALLEN, Hawaiian Music Institute


Princess Nahienaena School’s May Day on Thursday, May 6, was a success! Our heartfelt mahalos to the many supporters who helped to pull this off in less than two months.

Mahalo to Elmer Baggao and Seelights Production, Brandon Hirata, Kawika Hoopii and Fa’amau Liu, Kapili and the Akima Family, Corey Kukahiko and friends, Ron Gess and PWC staff, Mark Vieth and Lahaina News, Tom Fairbanks and Kaanapali Beach Hotel, Duane and The Westin Kaanapali Ocean Resort Villas, Scott Matsui and Honolulu Cookie Co., Kerrie Aotaki and the King Kamehameha III School PTA, May Fujiwara and the Na Kupuna ‘Ohana Serenaders and Dancers, Theo Morrison and Lahaina Restoration Foundation, Carmelo Di Franco and Lahaina Outlet Store, Badua Family, Denise Wallace and Blossoms of Maui, Napili Canoe Club, former Queens Abcde Shibao and Lahela Akima, Sara Kanemitsu, Irene Tihada, Lori Kaufman, Tina Oman, Miriam Tamayo, Kumu Liko, Rae Asio and the Decoration Committee, Mark Anthony Espinoza, Lisa Cabingas, Cherise Shulman, Lora and Greg Yadao, Kasen Kitaguchi-Pastore, Na Kamali’i Nani o Lahaina parents and students, Tricia Carroll, Zelia Paulino, Kip and Paul Payne, Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten parents, Robbie Ray and Mana’o Radio, Brian Bratcher and the overnight crew, grade-level May Day Group Leaders and Assistants, Queen Selection Committees, Marilyn Ueno, Lysha Kamisato, Cliff Ahue, Jason Jerome and Lahaina Music, May Day Court, and participants and their families who so generously gave their time after school to make May Day happen!

And to those we may have inadvertentlly missed, we do truly appreciate it very much! May Day does matter for OUR children and OUR tradition! Mahalo nui loa to everyone!