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LETTERS for December 10 issue

By Staff | Dec 10, 2009


Back in 1999, when this project Kaanapali 2020 was first established, people from the West Side were asked to volunteer their time to help plan this project and make this happen.

They were chosen, I think, by the voices they carried in West Maui, to assist in the plan. I was asked to become part of this group… probably because I headed then-Mayor Linda Lingle’s West Maui Advisory Committee and wrote multiple letters to the paper.

I attended the first meeting and was given a very large portfolio outlining the development on North Beach, some of which has now been built.

We were asked not to divulge any of this information to anyone. That seemed strange to me, but I took all the paperwork home that evening to look it over. After reading it all, I was sick to my stomach. All that concrete on North Beach was horrible.

The next day, I promptly returned my portfolio to an office at Kahana Gateway that housed the Kaanapali 2020 executives.

I handed the material to the secretary and said that I did not want to be a part of this plan. My name would not be affiliated with this outrageous development in Kaanapali.

As far as the rest of their plan — low-income housing, medical center, etc. — I will believe it when I see it!

I have heard too many false promises from large landowners in the 40 years I have lived in West Maui.



Our democracy is a myth, our leaders can’t be trusted;

Our government is corrupt, and our system is busted.

We have no rights, save those we defend;

We have but each other, on which to depend.



Having inherited a deteriorating situation in Afghanistan because of the Bush Administration’s lack of a plan to get the job done, the President tonight articulated a way out of this war.

He appropriately focused on why we are in Afghanistan: as it was the epicenter of the 9/11 attack on America and where new attacks are being plotted as we speak.

I recently returned from Afghanistan and Pakistan, and I do have concerns about what we can realistically achieve with 30,000 additional troops. When we met with President Karzai, I stressed that the American people need reassurance through his actions that he would be a reliable partner.

The American people and the Congress will now have an opportunity to fully examine this strategy and its costs.

MAZIE K. HIRONO, Congresswoman, Second District, Hawaii


The second annual Malama Lahaina Program was a huge success. The Lahaina Restoration Foundation is thankful this holiday season for the many volunteers and donators who help keep these programs alive.

Lahaina Restoration would like to thank the people and businesses that supported us throughout the month while we Fixed up, Cleaned up, Educated and Celebrated Lahaina.

We would like to remind everyone that these efforts do not end in November. We have ongoing programs to educate residents and visitors on our historic town. We continue to keep it clean and to promote Lahaina as a fantastic place to visit.

Many thanks to Norval Ayers, Bank of Hawaii, Konala Frohrib Bagoyo, Keale Bagoyo, Jackie Frohrib Bagoyo, Ricky Bagoyo, Bob’s Car Repair, Chris Brayton, Bunt Burkhalter, Chris “Kila” Buza, Ennah Cabadung, Eve Clute, Mark Collmer, Jean Marie Crinion, Kade Cunningham, Krystal Cunningham, Donnie Decker, Dannia Dominguiz, Mark Ellman, Sisifo Evalu, Sasa’e Evalu, Kalee Farberow, Stuart Faberow, Ute’ Finch, Sophia Fredy, Chelsea Gilchrist,  Kirsten Gilchrist, Tom Gilroy, Juan Gomez, Mike Graham, Mihana Ho, Eric Holland, Home Depot, Anela Huina, Justin Inovejas, Lauren Jordon, Marissa Kahai‘alii, Tara Lynn Kahai‘alii, Malihini Keahi-Heath, Kimo’s, Pua Olena Lapota, Brandee  Leopoldino, Kristen Loftis, Peter Longhi, Longhi’s, Livewire Cafe, Barry McPhee, Irene McPhee, Calen Matsuda, Barb Newton, People Who Clean, Pioneer Inn, Penne Pasta, Louisa Shelton, Kelsey Shultz and Lori Shultz, Carlee Sutherland, Aileen Trout, Robert Trout, Curtis Tom, Jessica Vernoy, Tyler Vernoy, Penny Wakida, Ann Marie Wilder, Brenda Wong, Julie Yoneyama and Lahaina Yacht Club.

SHARON FREDY, Program Director, Lahaina Restoration Foundation


If politicians were sincerely concerned with America’s financial deficits, they’d eliminate their grandiose pension, medical and income plans.



West Side Style Hair Design sponsored a “Spa Day” makeover event for Lahaina’s Salvation Army on Nov. 7.  Proceeds will help to fund programs for at-risk youth in our community. 

 The chapel was transformed to provide a venue for this exiting event, and all services were provided for a suggested donation.

There were haircuts and beauty consultations available by expert stylist Ronda DeLano, who said, “I believe that we all need to serve and take care of one another. The Salvation Army does amazing work in helping people, and I support their mission wholeheartedly.” 

Interactive manicure and make-up booths gave participants a kit with the tools and instructions for  use.

Guests also enjoyed the ten-minute massage booth and prize raffle drawings every hour.

Lahaina’s Salvation Army Thrift Store selected the best of their inventory to create “Sally’s Boutique.”  Designer labels like Fox and Banana Republic, many still brand new, along with jewelry, decor and gifts were sold at amazing discounts.

After all that pampering, it was time to shine with a personal mini-photo session. The stage was set to present God’s beautiful creation: you!

Youth programs include music and summer camps, as well as ministry get-togethers.

The Salvation Army would like to grow youth services here locally, and seeks volunteers to help lead more programs.  

“By providing for some basic needs, we remind people that there is hope,” said Envoy Vidella Nagasaki, who leads the Lahaina Corps.

“Our chapel was transformed for a day, but the transformations which occur inside every day go much deeper.”

The Salvation Army is located at 131 Shaw St. in Lahaina.

For more information about programs or volunteer opportunities, contact Vidella or Cassie at 661-5335.