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LETTERS for November 19 issue

By Staff | Nov 19, 2009


Shotguns are being fired to keep the birds away from the runway at Kapalua Airport, and it’s out of control. I have called the police and Maui Humane Society — both told me their hands are tied, since the airport has a permit for the shooting.

There’s also a man-made cage next to the runway. Look for it next time as you are landing or taking off at Kapalua Airport. They trap the birds in there and bring them to a slow death in the sun. Why is this practice allowed?

We don’t have flocks of birds flying around there, as it can be a big problem for planes (such as the incident over the Hudson River). Now more than ever, there are less flights coming into Kapalua, yet the bird control is more than ever.

I have been a resident at Kahana Ridge for over ten years now. In the last two months, the gunshots going off at Kapalua are increasingly disturbing and create extra stress for both my family and my dogs. We are finding lost dogs that ran away from the fear of war zone sounds.

It starts at 7 a.m. and goes on all day long. From the loud sounds of gunshots, and seeing the stress on my dogs, you would think we live in a war zone, not paradise.

Where is the responsibility to a residential area when the county allows zoning approval so close to the airport? Are there no rules that can stop this madness and protect the peace?

During these hard economic times, and when our stress level is extra high, we now have the school furlough crisis to deal with. Many of these serious problems might not have quick fixes, but we must do something about this nonsense with shooting and creating this added nervous, stressful home life.

Is anyone else bothered by this? Please help ASAP!



Now that the Lahaina Gateway Center has grown, the need to turn left off Honoapiilani Highway onto Keawe has increased by leaps and bounds. Traveling north and attempting to turn left into the Gateway area is a long wait to say the least.

Sometimes there are 10-12 cars waiting for the red arrow, and half of them make it through the light at best.

It is time for a “Left Turn-Yield on Green” signal to be installed. Some have figured out if the left turn lane is full, turn right into Lahaina Cannery Mall, turn around and proceed straight across the street when the light turns green in about five minutes.

If there can be one at Shaw Street, then why not at Keawe?



If nothing else, Sen. Roz Baker is predictable. No matter the problem, she blames the governor.  She must be at a loss for any new ideas, or it is simply sour grapes. She must feel like Cinderella’s stepsister who will never get invited to the ball… or elected governor.

Hats off to Rep. Joe Souki for recognizing that the problem is larger than schools, but affects the entire state.

Keep in mind that the HSTA, the union, voted for the use of teacher furloughs vs. alternatives… of which there are several. Since the real “teachers” are outnumbered by two to one in the HSTA, it is no wonder that the vote went this way.  The bureaucrats protected themselves and put all the burden on the teachers and the students.

It is time for the elected to talk to their union supporters and press for them to find an alternative. The days of “having your cake and eating it, too” are over. This is not the time to add to the tax burden of the already overtaxed people of Hawaii.



We are both medical professionals from New Mexico. We have visited Maui 1-2 times a year since 2002. Even though there are other islands, we love the feeling that Maui gives us and have been big supporters of recommending the island to others who are looking to travel to the Hawaiian Islands.

This year, we planned our trip around a seminar we attended with Dr. Wayne Dyer. We arrived in Maui on Oct. 21 and the seminar was Oct. 23-25. We could have returned home, but decided to extend our trip to attend the Lahaina Halloween party. We always stay in Lahaina, and this was a great opportunity for us.

Prior to the event, we had visited many local businesses and visited the chamber. (Back in New Mexico, I also hold a position as a board member of our local Chamber of Commerce.) Throughout our visit, we heard many businesses say that they were disappointed that the Lahaina Halloween party was disliked by those who make many of the decisions on the island. As a business owner and chamber board member, I was shocked to know that an island that has been struggling during our country’s economic difficulties would choose to dislike an event that brought money into their economy.

We also noticed the decrease in the number of visitors to the island than we have experienced before. We also were disappointed that the Halloween party had much smaller participation than in recent years. The police were very nice, and we thought the people had a great time. Why the streets were not closed for safety was crazy. It was just showing a “power” decision. But someone could have been hurt over someone else making a point. Lahaina has many streets that the cars could have driven around to get where they needed to.  Most were people driving up and down looking at the attendants’ costumes, and this could have caused an accident.

We love Maui and plan on purchasing a home there in the next couple years. I hope that it continues to thrive. Looking at the big picture, keeping all businesses alive and thriving should be a goal of not only the chamber but those responsible for economic development. ANY event that brings people in to SPEND money should be supported and safely planned.



The King Kamehameha III PTA’s seventh annual Fall Fun Walk was a smashing success! The students and teachers raised approximately $13,000, which will be used for the Maui Academy of Performing Arts, Reflections, and Bishop Museum Holoholo Science programs; CPR classes; Ali‘i of the Quarter; student and teacher assistance; appreciation rewards; and much, much more! 

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks and sincere appreciation to the following sponsors and local businesses, who gave from the heart and supported our biggest fund-raising event of the school year. We applaud you! 

MAHALO to Atlantis Submarines, Cilantro, Outback Steakhouse, Lei Spa Maui, Starbucks Coffee-Old Lahaina Center, Hula Grill, Penne Pasta, Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa, Round Table Pizza, Old Lahaina Luau, Maui Jim Sunglasses, Leilani’s, Maui Ocean Center, Pizza Paradiso, The Melting Pot Restaurant, Maui Classic Charters, Expeditions, Kobe’s Japanese Steak House, UFO Parasail Hawaii, ‘Ulalena at Maui Theatre, Ruth’s Chris Steak House, Tropic Water, Office Max, Lahaina Gateway and Patti Link for the pumpkins, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., Grand Wailea Resort & Spa, Warren & Annabelle’s, Clifton Electric and Kaanapali Beach Hotel. 

Special thanks to our awesome volunteers, parents, teachers and faculty. MAHALO to Alexa Hanohano, Allen Shimoda, Brandi Zakrzewski, Cassidy O’Donnell, Celeste Olson, Cherise Shulman, Claire Tillman, Darice Garcia, Vice Principal Dawn Mains, Deane Olson, Denise Smith, Deysha Oliveti, Dionne VanHemert, Edson Wagatsuma, Elle Cochran, Gina Chavez, Irene Hannah, Jodi Easler, Kerri Aotaki, Koa Evalu-Robinson, Leigh Galarita, Liz Bell, Lori Gupton, Michelle Harmon, Pat Akiyama, Rondilyn Franz, Serefina Sedano, Sarah Mestanza, Sasae Evalu, Shannon Manibog, Sisifo Evalu, Principal Steve Franz, Tui Long, Wendi Goodwin, Liz Sager, the office staff (Robyn, Jan, Liz and Janet), the custodians (Fran, Wayne, Rusty, Delhi and Pua), and cafeteria staff (Steve, Louella, Didi, Albert and Junior).



I enjoy reading your newspaper. I am looking at the back page of a recent Lahaina News. First, an ad to fill the whole back page must be expensive, and I don’t begrudge your newspaper from making money and paying your bills.

Second, the ad is by some group called Lahaina Bypass Now. They claim that Phase I of the project has begun. This was promised over 28 years ago, so them telling us that it has begun is just plain useless. This new bypass is just going to move the bottleneck to a different location. Why keep prolonging the agony?

What everyone should be doing is to keep our students in school — and with good supplies that they don’t have to buy themselves.

We should also see to it that the Police and Fire Departments are well-manned and compensated properly.

The other thing that should be done is to stop all the West Maui cement condos that are being built, and force the politicians to start doing their jobs correctly and stop giving in to big businesses.



Well, how dumb was I? I now understand that cats have an inalienable right to roam. Those of us who are offended when cats find our landscape and homes to be “attractive nuisances” are expected to litter our yards with banana peels and twice-weekly spray some citrus concoction all over the property in order not to trample on those rights.

Consider me also enlightened as to why some people find it simpler to trap the cat and call the Humane Society, not to mention now having a newfound grasp on why cats comprise 95 percent of road kill. Before you let them roam, you cat people really need to teach your cats how to look both ways before crossing the road. Oops… I forgot — cats tend to ignore people except when they want something.