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LETTERS for October 22 issue

By Staff | Oct 22, 2009


Somebody ought to do something about it. Once again, the majority will be left with the misguided decision that prohibits a Halloween celebration on Front Street in Lahaina.

Once again, those who do go to Front Street on Halloween will be yelled at and made to stay cramped on the sidewalks by the police while vehicle traffic is allowed, and taxis and kids in slowly moving cars laugh and cruise Front Street spewing noxious auto fumes at all.

Once again, our businesses, already struggling, will have a diminishment in this usual annual boost that they need.

Once again, Halloween is singled out as being “culturally” incorrect, while it really is like much of our past, and surely no more culturally incorrect than most of what goes on in Lahaina.

And once again, the prudish and controlling wishes of the few will override the majority — participants of all cultures, and over 99 percent of whom were well-behaved — from enjoying what was a wonderful and fun event. Somebody ought to do something about it.



Cats and dogs are territorial. Both scent mark their territories by urinating, some by defecating. When they are out for a walk, dogs urinate on everything, including the cat if they can get close enough. Cats are nocturnal, and despite the efforts of their owners, some just won’t be kept in at night. If they are sequestered, they lay low and wait for their chance to dart out between their owners’ legs, and once free, will likely be gone for days for fear of being locked up again. Dogs come when they’re called. Cats don’t. Cats come only if it is their idea first. It works in reverse when you tell them to go away.

Herein lies the basic differences between cats and dogs that most often result in loss of sleep for their owners (and neighbors). Cat terrorizes dog by sitting on the fence with a fierce, ho-hum look about him. Dog leaps and barks at cat, and what does he get? Pissed on (point cat). Cat’s mom calls the Humane Society about the barking. Duty officer pays a visit to dog’s mom, and dog’s mom gets mad at cat’s mom. Meanwhile, cat and dog are soaking up all this negative energy, wreaking havoc within both households. Then cat gets out and decides that was so fun, he’s going to do it again (point cat).

Getting upset doesn’t work. Dog knows it. Cat knows it. Take back your territory from cat and give him a dose of his own medicine. BE the cat! Fill a squirt gun with Lemon Scented Parson’s Ammonia (cat doesn’t like citrus) and mark those spots on the fence just as cat would do. Mark the place under the house where he defecated. Then go around the perimeter of your home and spray it on leaves and bushes. If you happen to have a little of cat’s fur (don’t ask me why I kept his fur), spray the fur and place it near the entry of your pathway. Spray it good.  

This will only work as long as the ammonia lasts, so once every week or so, repeat the process. Don’t spray ammonia at cat no matter how much you want to. There is no need to punish him — he is only doing what he knows. Eventually cat will move into a less-populated territory, hopefully taking his buddies with him.  

If this doesn’t work, try using your own urine. And if that doesn’t work, the next time your neighbor’s cat poops under your home, kindly ask them to come and remove it, just as they would “doo” unto you. You could even give them a doggy bag (point dog).



Na ‘Ohana Holau and Laborte celebrated the first Holau ‘Ohana Reunion during the Labor Day weekend. The three-day event took place at Lahaina Civic Center, bringing families from Maui, Oahu, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon and California together.     

The multitalented ‘ohana entertained during Friday night’s reception and an ‘Ohana Slide Show concluded the evening. During the day on Saturday, families that did not go shopping or sightseeing met at Lahaina Civic Center for fun and games. 

Family and friends were featured at Saturday’s evening ho‘olaulea, and to top the night, Viva La Divas performed.

On Sunday, the last day of the reunion, a memorial blessing was held at Waihiku Beach Park. The families gathered at the park, and a crew of the ‘ohana took florals out on a canoe to scatter in honor of their ‘ohana that have passed on.

Na ‘Ohana Holau and Laborte are most grateful to: Aloha Mixed Plate, Ken Claphan (Rusty Harpoon), Iwalani Moku (MBM Productions), Howard Kihune (Landtec Co., Ltd), Al Pelayo (A&K Ventures), Duke Wilson (Aikane Co.), Dave Ward (Frampton & Ward, LLC), Howard Hanzawa (Kaanapali Land Management Corp.), Jeff Ferguson (MauiGrown Coffee Store), Boy Ah Puck (Napili Kai Beach Resort), Dean Kawabata (The Dunes at Maui Lani), Ace Hardware-Lahaina, Kyle (Lahaina Kaanapali Railroad), Linn Nishikawa (Nishikawa Inc.), Lori Moore (Royal Lahaina Resort), Joey Tihada (Napili Canoe Club), Lanny Tihada, Stanford and Cindy Catugal, Joe Bingham, Fa‘amau and Kawika, The Dizon ‘Ohana, and all the families and friends for their hard work in putting this year’s reunion  together so that we as an ‘Ohana could “HO‘I HOU I KA IWI  KUAMO‘O” (Return to our Roots).

YVETTE LABORTE, Na ‘Ohana Holau Reunion Committee


President Obama was granted the Nobel Peace Prize before he took office. Yet influential presidents like Truman, who stomped out the spread of communism in Korea; Johnson, who checked it in Vietnam; and Reagan, who snuffed out communism’s Cold War without having to fire a shot, barely received a blink.

And the Bushes — Papa, who kicked the tyrant Saddam out of Kuwait, and his son, George Jr., who finished the job by returning democracy to Iraq after executing the creep — are still scoffed upon for defending us against Islamic terrorist fanatics.

I never realized that sniffing glue is a prerogative tool utilized in the selection of these board members.



This is a proud day for America, and an especially proud day for all of us in Hawaii, because we have the first Hawaii-affiliated winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

We should be thrilled about this, and it’s sad that the local Republicans can’t get beyond their partisanship for just a moment to realize what a great day this is.

It’s no wonder that the local GOP has been so ineffective in capturing the enthusiasm of Hawaii residents when they focus on nipping at the President’s ankles rather than solving problems.

BRIAN SCHATZ, Chair, Democratic Party of Hawaii


Despite his frequent and open admissions of same, a significant number of the American “Sheeple” simply refuse to accept the fact that cable television shock jock Glenn Beck is an entertainer, not a journalist, and that the role he plays for Fox News is nothing more than a thinly-veiled remake of Howard Beale, as portrayed by Peter Finch in the 1976 movie “Network.” Check the clips on YouTube.



I never watched Glenn Beck. However, after reading several letters from the usual liberal hacks, I thought viewing him should be “enlightening.” 

Now I see why they have such disdain for him. Glenn Beck does not spew forth hate as they claim. What he does do is present what is happening now, and that scares these left “wingnuts” to death. 

So, rather than admit their mistake in supporting the Messiah, Obe and the Czars, they marginalize any opposition and attempt to silence it. 

Thank you for turning me on to Mr. Beck. What he says scares me to death, too. 

Next thought: shame on the Makawao parents who want to raise taxes to keep their kids in school. Time you dealt with your own kids, instead of charging the schools with raising them.