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Contribute ideas to help diversify our economy

By Staff | Jul 16, 2021

How can the Maui County Council support new and emerging industries during this post-COVID era?

Maui County Council Chair Alice Lee seeks input from the community through a survey accessible from her newsletter.

She noted, “The COVID-19 pandemic has been a stark reminder of Maui County’s overdependence on tourism. The pandemic has forced us to look at other businesses and industries to diversify our economy.”

The brief Post-Pandemic Emerging Industries Survey requests the public’s ideas on a topic or industry — such as agriculture or transportation capacity — and legislation ideas to help manage the visitor industry.

With more visitors expected this summer, the survey asks, “Do you have ideas about reducing the number of short-term rentals and eliminate illegal short-term rentals? Should we create a toll and/or reservation system to enter Hana or other historical places for visitors? Should we urge airline partners to reduce the number of airline seats? Let’s hear your ideas.”

Lee explained that more businesses on the rise are utilizing QR codes, and there are expanding delivery options and more home-based businesses.

“I invite you to answer the Emerging Industries Survey… which aims to find out the new demands from the community in this post-COVID era. Is there a need for more ride-sharing services? Should working from home be the new norm? Should the County expand online-based services? How can we support green businesses?”

Contribute your insight to help the council make Maui County more economically resilient.