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Participate in Hulihia

By Staff | Jun 4, 2021

What dramatic changes can we make today to improve Maui County for the future?

Thirty community leaders recently met at the University of Hawaii Maui College to launch Hulihia, which means “complete change” in Hawaiian.

The two-year pilot project will apply sustainability expertise to the issues we face on Maui.

This initiative — a partnership between the college and the Kamehameha Schools’ Maui, Molokai and Lanai Community Strategies Team — aims for Maui County to have clean energy and transportation, food security, clean and sufficient water for the future, protected ecosystems, waste reduction, sustainable tourism, green employment and a green economy.

Laura H.E. Kaakau, president and chief executive officer of Hawaii Land Trust, offers food for thought.

“As we come out of this pandemic, we are all asking ourselves what changes have we as a community ACTUALLY made to better Maui and Hawaii? Hulihia offers a process by which community issues can be mapped at the system level, and everyone from the average Kimo to the mayor can see what would happen if one thing were switched in the equation.

“Hulihia can take on an issue, such as how do we reduce imported food from 85 percent to 25 percent, and map all the factors to get there, as well as all the consequences, good and bad. Weʻll be participating, as Hulihia’s process really does require input from every sector of the community.”

Conference Facilitator Jonathan Stenger, a Kamehameha Schools analyst, worked with colleagues and the UH Maui College chancellor, faculty and staff for many months to bring the recent Hulihia launch to fruition.

Now is the time for everyone to add his/her/their voice.

“Often in dealing with big issues, we’re asked to do very difficult things. Our ask is very simple. Share your thoughts. Tell us what is important to you,” Stenger said.

Citizens are invited to learn more at hulihiamaui.com. Even more important, you can participate via https://hulihia.consider.it/.