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Participate in the West Maui Affordable Housing Survey

By Staff | Mar 5, 2021

Do you live or work on the West Side? The West Maui Taxpayers Association (WMTA) is conducting a survey to understand where you would like to see housing built for you and your family.

There is no question that affordable housing is needed.

WMTA explained that the mission of this survey is to “… have the West Maui Community Plan, WMCP, reflect the opinions and direction the West Maui residents and employees believe are important, which will encourage affordable mixed-use development in West Maui areas of Olowalu and Launiupoko.”

Participation in the survey is voluntary and anonymous.

The West Maui Affordable Housing Survey will end on April 2, 2021. To take the survey, visit http://www.westmaui.org/survey2021.html.

For more information, e-mail WMTA@maui.net or contact WMTA President Joseph D. Pluta at (808) 661-7990.

WMTA is a nonprofit community association that has been advocating for West Maui for over 40 years.

In this case, WMTA is gathering the voices of the community on affordable housing in West Maui.

“We are seeking the input of parents, neighbors, small business owners, visitor industry staff and more to help us collectively inform decision makers of what the residents need for a safe and healthy community — part of the WMTA mission since the beginning,” the group noted.

Take the survey to help give the county direction on much-needed housing in our community.