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Help battle plastic pollution via Small Acts for Clean Shores

By Staff | Oct 22, 2020

Love Beauty and Planet and the Surfrider Foundation invite Maui residents to participate in Small Acts for Clean Shores, a series of seemingly small actions that collectively add up to major impacts for our ocean, coasts, waterways and our island community.

Throughout October, volunteers are cleaning up shorelines throughout the country. The effort includes coastlines, riverbeds, lakeshores and creeks, because all waterways ultimately lead to the ocean.

Via #SmallActs4CleanShores, Maui environmental stewards can take a stand against plastic pollution, host a cleanup at a beach or waterway of their choice and report their findings to Surfrider’s database.

It’s easy! All you have to do is go to surfrider.org, download the data card and organize your supplies, pick a location and fill out the data card as you clean the area, register and report your cleanup data, and then share your photos on social media and tag #SmallActs4CleanShores, @lovebeautyandplanet and @surfrider.

Surfrider noted that the data you collect can help the organization advocate for positive policies and legislation to address sources of pollution.

“The Surfrider Foundation is actively engaged in policy work at local, state and federal levels. When advocating for policies, it’s critical to cite relevant statistics and key studies in support of plastic pollution reduction bills,” noted Jennifer Hart in “Beyond the Beach: How Cleanups Create Change.”

“Our beach cleanup data is vital in making the case to reduce single-use plastics, since much of the legislation that Surfrider supports aims at banning the items that consistently make it to the top ten list at our cleanups. These include plastic bags, cigarette butts, food packaging, bottles and straws. Furthermore, just as we can use the data to direct new policy efforts, we can also use the data to track the success of policies.

“In short, the plastic you pick up off the beach is a crucial piece to the policy puzzle.”

Host your own cleanup, malama Maui and give back to nature via Small Acts for Clean Shores.