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Let’s be vigilant and smart

By Staff | Apr 2, 2020

Some of us old people are self-isolating. Some of us are more Corona-vulnerable than others.

Here are some Corona-suggestions to make us more Corona-safe and happy.

Place disinfectant wipes at your door; ask your ohana to use them!

Let us know we are not alone in these Corona-closed zones.

Learn how to honi honi in a Corona-smart way; social-distance.

Be Corona-safe-creative.

Corona-aging may not follow a 1-2-3 pattern.

You may be 30 but asthmatic, or a 20-year-old runner working as a steward.

What Corona-age are you?

Are you Corona-safe, Corona-cautious, Coronal-vulnerable or Corona-stupid?

Don’t be an anti-community Corona-hoarder. There’s plenty for everybody. If you cache more than you need, that’s Corona-despicable; anti-aloha.

West Maui is an isolated community – an island on an island, surrounded by water.

Let’s be Corona-vigilant and avoid community-spread.

Don’t be Corona-paranoid; be Corona-smart.

Live aloha, and keep us all Corona-free. (By Louise Rockett)