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Are we prepared for dangerous fires?

By Staff | Oct 10, 2019

When you live or work in West Maui, you might get trapped. It’s just another cost of living in paradise, or so it seems.

Today (Wednesday, Oct. 2), there is no access to the other side, to hospitals, the airport or home.

The trades have picked up. There’s a fire above Maalaea where the windmills stand. The Pali is closed to all traffic – has been since around 12:45 p.m.

An hour ago, I heard sirens heading north from my home office in Napili.


Then I get a call… the road north to Wailuku is closed. A helicopter has landed in the Napili Neighborhood Park to transport accident victim(s) to the hospital, I assume.

It’s dangerous out there, West Maui.

The fire season is upon us.

Are we prepared?

Apparently not.

It’s raining up north, there is fire to the south; the wind is screaming. Can we literally ask our visitors and our families to navigate through this unconscionable situation?

There is something we need to learn. Serious questions should be asked and answered. We need more than studies; we need action no matter the cost. Our lives are worth more than a debate on the state chamber floor.

Because it is not if it happens, but when. West Maui will be perilously isolated again, and that’s a fact.