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West Maui community loses Billy Robinson

By Staff | Sep 12, 2019

William Albert “Bill” Robinson passed away on July 20.

On the surface, he was Maui cool – the local-style version of James Dean or “Happy Days” Fonz, with long wavy pompadour hair, moustache and slouching posture leaned up against his polished hot rod with a Kool Mild dangling from his lips. But beneath that exterior lived a spirit of warmth, intelligence and aloha that embraced those closest to him.

Billy had a friendly, sometimes curious, sense of humor that would be sprung upon you in many unexpected ways, but always with a sense of kindness that would warm your heart.

William Albert “Bill” Robinson climbed the stairway to Heaven on July 20, carried upward with the sincere blessings of family and friends at the celebration of his life last month at the Robinson Estate at Kahana.

In the eulogies provided by his daughters and relatives, it became clear that the family bonds that were formed in the 66 years of Billy’s life on this Earth were the kind that only get stronger as time marches on.

He was his own man and dedicated his life to the love of his life for 50 years, the former Tanya Makekau.

Together they raised two daughters as Billy worked mostly in landscape maintenance at high-end resorts in Kaanapali. He loved surfing and canoe paddling, while always keeping some sort of hot rod on the property at Kahana.

Soon there were son-in-laws and grandchildren that provided the opportunity for the family to further open their hearts to one another.

But then the insidious foil to earthly happiness – cancer -entered Billy’s life. He battled the disease for years, and it is said that Billy found peace with the Lord God in his journey.

Billy is predeceased by his parents, Arnett Gordon Matthew “Buddy” Robinson and Elizabeth “Liz” Robinson, and his brother, Gordon Robinson.

He is survived by his wife, Tanya Robinson; daughters Malia (Mario) Barroga and Aulani (Shane) Dusenberry; brother James (Lorraine) Robinson; sisters Arnette (Giles) Forsythe and Cathlen (Pat) Zarko; and grandchildren Matthew Barroga, Amber-Marie Robinson (Nohea), Isaac Dusenberry, Maika Barroga, Kyari-Elizabeth Dusenberry, Maliko Barroga and Makayla-Yuyen Barroga.

Our sincere sympathy goes out to Billy’s family. May the Lord’s peace be with you always. Aloha ‘oe. (By Walter Chihara)