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Vision for West Maui’s future taking shape

By Staff | Jan 10, 2019

The county Planning Department is now working on what could be the blueprint for West Maui’s future.

An update of the West Maui Community Plan is underway, with residents participating in a vision workshop in December.

This month, the county will gather all input received during a live Dec. 5 workshop in Lahaina and online forum, then create draft vision options for the community to review and make comments.

County Department of Planning Long-Range Division Chief Pam Eaton said, “We were excited by the turnout and are looking forward to turning these ideas into a strong vision the community can really get behind.”

The draft vision options will be made available at www.wearemaui.org, and the public will be able to comment on them through the website.

The Planning Department will prepare a vision statement based on the feedback received.

Next, the vision statement will be used to guide community design workshops in February.

According to the county, the vision is a critical part of any community plan. It tells the story of what a community will look like when the goals, policies and action items in a plan are implemented.

The vision is a target for the community and elected officials to work toward, and also a way to check whether the plan is working.

Contribute your insight on West Maui to help planners draft the best possible community plan.