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Help create a vision statement for West Maui’s future

By Staff | Nov 29, 2018

What is your vision for West Maui? What does the community want more of and less of?

What must be preserved on the West Side, and what are our values?

Tell county Department of Planning officials at a visioning workshop for the West Maui Community Plan from 5:30 to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 5, at the West Maui Senior Center at 788 Pauoa St. in Lahaina.

The West Maui Community Plan will guide future growth in the area. It will be the first of Maui Island’s six regional community plans to be updated since the adoption of the Maui Island Plan in 2012.

During the workshop, the department will assist the community through a process of exploring the questions above. Planners will then use input gathered to collaborate with the community on a vision statement for the plan.

The public can also learn about visioning and provide input online at www.wearemaui.org. Residents are encouraged to sign up through the website to receive e-mail updates.

According to the county, creating a vision – describing what the community wants to achieve in 20 years – is an important step in the process of updating a community plan.

It reflects the community’s values and priorities for future growth, development and preservation. It also serves as a guide to help identify goals, policies and actions in the community plan.

The existing West Maui Community Plan was adopted in 1996. The update process will involve numerous community meetings and workshops.

The review process formally begins with the Community Plan Advisory Committee, which will review a draft updated plan and offer recommendations. The Maui Planning Commission will then review the draft updated plan, and the Maui County Council will review and adopt the updated plan.

More information about the West Maui Community Plan update is posted at www.wearemaui.org and on Facebook and Instagram @wearemaui.

West Siders know this special region better than anyone. Contribute your views on the future of West Maui.