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David Malo Day Ho‘olaule‘a pays forward his lofty ideals

By Staff | May 4, 2017

The David Malo Day Ho’olaule’a, celebrated last month on the Lahainaluna High School campus’ Boarders’ Field, truly represents the revered Hawaiian philosophy of malama pono – to nurture in a motherly way that which is good and righteous. Far more than a high school springtime program, this event captures the essence of what its founders – community leader and football coach Jimmie Greig and then-Lahainaluna Principal Ralph Murakami – envisioned 45 years ago as an event to honor and propagate the spirit of David Malo.

As one of Lahainaluna’s first graduates and a devout religious, educational and political activist, Malo dedicated his life to the peaceful blending of Hawaiian culture and the New England missionary and whaling industry pioneers of the era.

He acted as a vital liaison, combining the inherent aloha of his upbringing with the academic learning tools of his education to facilitate the transition of Maui from an isolated island community to an outpost of the burgeoning “American way.”

The historic results of that 170-year Lahaina timeframe are mixed, but Malo chose his final resting place to be high above the maddening crowd, overlooking the seaside town at the Lahainaluna “L” on the face of Pu’u Pa’u Pa’u (Mount Ball) in the foothills above the school he graduated from.

The beauty here is that the David Malo Day Ho’olaule’a annually pays forward the essence of what the man stood for to a gathering that crosses age groups, from infants to senior alumni from decades gone by.

The dances, the songs, the music, the commentary, the floral arrangements, the food all manifest the deepest traditions of the Lahainaluna ‘ohana to respect, honor and maintain the sharing of the breath of life with all around us and into the future – no limits.

In this we are sincerely grateful to all who take part in the preparation, the learning, the mentoring that go into this cherished community event.

Mahalo and aloha in particular to the Boarders’ Chorus, Lahainaluna Hawaiiana Club and Program Coordinator Lori Gomez-Karinen for your dedication to this unique, honorable and priceless tradition. Imua Lahainaluna!