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Like it or not, Na‘i Aupuni process is moving forward

By Staff | Nov 12, 2015

The controversial Na’i Aupuni process is underway, with more than 90,000 Hawaiians now asked to elect 40 delegates to a constitutional convention, or ‘Aha.

Maui will be represented by three delegates at the eight-week ‘Aha from February to April 2016.

The delegates, who through the election will represent a broad spectrum of the Hawaiian community, will create a governance document, or constitution, for an eventual Native Hawaiian sovereign entity.

At the ‘Aha, the elected delegates will share, compare and test their different ideas, as well as explore what it takes to reach consensus among Hawaiians regarding self-determination.

They may also consider offering a proposed governing document to registered Hawaiians – or other voter groups if the delegates decide – for a ratification vote.

Fifteen Maui candidates seek one of the three delegate spots to the constitutional convention. Information on the candidates – who include Bronson Kaahui of West Maui – is posted at www.NaiAupuni.org.

Elections are being held now through Nov. 30 by mail-in ballot.

The process is being challenged in court by the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii and others. If they fail, Hawaiians should be fully aware that there will be an election, a convention and possibly, two months after the ‘Aha concludes, a ratification vote on a recommended form of Hawaiian government.

According to Na’i Aupuni, “Hawaiians have not had this type of consensus-building structure since the overthrow. Hawaiians should seize this opportunity to start the process of deciding how they want to move forward in unity.”

Na’i Aupuni could be the path to the new Hawaiian government. Participate and follow it closely.