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Another bypass straight through a quaint Lahaina neighborhood?

By Staff | Oct 22, 2015

Say what? The Maui News reported that a plan is afoot to spend $36 million to build out a road fronting Kuhua Mill Camp to relieve congestion through Lahaina on Honoapiilani Highway.

Didn’t the state and the feds just spend over $100 million to plan and build the Lahaina Bypass for precisely this reason?

Kuhua Mill Camp is a single-family home neighborhood with substandard-size lots and rural roads with no sidewalks and little parking on them. Children play in the streets, seniors stroll throughout the day and evenings and school kids walk to and from their homes on the roadways – especially on Kuhua Street, where the new reliever artery is planned and where generations of Lahaina residents live.

Now you’re telling us that you’re planning a roadway right through our residential neighborhood because drivers on Honoapiilani Highway don’t know how to access the Lahaina Bypass?

Why not spend a fraction of that $36 million on installing a traffic-sensitive signal light at Keawe Street and the highway, along with added signage, to flow visitors and commuters up to the bypass, where they will enjoy a seamless drive with a panoramic view of the Lahaina Roadstead and on across the channel to Lanai?

How ironic that two multi-unit development projects have been built out along Kahoma Stream, and this newly planned road will be their access.

Kinda’ smells like somebody didn’t clean up their dead fish mess, doesn’t it?